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Random Thoughts On April 13, 2009

Haven't had any random thoughts lately. Sorry. Long enough that it took three attempts to log in. Couldn't remember the password. That's sad.

Gas is sitting right at $1.85. Some a penny or two higher/lower. "Spring" is sitting on the cooler side. I'm scared we will go straight to AC-weather. Nice spring days are desired. Did you have a good Easter?

Met a HUGE deadline on Monday at work. It required me to put about 20 hours in on Friday through Sunday. Sad part is that Friday was a work holiday. Until now, I had never worked anywhere that had Good Friday as a holiday. In any case ... I had to work.

Daphne is here. She arrived today. After her about four months in the D.C. area, I think she's glad to be back in the middle of the country. Her folks are preparing for their next move to the Fort Riley area.

Have you done your taxes?

Enjoyed all of March Madness. I would have loved to have seen Missouri make it to the Final Four. It certainly was fun to see them beat a very good Memphis team. I had told you to pick MU in your bracket. Hope you did.

My capped tooth is doing well. Work is going OK, although most days it sure is challenging. Hope all is going fine with you.


At April 15, 2009 10:53 PM, Blogger William said...

We're still having on-again-off-again winter. I know my mom's not thrilled because she wanted to start to paint the house but I like it because she wanted to start to paint the house and can't!


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