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The Home Battle

Mowed Monday night. The front lawn is looking stellar. The back .... still just a struggle. Deer poop, moles, weeds .... it's a constant battle. I also love that the neighbors are adamant I need to trim my tree limbs that are shading their lawn too much. They say the stuff in their yard can't grow. Ooops. "Sorry," I tell them. "While you're worried about that, will you get your kids to pick up their toys and will you throw away that headless flamingo."

I've found most ant trails. I've read you can kill them inside, but until you find the trails outside, usually they'll keep coming back. I think I am finding success!

The home needs painted something fierce. What I hate about home ownership is that I want to do it all myself. When I can do it, I get all excited and knock it out. When I feel like I can do it, or feel I should be able to do it, I start to get a little hesitant. When I know that I should just hire someone to get it done, I become completely frozen. Can't decide a thing.

Meanwhile, I've got some serious wood root or one side of the home. It sucks. Makes me want to buy a condo.

At least the lawn looks good!


At June 09, 2009 2:32 PM, Blogger William said...

Well, at least your neighbors don't take limbs into their own hands. Our charming neighbor had been cutting branches off our trees left and right and just dumping them into our yard! Once we moved in, Mom eventually got all that cleaned up. But then the branches started to appear again, Mom went a little Caroline and issued some fairly loud and colorful instructions. Then she realized the guy was actually in his yard and heard her! (There's about a 15' wall between our property and his, so we can't see one another.) At any rate, the peabrain stopped doing it.

Yep, Mom wishes she had a condo, too. But I think the five of us will ensure we'll stay here anyway.

At June 10, 2009 8:59 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

we live in a townhouse and yet yard maintenance (outside of the lawn cutting monster) is the job of the people who live in the houses. so our the mom had to go and cut tree limbs this weekend 'acuase the lawn cutting jerks said "the canopy is too low and we will not mow until you trim the trees". well, our the mom could stand under the branches (and she's TALL) and they was still about a foot over her head, so she could not understand how somebody who sits on the lawn cutting monster could possibly hit his head on a branch. stoopid lawn people.


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