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Random Thoughts On Nov. 23, 2008

Anouncements of job layoffs are almost daily in Kansas City. Not good news at all. I am hoping to provide some good news updates sometime soon. Meanwhile, I know I join many thankful to be gainfully employed.

Gas prices I saw Saturday night were at $1.45 a gallon. Seriously. I am now predicting it will bottom out around $1.19. Did anyone at all predict this?!

Couldn't beleive OU knocking out Texas Tech. I didn't watch the game, but saw the update Sunday morning. I hesitate to ever mention OU fearing someone would confuse them with my school .... Oklahoma State also known as OSU.

Attended a fund-raising event last night. It typical small-world fashion, I saw several folks who know people who I know. Even ran in to BET who was a guest of a board member (who is a fellow member with a co-worker of mine). And BET's host is a law school mate with a friend of mine.

It was a fun event. I left only owing $60 on items won in the silent auction. All evnetual Christmas gifts. There was a trivia contest. My team didn't do well. Did you know that Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora?

I am looking to buy a new fridge. It is hard to justify spending the dollars, but I really want one and could be needing one soon. Spending the dollars is made somewhat easier since its primary purpose is the collection of fine artwork, photography, magnets and collectibles. The secondary purpose of keeping items cold is useful too. Mostly milk, frozen pizza and dinners, coffee beans, lunch meat and beer.


At November 23, 2008 9:20 PM, Blogger William said...

Gotta keep the faith that eventually things will get better. Auctions are good! New refrigerators are good! Low gas prices are great! (We paid $1.85 today.) Time for another cat!


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