Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Random Thoughts On May 7, 2010

Gabs and I are enjoying the new fridge. We really shouldn't have gone as long as we did with an energy-guzzling, broken seal, jacked-up fridge.

Just returned from a five-day Chicago trip. Three days for work and two full days of play. My first extended-stay visit there since the early '80s! Although I have been there in the '90s for two different weddings and then last visited (outside of the airport) in the '00s for a one-day meeting and then again in 2005 when Oklahoma State was in the Sweet 16.

At first I didn't think I liked Chicago. When I arrived I could tell it just wasn't D.C. -- a city I really do enjoy. But as it came time to head to the airport I certainly wasn't ready to leave. The feet ached from all the walking. I sure did enjoy though. Did purchase a couple new pairs of shoes. And of course ate out way too much. It was a nice trip. And the weather was perfect. One thing I discovered is that the car/pedestrian relationship there is very adversarial. I found it a challenge and entertaining.

Gabby was super glad to see me once I returned. Even the neighbors that rarely speak to me asked me "Where have you been?" while I was out working in the yard Wednesday night. So, maybe I was gone a little long.

My niece, Ton, is pregnant. I'm happy for her. I can't believe I'm going to be a great uncle ... again! I think she told me the baby is due in August. Or sometime. I can't remember for sure right now.

Big plans for Mother's Day? Mom and I are planning a trip soon. Today, I received a letter she sent to me but evidently it was misdirected and sent to someone else. Someone in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. I know this because Mom's letter arrived to my door inside a UPS envelope from this person in Illinois. Her original letter was opened and included some money. She said "to help pay for the trip." She cracks me up for sending me money. Cash even. But even more important, I'm so glad this person forwarded it to me!

Going through the Chicago airport I was carrying a small shopping bag with some tourist pictures that I had taken at the Willis/Sears Tower, postcards and a newspaper. While removing the laptop, shoes, belt, liquids, etc.... and then replacing it all and moving on, I forgot the clear bag.

While waiting on my flight I decided to start writing postcards. That's when I discovered the bag was missing. I was mad at myself. After pouting for a bit I decided to exit the secure area and go back through security. That's right ... remove the belt, shoes, liquids and all again. I asked about the bag, was directed to a security booth (actually didn't have to go through security again), asked the security person in the booth and there it was ... my bag!

There are days that I feel very blessed. Then there are other days that I feel incredibly lucky and extremely blessed.