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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Game Day

Went to Stillwater last weekend for the OSU game. It was fantastic being on campus and seeing all the orange-wearing friends. Everytime I see the scene, a part of me is convinced that is exactly what heaven will look like. So very cool.

The Cowboys beat Troy University. The game began to get boring, but it was still fun. VMc and RMc gave me their club level seats, which meant much eating throughout the game too. I invited a co-worker's son (new first-year OSU student) and his father to join me since V and R weren't there. It was fun. I also saw my niece.

The pic is of Bullet. He trollops (is that what horses do?) onto the field after each Cowboys touchdown. The announcer shouts, "Here comes Bullet!" and the crowd, including this Cowboy, cheers wildly. Many - yours truly - snapping pictures. College traditions are the best.

Saw Pitt upset No. 10 South Florida this week. Nice win there! Gives me some hope that after my Cowboys take care of business at home against Texas A&M tonight, we should be able to go to Columbia next week and tame some MU Tigers tail. Their lofty ranking and all don't scare me!

Beating A&M is the focus, though. A task that hasn't been easy for OSU for several years now. Wish I was there to watch the game tonight. Go Pokes!!


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