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Random Thoughts On March 1, 2009

It snowed in Kansas City this past Saturday morning. About 3 to 5 inches, depending on where you live. Now it is brutal cold. About 12 degrees as I type. Brrrr. This should really get everyone in the mood for spring. I have a feeling there will be one more cold spell before all is said and done.

Also on Saturday, my OSU Cowboys beat Texas. It was a home game but a win nonetheless. The team has 19 wins and 9 losses, with some talking they could make the NCAA tournament. I'm not certain they deserve it. Still have two more games to go and then the Big 12 Tournament. This year it is in Oklahoma City.

Lastly, also on Saturday, had lunch with SAK. We ate at Pizzabella. Very good. Then we stopped by Prydes for a cookie (or two) and a look see at all the stuff at Prydes.

President Obama appears to be on the verge of nominating Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to his cabinet. I remember her years ago as that state's insurance commissioner. Although I'm not impressed with her oratory skills, her organizational skills are top notch. I think, if confirmed by the senate, she'll do well.

Here's a link to a pic I took of her back in November 2006. It was taken at an American Red Cross event. I last saw her at the Tina Turner concert. She also spoke at the Obama rally I attended in October 2008.

As a reminder ... I live in Missouri. Although the main metro area is on the Missouri side, the Kansas City metro does stradle the state line. Thus, Gov. Sebelius and Kansas politics have a strange way of hopping over to the Missouri side.

Are you familiar with the ratings sweeps months for television? Usually it is November, February and May. However, the switch to digital tv was expected to happen in February. For that reason the decision was made to switch it to a March sweeps this year.

Be prepared for all those scandal-filled news stories, exclusive interviews, over-the-top drama, new episodes of all the shows, and all the other stuff that happens with a sweeps month. My suggestion is to skip the local 10 p.m. news during this month. It is completely designed to scare.


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