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A Time To Honor

The Kennedy Center Honors aired on CBS Tuesday night. It was a great show. Each year, the center honors five artists whose careers in music, dance, theater or movies have impacted us and our culture. I first told you about the honors show in a December 2005 post when I noted that Tina Turner, among others, was honored.

This year's honorees are Dolly Parton, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steven Spielberg, Smokey Robinson and Zubin Mehta. I saw Dolly perform once in St. Louis over the Fourth of July weekend. Her performance was phenomenal. I imagine it would be difficult to meet Dolly and not like her.

Speaking of Dolly, Jessica Simpson was scheduled to be one of the performers honoring Dolly. However, Jessica flubbed the words during the performance (in front of an audience that included George W and wife, and a slew of movies stars and elected officials). Jessica recorded her portion a second time, but then wasn't pleased and reportedly asked to have it removed from the show's airing.

I wasn't aware her part had been cut entirely, but I was aware about her flub during the original airing (the honors actually took place Dec. 3). I was shocked when watching the show and not seeing even a glimpse of Jessica.

The segment honoring Dolly did include great performance by Oklahomans Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill.

Also should mention that I extend my condolences to the families and friends of entertainer James Brown and of former U.S. President Gerald Ford.


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