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Weekend At Schrammies'

Noon - Cousin's pizza birthday party at Lazer Tag
1:45 - Leave Lazer Tag to take El to birthday party at Skate City
2:10 - Drop off El, take Jakie to his basketball game
3 - Jakie's game starts
3:30 - leave game early to go pick up El, arrived just in time to see the slow skate and look at the pickle jar
4:10 - leave Skate City for home
4:30 - video games, coloring and home things before getting ready for evening fun
6:40 - pick up two of Car's buddies and take the three of them to a early teen DJ party that started at 7
7:05 - arrive at OSU watch party, where Jakie, El, O and I enjoyed nachos and other yummies while watching the Pokes beat Colorado
7:15 - first text from Car asking the game's score
7:25 - second text from Car asking the game's score (it slowed presumably as his party got going)
8:45 - knock the glass of water on the floor that splattered the lady sitting next to us
9:30ish - halftime and we head home for the rest of the game (of course, the girls fell asleep during the 15-minute ride home)
10 - have girls put on pjs and brush teeth
10:20 - game over, text Car letting him know I'm on my way to get him
10:40 - now the girls are wide awake. Watch television and goof off together until late
Around midnight - all slumbering in various positions on the living floor or sofas but wake up and head to bed.

Whew! This is a daily routine for many of you. Although the Gabster and I keep pretty active lives, our activity is much different than the day described above. I admire all parents with active and happy children. And I am honored when I occasionally get to wear my "Uncle Cowboy" hat.


At November 16, 2008 2:25 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

I had to take a nap halfway through that and now I'm ready for bed - Meezer Mom


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