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Random Thoughts On April 27, 2009

Was glancing through some prior posts from a year ago. Saw a post with an update on gasoline prices. I also noted in that year-ago rant that my daily commute to/from work was costing me around $7.

Currently, prices around town are sitting about $1.79. Saw one place at $1.77, but also still saw one Monday at $1.89. In this range, my daily commute is about 85 to 90 cents. Pretty darn sweet. Prices are lower and my commute is 21 miles shorter. Very sweet!

I'm scared I'm losing in my jihad against dandelions. As well as the battle against all weeds, ants, wood rot and other ailments. Ick.

Daphne is still hanging out with the Gabster and me. She's been eating quite a bit of cat food. I am sure she is going to start meowing. I know she's enjoying her stay. We're having fun.

I'm on the board for a local charity group. In our most recent board meeting a gentleman provided an update on pet therapy programs. He said one thing they do is have a young child with reading and confidence challenges to sit alone and read to the dog. The canine sits there looking at the child while she/he reads "Clifford" or whatever. I think that's classic. I can just imagine how fun that might be for a child. I also can clearly imagine a dog's reaction while a child reads away.

The gentleman also said his main therapy dog just passed away April 19. The minute taker in the meeting starting crying. It all made me a little teary eyed.

A big shout out to the Oklahoma State women's golf team for the winning the Big 12 Championship. The team led all three rounds, with the final round ending April 26. The men's championship started April 27. The OSU men are leading the pack after day one. Go Pokes!


At April 27, 2009 10:18 PM, Blogger William said...

Neat story about the pet therapy. Sad about the loss, though. :-(

Daphne eating cat food! Ha ha ha! I bet Gabby wouldn't eat dog food though!

I think the governor of California could fix your weed problem. I could call him for you.

At May 07, 2009 6:46 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

that's pretty cool to read to a dog! they should let the dogs pick the stories


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