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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Speaking Of 40 Year Olds

Schramwich Wife and sis celebrate 40 at Hard Rock Hollywood, CASchramwich Wife sent an e-mail Tuesday with a report that Anna Groovy Girl got to make a visit to school today with Liv. That was a nice little message to receive during the middle of the work day. It's cool that a Christmas gift still has some "popularity" in March.

Yesterday sent Schramwich Wife a birthday card. She celebrates Friday, marking her 40th. Yesterday she was 23 and meeting MSchramwich for the first time. That was yesterday, wasn't it? The card had a cat on it with a little boxing glove-type necklace. The inside said, "You're still a knock out."

Tuesday is SAS's birthday. I don't think she's 40. Yet. SAS sent a great update e-mail over the weekend. She was attending a trade show in Florida and ran into an old boss of ours. He asked her about me. She and I had a fun exchange of e-mails and remembrance of times together. She is quite proud of her new, insurance-paid for, roof on her home. Nice.

The nephew in North Carolina and a friend in town, the one that hosted the Halloween party, celebrate over the weekend. RMc parties on the 14th and JLB on the 17th. Lots of family and friends celebrating their days. You know, nine or about 10 months prior to early March would be right after Mother's Day, just around Father's Day. Think there's a relation?

Just thinking about their potential birthday cakes inspired me to treat myself to 6 Oreos. They were low-fat ones.


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