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Whack A Mole

The other day a nice new cap, or crown, was placed on the tooth that received the root canal. It's actually the temporary. Go back in a few weeks to get the permanent one. It will be metal and porcelain.

When I jumped out of the chair I glanced in the mirror at it. I frowned when I realized it looked just as yellow and coffee stained as the rest of my set. "It matches all the others," I said out loud with dismay. The young lady, in a rather proud voice replied, "the permanent one will match even more."

I envy the stars who have all new shiny, white, straight perfect teeth. My Gabby likes her teeth. Maybe I should envy cat teeth instead.

Now that this molar is feeling good, another one feels like it is hurting. Seriously. And another feels a little sensitive. My jaw hurts too. Sometimes my back. Occasionally I think it's my gall bladder. Or my liver. I could just need that body system flush.

To think it all started with just one root canal.


At February 17, 2009 10:28 PM, Blogger William said...

At least it's not yellower--small consolation but the last time my mom had obnoxious and painful work done with composite at the root line, the color was visibly off. Now she kinda looks like she has Dristan teeth, but don't tell her I told you that because she's still pretty cross about it. And I suppose it's better than having Chicklet teeth.


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