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Random Thoughts On March 26, 2009

There's less than nine months until Christmas. I still can't believe that April 1 is just around the corner.

Anyone who has visited "Wild Life" over the last couple years knows that I am a strong proponent of free tax filing. Anyone making less than $56,000 annually qualifies for free tax filing. Click here for more info on the irs.gov site. And don't forget to take advantage of Earned Income Credit or any of those other things for which you might be able to qualify.

Anyone notice how the group numbers on American Idol this year apparently horribly lip synced? The show is really strange this year. That said, I think my early favorite is the little guy named Chris.

Speaking of television .... I miss "Pushing Daisies" something fierce. I hate that show is gone. I forever will wonder how that story line would have evolved.

I wasn't sad to see the Pittsburgh Panthers beat my Cowboys last Sunday. Don't get me wrong ... I'd prefer to see the Pokes win always. But losing to Panthers is never bad. I'd rather lose to Panthers rather than red and blue birds or something like that.

Flowers are trying to creep out here in Kansas City. It has been warming up, but this weekend there's a great chance of snow. You gotta love springtime in Kansas City!


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