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Random Thoughts On Jan. 5, 2009

One team always is more excited to be in the whatever bowl than the other. While one sees it as a reward for hard work that season, the other team sees it a consolation prize as they weren't able to win the big win (or two or three). This scenario sometimes results in very competitive matchups and in other case leads to strange, upset wins.

Went to Oklahoma on New Year's Day. Gas has steadily increased while on my trip. Speaking of gas, I ran out while on the Will Rogers Turnpike in northeastern Oklahoma. I was in a rental car and just thought it had a bit more grace room. Just like my vehicle. I couldn't believe it when it just shut down.

I started to walk in the early evening darkness down the turnpike. Had walked for 20 minutes when I decided to walk back to the car. Walking in darkness down a highway with vehicles passing around 75 miles per hour is a little scary. Even for this cowboy. I called roadside service. They arrived within 30 minutes with two gallons. I was only 3.5 miles from a service station.

Had a great time in Oklahoma. I had holiday celebrations with Mom, The Artist and family, JMc and GMc, and VMc and gang. Although ready to get back home and to Gab, it was tough to leave on Sunday. I made sure to get gas several times while making the five-hour ride home.

Got my car out of the shop today. It was ready on Friday, but I was gone. Even took it through the car wash tonight. I hope it knows how much I love it.

I might take down holiday decorations over the next several nights.

I think I'm getting excited with the inauguration hype. Support or not, it truly is historic. And can you believe it appears that Al Franken will be a U.S. Senator from Minnesota? I guess he's really is someone and is important. Darn it, I even kinda like him.


At January 07, 2009 10:17 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

good idea to walk back to the car!!

the bowl game for my college was probably one of the worst and most embarassing ever played. and we lost 3-0. ::SIGH::

I don't know what is wrong with the voters in Minnesota - do they vote for people as a joke? that's the only way to explain Jessie Ventura. Now, I'm not bashing everyone in Minnesota - I have a lot of family there and I love them dearly. But it's just weird.

At January 07, 2009 11:45 PM, Anonymous eponine's cowboy said...

Part of the issue in MN likely is that there's not qualified/good/strong candidates that are running. From what I've read, neither of the leading senate candidates came close to a majority. They each had around 42 percent of the vote. That could imply folks weren't sold on either and there's a winner only by default. If there was a stellar candidate, the results would be different.

The bowl game may have been icky, but geez they are looking good at basketball!


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