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Random Thoughts On July 19, 2009

I'm really beginning to tire of the Michael Jackson news. Admittedly, it is a freakishly interesting story. But it probably really is time to let the man rest in peace. Sadly, I know only more and more "breaking updates" are likely.

Gasoline was around $2.11-2.10 on Sunday.

Mowed the lawn, trimmed tree limbs and did other outdoor stuff all day Sunday. The entire weekend, starting on Friday, had incredibly awesome weather. Right around 80 degrees or less. I think I heard Kansas City had record lows. Considering Mom told me it was around 110 in Oklahoma the other day, I should be glad about KC's summer.

I really wanted to see Kansas City's Tom Watson win The Open Championship ...... aka the British Golf Open. He came close and had it within his grasp. It was sad to watch him lose, but I guess I am glad the tie-breaker round wasn't even close. I got excited thinking about how good I might be at my game when I'm 59. And I'm not talking about golf, but am talking about life.

The National Golf Course he designed is a stone's throw from Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens.

Looks like my favorite orange body soap by Zest is no longer available. About a year ago noticed I couldn't find it at Target anymore. Then saw at my Price Chopper grocery store that it was on sale and labeled "discontinued item." Darn. Now I might have to use blue or green bars. For whatever reason I always felt cleaner and more smell-goody clean when using orange soap.

As hinted above, trimmed the shrubs. I cut them super short all with maximum Christmas-light decorating in mind. After mentioning that to MMcB she replied, "It is good to have goals." That made me laugh.

Got to finish folding clothes and then will hit the hay.


At July 20, 2009 9:32 PM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

I agree about the MJ stuff. And if you were Farrah Fawcett's family would you be upset your loved one didn't get the coverage or relieved? But enough is enough about MJ.


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