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Then There Was More

While getting my NPR fix and having coffee Wednesday morning, it happened. Even more coverage regarding Coach Gundy's tirade.

In his story, David Folkenflik doesn't focus on the coach's outburst. He talks about how the reporter's comments and the coach's "points" bring up the issue of if college athletes should be off limits. He asks should or can student-athletes be criticized. The story provides a pretty good view from both sides. And includes plenty from Coach Gundy.

By chance, it was followed by a very interesting commentary by Frank Deford. He talks about when athletes and fans play the race card. You might recall that I saw Mr. Deford at an event. He was in Kansas City awhile back with some baseball player.

Something interesting is that for something that happened Saturday night, it sure has legs. Maybe local news on Saturday. Then slowly YouTube and the Internet. ESPN highlights on Sunday and Monday. Headline news on cable, msn, foxsports, cbssportsline and other places on Tuesday. NPR on Wednesday.


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