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Pleased to congratulate Kristin Chenoweth and Holly Hunter on Emmy nominations. Kristin, best supporting actress for a comedy series, for the now-cancelled "Pushing Daisies," and Holly, best actress for a drama series, for "Saving Grace." They are two of my favorite actresses and those are two of my favorite shows. Kristin and Holly also were nominated last year. Neither won. We'll see if their fortunes will change this year. It's an honor to be nominated, I'm sure.

Just the other day I watched the season two finale for "Saving Grace." The episode was powerfully powerful. Very gripping and emotional .... especially for someone like me who has strong feelings regarding the death penalty. Holly's performances throughout season two were very good. The episode titled "A Survivor Lives Here" was the best. My two cents.

Hard to imagine that season three is well in its throngs. Too bad I don't have cable.

I never saw the final three episodes of "Pushing Daisies." I'll have to be sure to get the DVDs. I wonder how it ends. There's rumors it could be made into a feature film to wrap up all the loose ends. I'll keep you posted.


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