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Random Thoughts On Dec. 20, 2008

Ready for Christmas? I think I am. There's a few more gifts I want to purchase. To add on to what I already have. But I think I'm going to give everyone Subway, Sonic or other food-related gift cards. We'll see.

Although I'm ready for Christmas, I'm really enjoying my tree and decorations. I'm not ready for it all to be taken down.

My car has been in the shop. Broke down last Sunday on the side of the road. I was told it should be ready this past Friday, but maybe it will be on Monday. It was something major, but I'm not going to tell you the details so that no one freaks. When you freak, I freak. And I'm doing all I can to stay calm. So ... just stay calm with me.

Gas has been hovering around $1.39. Temperatures have been stuck in the single digits. Brrrrrrr.

I got older recently. My niece and a friend of hers came up from Tulsa to help me celebrate. We had a phenomenal weekend, with the fun time borderline more than any people should have in one weekend.

The Sexy Lady brought over some cookies the night of my birthday. I don't understand how all those cookies were eaten within three days, while the broccoli and other veggies left over from the Dec. 5 party ended up getting thrown in the trash 11 days after their debut. My niece and her friend helped with the cookies. They could've helped with the veggies too, though. They certainly weren't shy with the rum.

The new roof looks awesome. Gutters look good too. Very nice. I am pleased.

I have several unused vacation days. The old company allowed carrying over a max of 40 hours. The new company requires using them or selling them. So .... since I probably won't be going to San Diego for the bowl game, I think I'll be cashing in those vacation days. Pay for the car repairs and Christmas gifts.

Hope your Christmas week is great.


At December 22, 2008 10:39 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

ok Cowboy, I will stay calm about the car - as long as you didn't get hurt.

isn't it just weird how cookies disappear? That's just really odd.

At December 24, 2008 10:15 PM, Blogger William said...

You know what my mom finds? The older she gets, the faster cookies disappear, so clearly it's an age thing. Or maybe a memory thing. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Eeek about the car. But at least now your mechanic can get a new boat for Christmas.


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