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No Go And Confessions

The meeting in DC is being rescheduled. It won't be July 10. That means there's currently no "work excuse" to get out of the jury duty. I can barely contain the excitement.

Discovered yesterday that Charlie and Stanley are featured on two Father's Day Hallmark cards. These two belong to MegMacB. Talk about excitement ... she was a mad woman when she first learned they were on a card. I spent the afternoon going to every Hallmark and Walgreen in the northland. She was tackling places out south. Resulted in only four of the cards, though. None of Charlie and Stanley. Just the Image stolen from MegMacB and Hallmarkone of Charlie. Can you believe that almost every shop was totally sold out of "from the pets" Father's Day cards?

As for background, MMB actually had Charlie and George first. I traveled to Joplin, Missouri with her to pick up these two monsters. Stanley came along later. However, after some mounting rivalry (hehe), Charlie packed his bags and went to live with his Grandma.

Before all that, though, when they were just peanuts, a Hallmark photographer (Hallmark is headquartered in Kansas City) came out to MMB's home and snapped tons of pics of The Boyz. Two years later, there they are! The front of Charlie's card has his pic and says "I have a confession to make," while the inside says "I've seen you naked. Happy Father's Day, Anyway. From the dog." He's also pictured on the back, saying "more than once too."

Isn't that hysterical? This writer must have had this Cowboy in mind when writing this card.


At June 18, 2006 6:33 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

How cool, famous pets! I'll have to check CVS and the hallmark store to see if I can find the famous pooches!

I remember that post about our pets talking in heaven...it had me worried :)

At June 18, 2006 10:22 PM, Blogger bat & bandit & holly said...

awesome celebrity moment for charlie and stanley!

At June 19, 2006 1:11 AM, Blogger Meg said...

The real hero of this story is YOU who helped me try and find the cards. You're the best.


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