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Very Close

Met a deadline that I mentioned in an earlier post. At least for the most part. It was Monday, Nov. 26. There are a couple items still outstanding, but that's OK. It still goes in the books as meeting the deadline. The Feds always appreciate that.

It was a total pain. I put in several hours on Thanksgiving day and tons on Friday. Enough that I started having muscle pains in my back from typing and messing with the computer mouse. I was achy enough and sad enough at my Cowboys lack of ability to play competitively against those Sooners that I decided to have a martini or two Saturday night along with a steak dinner and a dessert. Another tasty time.

Although my Pokes were dismal, it was exciting having the KU-MU game in Kansas City. Normally this game is just a blip on the radar screen for me, but this year both teams are highly ranked, it was Thanksgiving weekend and was played at the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. I ran some errands just before the game and there was hardly anyone in the shops/stores.

My Cowboys are predicted to possibly receive a bowl invitation, so they'll have another opportunity to let me down. I won't be disappointing the Feds, though. Give me a deadline and I'll knock it out!


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