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Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

I was the winning bidder. Couldn't believe I did it. I heard the auctioneer calling the numbers, trying to get someone to go to the next dollar increment level. His tone was getting closer and closer to announcing that the lady sitting at a nearby table was the winner. Suddenly I shouted, "I'll do it!" My bidder number was waving in the air.

I was a guest at "The Butterfly Gala." The event was a benefit for Spofford Home, a residential treatment facility for children. A few years back I was a volunteer for Spofford and even served on the gala board for a year or two. Celebrating its 90th birthday, Spofford was founded as an orphanage, but now works with children who have been removed from their home for a variety of reasons.

This place does great work for children. It's sad the reasons the children are there. It breaks my heart thinking about it. However, I'm glad to know there are places like Spofford that exist for children. I'm sure there is a similar home in your community.

I will be going to dinner with Charles Gusewelle. He is an author, regular columnist (interpret: blogger in his own way) for The Kansas City Star and sometimes host on our local PBS station. His stories are fascinating.

In January 2007, I (along with a guest of my choice) will meet him, be treated to dinner, and we each will receive an autographed copy of his new book "A Little Christmas Music: Stories of the Season." Maybe it was the glass or two of wine, (The other folks at the table were Mormon, making me the only boozer. Thus, I had a duty to make sure the bottle for the table didn't entirely go to waste.) but for whatever reason I really wanted to be the winning bidder. I can't wait for the dinner!

Mr. Gusewelle was in France over the summer and produced some outstanding columns while meeting, experiencing, observing and enjoying those folks. His books include "The Rufus Chronicle" and my favorite "Another Cat At The Door."


At October 14, 2006 2:25 AM, Blogger bat & bandit & holly said...

the cat at the door book sounds delightful. i'm a sucker for auctions. fortunately i've not attended one in quite a while. hcongrats on your high bid!


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