Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Have A Happy

Best wishes for the new year. Hope many of your dreams, even a few of the really wild ones, come true throughout 2009.

And To All A Good Night!

Merry Christmas from this Cowboy, Gabby, and the snow trio in my front yard. They're all surrounded by snow tonight, but they weren't (obviously) when I took this pic. Hope you and your loved ones arrived to whatever destination this evening safely, are happy, and are enjoying all that Christmas is.


In this short video, Gabby shows that her concentration is unbreakable when preparing for a role. Or that she has no use for you if all you want to do is bother her when she is near the space heater. Including this one, there are three movies. Each only about one minute. They make me laugh. Hope they will you too. They are meant to be viewed in this order, with the ones below seen after this one. (Usually a lower blog post is the most dated.) I am confident that God was working to spoil us humans, or at least this Cowboy, when He created this creature.

For Your Consideration

In this performance, Gabrielle demonstrates she is enjoying the space heater, is a little tired, wants her head scratched, and loves to hear words related to eating.

The Intense Drama

"The anticipation, the angst, the emotion and drama ... I felt Gabrielle truly put her entire being into this role. I mean, I forgot she was Gabby, a little monster, and completely believed she was a hungry cat. A beast. It's a given she will be on everyone's short list come Oscar time," says the famous movie critic. "And the camera angles were amazing. It intensified the action. The closeup on the hand and the Friskies can had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't wait to see how the story would unfold. I thought a plot twist might occur. Director awards are certain."

Random Thoughts On Dec. 20, 2008

Ready for Christmas? I think I am. There's a few more gifts I want to purchase. To add on to what I already have. But I think I'm going to give everyone Subway, Sonic or other food-related gift cards. We'll see.

Although I'm ready for Christmas, I'm really enjoying my tree and decorations. I'm not ready for it all to be taken down.

My car has been in the shop. Broke down last Sunday on the side of the road. I was told it should be ready this past Friday, but maybe it will be on Monday. It was something major, but I'm not going to tell you the details so that no one freaks. When you freak, I freak. And I'm doing all I can to stay calm. So ... just stay calm with me.

Gas has been hovering around $1.39. Temperatures have been stuck in the single digits. Brrrrrrr.

I got older recently. My niece and a friend of hers came up from Tulsa to help me celebrate. We had a phenomenal weekend, with the fun time borderline more than any people should have in one weekend.

The Sexy Lady brought over some cookies the night of my birthday. I don't understand how all those cookies were eaten within three days, while the broccoli and other veggies left over from the Dec. 5 party ended up getting thrown in the trash 11 days after their debut. My niece and her friend helped with the cookies. They could've helped with the veggies too, though. They certainly weren't shy with the rum.

The new roof looks awesome. Gutters look good too. Very nice. I am pleased.

I have several unused vacation days. The old company allowed carrying over a max of 40 hours. The new company requires using them or selling them. So .... since I probably won't be going to San Diego for the bowl game, I think I'll be cashing in those vacation days. Pay for the car repairs and Christmas gifts.

Hope your Christmas week is great.


Went to a party Wednesday night. On the way home was craving some French fries and a Diet Coke.

Stopped at McDonald's and asked if the fries were hot out of the fry cooker. The dude on the other end of the speaker reacted to my question like I was loopy. "Just tell me what size you want?" he said. I said "I'll tell the folks at Burger King."

Travelled down the street to BK and ordered and paid for my fries and drink. In my change ... two quarters. An Oklahoma one and one from Hawaii!!!!!!!!

I asked for more. The lady gave me six Hawaii quarters. Of course it was in exchange for $1.50. Score. Totally karma, I think. I was meant to go to BK. And the fries were toasty hot! I didn't even have to ask.

My quarter board, first started in 1999, is now complete.

A Little More Election Tidbits

A little more interesting, albeit useless, information about the just-past U.S. Presidential race.

From what I have seen, six "blue states" were entirely blue. All in the northeast ... New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusets, Rhode Island, Vermont and District of Columbia. Winning margins ranged from 54 percent in New Hampshire to 93 percent (seriously) for D.C.

Two "red states" were entirely red. Alaska, 60 percent, and Oklahoma, 66 percent.

By entirely I mean that the winning candidate in that state won every county. Not a single county was won by the opponent.

Previously Mentioned

Downloaded pics from the camera in order to post the pic from the Untied gathering. Came across this pic of the ghosts I made for the front lawn for Halloween. They were mentioned in a prior post. One ghost is hiding behind the tree.

If you get a chance to tune in to KCUR on Tuesday the "Up To Date" program will be about pets. A dude named Wayne Hunthausen will be a guest. He will be talking about, among other things, keeping pets happy and healthy and away from the dangers of holiday decorations. Also on the show will be Jenny Brown from Wayside Waifs. She'll be talking about what animal shelters experience during a recession.

You should be able to listen live online. It also will be available online after the show airs live.

Untied Connections

My "Untied Way" group had a holiday gathering Friday night. We usually meet periodically for happy hours but the last couple years also have made it a point to gather in December.

This time the gang convinced me to host the fun. And fun it was. Lots of tasty food, drinks, merriment, stellar company, and laughter. An abudance of Santas too. We had a "Dirty Santa" gift exchange. Except it wasn't supposed to be "bad" gifts. Just fun or silly gifts, all valued at about $1. However, Sherry brought ash trays.

Daph was here for the beginning of the party. She only tried to bite one person. How something so small and cute can get so vicious. I warned everyone. Gabby stayed hidden throughout. But I did get a few "my allergies are killing me" comments.

Pic here is of the morning after. A few Dirty Santa gifts that didn't make it home with recipients, a couple of play dough sculptures, the infamous ash trays and a few other fun items.

Random Thoughts On Dec. 8, 2008

How is Secret Paws going? I love seeing and reading about you all. Can't believe what seemed so small three years ago could now be connecting little monsters and humans worldwide. That's fun news. The Gab and I thought about it, but decided not to this year. Hope you all have fun.

These ongoing news of job layoffs and other economic woes stress me to no end. My company doesn't act like cuts are likely, but you never know. I don't want to ask for trouble, that's for sure. One way I think I don't fit in too well is that I have a sense of humor. I'm going to work hard at curbing that.

No. 49! I have collected in change here and there three Alaska quarters. With only a few weeks left in the year, I wonder if I will see a quarter from Hawaii anytime soon.

Finally got the apple border in my kitchen removed and got it painted. It looks nice. Recently installed a small pendant light too. Actually used a converter kit to turn a can light into a pendant. Super cool.

My Pokes are headed to the Holiday Bowl, Dec. 30, in San Diego. They'll be taking on the Oregon Ducks. Cowboys versus Ducks. Hmmm? I'm debating on if I will attend or host a watch party.

Random Thoughts On Dec. 1, 2008

It made me sad that my Cowboys couldn't get a lead over OU. Although kind of an exciting game, it was a rotten outcome. I hate losing, as usual, to OU.

I have tickets for the Big 12 Championship game this weekend. It's in Kansas City this year. OU, as selected after the tie breakers, and Missouri. I probably would be rooting for MU, but I usually am for the conference. I sent out a few e-mails to MU friends today to see if anyone has any interest in buying my tickets.

The Artist, The Wife, O and M were here Friday night. We had a great weekend. MMcB stop by Thursday night with some Thanksgiving leftovers. Of course, I devoured all the sweets within 24 hours or so.

Gasoline was $1.38 Monday night. Saw the gas pricing sign while riding the bus home. It was the coolest bus driver Monday night. Very friendly and talkative. I also was the only person on the bus.

Daphne is here. Arrived last night while the Cash Man and family are away doing whatever it is that army people do. :) Daph and Gab really just ignore each other. Except when they are competing for space on my bed.

Still working to put up a Christmas tree.