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Advancing Again

We won in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We beat Tennessee in a last-second thriller, 77-75. The game was in Dayton, Ohio.

Next up, Pittsburgh Panthers. Big East team that is a No. 1 seed. It'll be tough. I'm hoping that my Cowboys still have a little magic left in their pocket. Some of that same magic that they used back in 2004 when the team beat Pitt. Regardless, I hope it was a good game. I hope the Meezers won't hate me if the Cowboys win.

Growing up in the old Big 8 Conference, we were taught to hate the Big 10. OK. Hate is a little strong. We for disliked and didn't root for Big 10 schools. I mean like who would ever root for a Wolverine, Buckeye or Hoosier for example.

Watching Friday night's games, I found myself rooting for the Siena Saints to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes. But I also hoped for Wisconsin to beat Florida State even though Wisconsin is a Big 10 school. Rooting for Badgers I can see.

The teams Gabby (she joined the rootin' as I interrupted her slumber with my hollers) and I were supported won. Both in overtime. One team won in double overtime. Very exciting.

HOWEVER .... I was thinking Saints like angels. I looked them up on the Internet and see that their mascot is a D - O - G. A Saint Bernard.


At March 22, 2009 4:22 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

Deer Mr Cowboy, we hopes that you doesn't hate us 'acause Pitt winned. We was rooting for BOF teams. We is sorry someone hadded to lose.

Yours Truly
The Meezers :-)


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