Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

The magnet on the fridge says, "Su Casa Es Mi Casa." In 1991 Cowboy brought that magnet home from his visit to his sister's in Santa Fe. You may not know, but cats are multi-lingual. I know that magnet is not correct. It's another sad attempt on his part at humor.

Cowboy's upset over the looting in the hurricane-stricken areas, especially New Orleans. He says the city is being evacuated, but there's still people there running around stealing. I'm generally the conservative cat between us, but I had to remind his liberal tail that even Jean Valjean stole bread to feed Cosette. "Fine, but grabbing guns from Wal-Mart and making sure you get your shoe size? It's not like they have electricity to power those new CD players," he says. I replied, "You try being uprooted and stay calm through it all." When in a panic there's bound to be some hysteria. I let him win the debate, though.

Click for Katrina coverage on MSNCowboy plans to give to the relief effort. He also believes giving to his United Way and including a little extra during a crisis are important. He tells me his past donations helped train volunteers so that they are ready to roll up their sleeves when a disaster hits. His giving has aided agencies to be prepared. They are skilled to combine efforts, to identify issues, and to take care of needs when there's a catastrophe - and even when there's not. He says his continued donations will ensure that future needs are met.

Hoping for breaking news that things are getting better. The integrity, compassion and true colors of many are being defined.

Keep Your Chin Up

NOAA satellite image of Katrina
A post for our neighbors and their pets living along the U.S. Gulf Coast. I can't imagine having to evacuate the comfy confines of my home. The old Cowboy would have to carry me in a pillow case or cage in order to keep me calm. And then the uncertainty of what is left of your home once the storm had passed. Katrina likely will be a hurricane for the record books.

Robin on Good Morning America captivated me this morning as she reported live from Mississippi. She is from there. She had just been to visit her mother and family. Her emotion and grief were very apparent. She touched my little heart. I could tell she was feeling like "where do I even start? and "why did this have to happen?" Her strength will keep her going and will benefit her family.

I remember after the bomb blast in OKC it seemed Cowboy became even more proud of his home state. After 9/11, I heard stories of people just wanting to hug their children more. Cowboy gave me moist food this evening. My favorite.

Even cats pray ... my blessings are many. My thoughts and prayers are with the folks impacted by Katrina.

Tall Blades Of Grass

Toonces on SNLYou'll have to check out some of the various items I found for Toonces. It includes a site of videos from SNL and an interview. Toonces bares his soul in the interview. He also talks about his friendship with Morris. It's powerful stuff.

I'm actually too young to really know much about these cats, but they are in all my history books. Maybe someday I'll be as famous.

Toonces mowingCowboy's outside mowing right now. It's been rainy all week and that grass just greened up and grew! He's done a pretty good job with the lawn. There's still a large amount of weeds, but it doesn't look at all like it used to when we moved in. My preference is to gingerly walk across the lawn when it's mowed and not all tall and weedy. When mowed, it also allows me to jet back to the deck in a mountain lion-like fashion when I've ventured too far into the yard or wandered upon a squirrel.

Anyway, was just doing some research while Cowboy was mowing and decided to shoot out this quick post. If I don't go out there to check on him he'll panic, walking around shouting my name like I can't hear. Usually, I have to follow him from room to room otherwise he freaks. It's like he's not used to being alone. I'll be napping on the deck in just a few mintues.


Epster blogging (click to see larger photo)
Here's a pic of me typing out some of my ramblings. Cowboy took the shot. As a matter of fact, he was working my nerves at that moment.

Do any of you remember Toonces? Such an inspiration. Definitely a cat idolized by many. How about Hobbes? Another one of my favorites.

Putridly Skinny

There's no pork!

(picture compliments of MG via e-mail)

This is what the piggy bank would look like if I was in charge of treat buying. Cowboy says this is what it looks like after filling up the PT with gas for his daily voyage to the Summit. However, I don't see him lining up to start a carpool so I say he's part of the problem and not the solution. Oh, he did get a tax refund check today.

There She Is

Thank goodness the laptop is in the bedroom and the VCR is in the living room. That silly goose Cowboy is in there watching - get ready for this - Miss Oklahoma. You read that right. While he's downstairs checking out cleavage, swimsuits and (oh yeah) talent of the Oklahoma women, I can blog without him hulking over me.

He didn't make his annual trek to Tulsa for Miss OK. Since then, he's been googling, trying to learn the competition details. Thanks to ebay, he found a video copy of the final night. Insanity, I tell you. That's money that could be going toward treats!

He says the contest provides opportunities and that it is "reality programming" long before there were "reality shows." Many of his faves never won the title - LeAnn, Samatha, Lyn, Maria, Ginger, Mia, Maya and Tamara P. He saw Debra and Dionne receive first runner-up, twice for each. Cowboy liked both a bunch. Casey was his favorite to have won but Susan, Lori Lee, Nancy, DuSharme, Kathy were all awesome . Mignon was hysterical. He never knew Shawntel. Felicia and Juli were his least favorites. Can't forget Cynthia. She was a maid of honor in a wedding that included Cowboy. He's told me stories about her.

While letting life happen to him in the '90s he quit going to Oklahoma for the contest. But he returned for the 2000 pageant to see Julie give up the crown. She was the first ever Miss Collinsville to win Miss OK. She also was an OSU student, Pi Phi, brunette, small-town girl, smart. Everything he likes. She made Top Ten in Atlantic City.

He's checking out Jenks-native Jennifer Berry now. Since Miss America was booted from network tv, he'll watch her compete in January on CMT. That's one obsessed Cowboy.


Sexy Lady says, Hell Yeah!
Sexy Lady has been busy working on some beautiful music with some cat. It's interesting how meeting that potential "special someone" can happen along many different avenues. I met my Cowboy on a street curb. Her dude likely doesn't come close to comparing to Cowboy, but he does hail from the great state. You know, I haven't seen her in quite some time. I have a feeling she might be in a great state.

St. Louis was this past weekend's destination for a concert. In this pic she's trying to prove she's a "Red Neck Woman." I know she's really just covering up all that sexiness! Glad she's having fun, enjoying the music along the way, and sending some pictures here and there too.

In Your Future, I Predict

Sprint Arena
Will this be the home of a future Big 12 Basketball Tournament? August 18, 2005, Kansas City officials unveiled the final design plans for the Sprint Center. Or will it be the Sprint Nextel Center? In any case, the center is part of a huge revitalization project of downtown Kansas City.

The official press release says "the design, which fulfills all the original stated goals of the project, will feature a transparent glass exterior, optimal sightlines for both basketball and hockey, and fresh colors and finishes. It represents a unique arena experience, crafted with the mind of a Kansas City sports fan. The 18,500-seat Sprint Center is slated to open in the fall of 2007."

In the past, my home was full of orange-clad (and one or two dressed in crimson) during the tournament games and in the Big 8 days. I usually hid as all the folks, fight songs blaring and other raucousness generally are not my cup of tea. Watching the games on tv is sufficient. Regardless, having the tournament in Kansas City again would be great.

How Do You Mend

Some cats named Mary and Roger stopped by to see Cowboy today. They breezed in from Oklahoma to go to a race at the Lakeside Motor Speedway. I can't stand the revving up of the vacuum or the PT, so I doubt that I'd much care for the whirr of sprint cars. You never know, though, I guess.

Cowboy loves seeing Mary. They shared pictures, stories and hugs. She's known him easily since he was in fourth or fifth grade. She's endured him riding many miles in her car to numerous 4-H events and OSU activities. She's been a coach, disciplinarian, mom and friend. You should have seen him today before she arrived, just shakin' his tail with excitement anticipating her arrival. Of course he made them sit on the stairs for a photo.

August 12, 1994. That's the saddest day in his life. AJ's father called with the news. I'll never forget it. I tried so hard to comfort him, but it seemed like nothing worked. He would pet me for hours and cry the whole time.
AJ's nieces & nephewMary has always provided support and comfort. Her strength is amazing. I'm sure all these years later she likely still gets sad and thinks about what her grandchildren may have looked like, what crazy happenings AJ would have going on, or what kind of mischief only a mother and daughter could cause. She probably wants to hug her one more time.

Knowing Mary's experience is what makes Cowboy get all weepy eyed when hearing the news of loved ones losing their children while battling overseas. It breaks his heart - his heart still aches. He has learned, though, that life goes on and there are races to watch!

Sooweee, Pig!

Have you ever participated in a hog-calling contest? Cowboy did years ago. He says he did some "Here piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy" chant. Whatever. While watching college football games on TV I've seen some of those Arkansas Razorbacks fans. They know how to call pigs.

Thursday morning Cowboy attended the Governor's Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair. He made the 70-mile trek to Sedalia with a group of co-workers. While taking the muddy walk from the parking lot to the big tent for the event he was thrilled by the site of state 4-H officers and cattle, and the smells of manure and funnel cakes - it all reminded him of his Tulsa State Fair days. The tent reminded him of church revivals back in northeastern Oklahoma.

It's widely believed that attending this breakfast is a must for anyone running for statewide office. Missouri Gov. Blunt was host and post-event press reports highlighted Attorney General Jay Nixon stating his potential plan to challenge Gov. Blunt.

Cowboy says mingling with the 700 guests were Jim Talent, Robin Carnahan, Sarah Steelman, and all the younger, politically active white kids. Cowboy noted he was the lone minority, with the exception of Lin Appling of the PSC. Not certain what it says about Cowboy that he knows who Mr. Appling is or that he's counting minorities. Also not certain what it says about Missouri politics when Cowboy's the minority at a political event.

I imagine the ham was pretty good. I don't eat it, I just lick it. The winning bid was over $6,000 for the grand champion ham. Soowee!

Outta Your Mind

Woke from a dream during the middle of the night the other day. I was in a deep slumber, halfway snoring but mostly purring.

It was the craziest dream. I remember seeing W shaking his tail, scurrying down the roadway at his 'hood in Crawford. He grabbed Mrs. Sheehan and they went to a private corner of the place and sat on a blanket under the shade of the lone tree in that part of Texas. They talked, he cried, they hugged and she grieved.

Suddenly, gas prices started to fall ... $2.50, $2.38, $2.25, $2.19, $2.05 - in my dream they stopped at $1.89. Next thing I knew all the troops started boarding planes, ships and trains and came home. There were celebrations worldwide. Craziest dream.

Speaking of gas prices, I don't do much driving (in case you've forgotten, I'm a cat), so I don't really stress about gas costs. But I have noticed its price does impact my treat inventory and because there's less eating out, there are more cans of tuna and soup to lick. I also have heard talk of not going to football games. There was some pounding on a calculator and some mumbling about total trip miles, average miles per gallon, costs. If Denny's brought back the Grand Slam for a $1.99 I think that would help everyone have peaceful dreams.

There's No Time Like The Present

I am pleased to announce that Cowboy got his taxes done. Filing that extension April 15 and having the last four months was just the right amount of time for him to not touch them again until the day before they were due. Way to go! And, it's a nice-sized refund that he's been letting the government have use of for these last several months. Maybe W borrowed it for a cook out in Crawford. Now that he's done, Cowboy's considering going to tax school. Hope they give him four months to enroll.

Cowboy tells me a shout out is due to Mrs. Ack for some great tax advice. Thanks. Also good luck to LLYNNT who starts at her new school in Houston on Wednesday.

Packing Heat

Years ago, folks at New Mexico State University decided to "borrow" the likeness of OSU's Pistol Pete. He's been the mascot of the NMSU Aggies since. Read a news storyEarlier this year, these people in Las Cruces started to debate if they wanted to keep Pistol Pete. Recently they announced the decision to confiscate his gun, drop the "Pistol" from his name, and give him a makeover. I think he looks like a member of the Village People.

I have a strange feeling you'd never hear a story like this come out of Stillwater. What do you think? More important, would Cowboy update the tattoo? By the way, the Pistol Pete in the PT wears an anti-war button. He might carry a gun, but Cowboy believes Pete's a peace monger. Cowboy's rationalizations and projections amaze me.

Don't Drink The Water

The inaugural issue of "State" magazine arrived today. It's the new quarterly publication from Oklahoma State. That mustached dude, clad with an orange hat, was on the cover. Cowboy stared at him all glossy eyed forever and then he read this magazine cover to cover, completely ignoring my need for a scratch behind the ear. Next thing I know he's scaring me to death, blaring the CD player, hopping around the house and shouting "Go, Go, Go Pokes, Go Pokes, Go Pokes Go!" He followed that up with some Toby Keith song.

He was downstairs doing some laundry and I hopped up on the coffee table to smell the cookies he had there and saw the magazine. Listen to some of this:
"Orange is getting goosebumps when hearing 'Here Comes Bullet!'"
"Orange is spending more on body paint than food for the week."
"Orange is singing the Alma Mater with ... your family."
"Orange is proud and immortal."

After all these years you'd think I'd be used to it. But I must ask, what in the Sam Hill are they doing to these kids? I can't quite figure it out. All this over the receipt of a magazine? And those quotes - that's like crazy talk. It must be the water in Stillwater or some concoction spewing out of Theta Pond.

I might be able to blog, but I'm still dependent on Cowboy to fill the water bowl. If I ever start acting all crazy, please tell the vet to check for some Pistol Pete, orange-looney potion.

Hear The People Sing

Learn more about the musical
November 8, Jean Valjean, Fantine, Eponine, Marius, Cosette and crew will be in Kansas City bringing down the barricades and asking us to join in their crusade. Since 1988, Cowboy has seen it a gazillion times. At the Midland, Dallas' Fair Park, Music Hall, Starlight, Tulsa, Music Hall again, again, and again. With a 4-H friend, a Purple Queen and the Artist, alone, an X, loves, room-mates, and friends. I think he's afraid Javert might catch them or hopes Eponine will live. I doubt he'll miss it this go around either. "To love another person is to see the face of God."

Les Miserables, Music Hall, Beginning November 8, 2005

Sail Away

The PT seems to be fixed! Cowboy pulled it into the garage tonight. Then he took forever coming inside for his regular greeting from the tigress because he was out pampering that machine. The $700 he's spent on it since early July hasn't been enough pampering. All I ask for are treats, I tell you, treats.

He planned on being independent. He returned the Sailor's car, got a scoop of ice cream and change, and then caught the 142 for downtown. Before boarding, BET called out of the clear blue from an estate sale wanting to know if 20 bucks was a good deal for a cow. Next thing you know, she's picking him up downtown and taking him out to OP to get his car. That Cowboy has some awesome friends! She even was sneaky and paid for dinner.

He'll be sailing on down the highway now, terrorizing the city again.

Sleep Tight My Friend

How does one prepare for a tragedy? Is it possible? You cope. You cry. You find comfort in comforting others. You cry a little more. You get mad. You remember. It's been said there is no greater grief than what a parent experiences from the loss of a child.

Two-year-old Magnolia lived next door to SAS in Waldo. Almost a year ago she suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. There are no answers when her parents ask "Why?"

The website www.maggiesshoes.org tells you more about this sweet child. In her honor and in memory, Maggie's parents, family, friends and SAS are planning a run/walk to benefit "Sudden Unexpected Death of Children," Oct. 30, 2005 in Kansas City. Please support if you can. There's info on www.maggiesshoes.org.

Mrs. Sheehan, a California mother, lost her 24-year-old son on April 4, 2004. He was killed while serving in Iraq. I read in "The Times" she's holding vigil outside W's Crawford, Texas ranch and plans to stay put until W meets with her to discuss the war. Her grief is real. She wants answers.

Cowboy's father passed away April 4, 2005. He wasn't shocked by the news, but it still was unexpected. He tells me there's no way to prepare to say good-bye. He never received many answers.

Years ago, in our Quality Hill place, Cowboy set the tv on a timer. He said it gave the appearance of someone being home. I think he wanted me to watch. I did sometimes catch the evening news. Many questions I had about the world were answered. ABC's long-time news anchor, Peter Jennings, will be missed.
Peter Jennings
"Please turn out the light."


When I'm done taking care of business, I love to quickly dash up the stairs from the basement, do a quick 180 and then shift to fourth gear as I run up the stairs to the dining room and then on down the hallway. It's the best feeling. I am certain my dad was a cheetah.

Cowboy likes to gun it just as the light turns green. Slightly aggressive as he gets those four cylinders turning. However, the PT is STILL in the shop. Although the mechanic said all was A-OK, the exact same problems showed up over the weekend. The mechanic promises it will be just like new very soon.

Hyper sensitive about the subject would be describing Cowboy only mildly.

Cats In Space

Successful Landing!
These cats made it home safely! Congratulations to them on a successful mission. Cowboy was in college when the Challenger incident happened. He remembers the sadness felt on campus that day as the news spread. He wrote an article about it for the school paper. Christa McAuliffe was scheduled to speak at OSU's Education College Banquet that spring. Oklahoma State was like one of only 10 colleges Christa was going to visit that year. Now Cowboy has friends whose kids go to an elementary school named after her. In my opinion, he seemed a bit stressed this morning. We listened to it on NPR/KCUR and their coverage was fantastic. I've always enjoyed radio over tv watching. Probably because of my keen sense of hearing. Back to the subject ... We're elated you're home!

Excellent Review

Being a domestic tigress is the main goal stated on my job description. And for the last several years my reviews have been excellent. However those "other duties as assigned" I don't always perform well. For instance, I occasionally get it on the floor. I'm sure my "thinking out of the box" is refreshing.

A recent careerbuilder.com article states a Delta flight attendant lost her job maybe because of her blogging. The article's author, Kate Lorenz, writes the flight attendant started the blog to help her cope with her mother's death. She also talked about her life as a flight attendant and included pics in uniform. According to the article, Delta dismissed her for "inappropriate pictures in uniform" but didn't elaborate further.

Thank goodness the only inappropriate pictures of me in uniform are Polaroids and those are from when I was younger and friskier. Vanessa Williams, Cameron Diaz, Eponine ... we've all made mistakes. All my pics nowadays are much more serene. Besides, my job reviews are indicative that I am a top-notch performer.

I want to go on record saying that my Cowboy loves his job. I have never overheard him say one word bad about his job, employer, bosses or any co-workers. He stands behind everything they say, direct and command. He drinks the Kool-aid in large doses. He also better get his sorry tail home soon from work because I'm hungry.

Blast From The Past

An old cat from Oklahoma breezed into town this weekend. KJ's girlfriend works as a rep for a company and she had a business call in KC. He made the trip too. Last time I saw him was 10 years or so ago when he and LMc came to visit Cowboy just before Halloween. That was after AJ's death, so their visit warmed the ole Cowboy's spirit for months to come. That weekend was a KC whirlwind, with the American Royal parade, symphony performance, visits to the key sites, haunted houses, dining, dancing, visiting. And lots of time having the three of them around petting and paying attention to me.

KJ, LMc, AJ and Cowboy volunteered at MDA Camp back in the day. I've heard wonderful stories of their great memories caring and taking care of others while learning so much about themselves. The four also went to OSU, although LMc started somewhere else and AJ ended up transferring and marrying. By the way, LMc and her youngest daughter visited in May. I don't really enjoy kids, so my time was mostly spent hiding and then smelling everything when they were away.

It's funny, when I was a young cat, I could entertain myself and play all day. The older I get, the more I miss having Cowboy around. Don't get me wrong, he works my last nerve. But I find myself missing him when he's not home and work hard to follow him from room to room when he is home.

As he's aged (and he is an old fart), I think Cowboy's become more that way too. He seems to play less and misses me more. Based on how thrilled he was to catch up with KJ, I think he misses his family and friends even more too.

Social Consciousness

Hot weather through much of middle America the last several weeks has led to record electricity use. New records have been set for electricity generated and consumed. With personal computers, cats blogging, everything air conditioned, microwaves, and all the other conveniences, we are truly powering up.

Cowboy loves when utility companies make alot of money and their stock prices rise. He doesn't even mind paying his high bill. However, I worry we are not doing enough to conserve in order to ensure power for years to come. You see, I plan on being around for awhile. Alot longer than Cowboy, that's for sure. I appreciate him leaving the home cool throughout the day. But for heaven's sake! I am covered in fur. I plan much of my day with the sole goal of finding the strongest sunbeams coming through a window or door. I bake and it feels so good. Do I really need the home that cool? Nightlights too so I can see while wandering at night. He's finally discovered I really don't watch tv.

Think of my future - do what you can to be energy efficient and conserve power!

You Talking To Me?

About 10 months ago or so I got a little ill. Lethargic, couldn't wake up, no apetite, didn't even want a treat. My eyes were dreary and I felt miserable. Cowboy was a mess ... by my bedside, praying and making deals with God that he'd change his ways. If it wasn't for my high fever I swear I would have kitty slapped him and told'em "Get a grip!" He truly has no life. The mobile vet came by and we learned it was an abscessed sore. I soon was back to scurrying about and he soon was back to his ways.

That introduction to say the mobile vet sent me a note the other day saying it's time for a checkup. It's actually a rare occasion for me to get mail. It was exciting. With BET's help I've sent Cowboy cards and I've been known to drop notes here and there, but I receive little. Regardless, I'm still not convinced that vet was really talking to me. There are other Eponines, you know. Checkup, schmeckup.

Just To Update

The PT is still not fixed and Cowboy is freaked over it all. He's contemplating junking it and buying a new one. Thank goodness the Sailor is keeping him in transit and out of my hair. I hollered for quite some time this morning and he about never got out of bed. That's a clear sign he's stressed.

He had a nice lunch with PC from the United Way. She called him one of her favorite humans and her granddog her favorite nonhuman. I'm sure if she had gotten to her favorite blog writers I would have been mentioned.

It's 98 degrees as I type this message. But I am still planning to smell the air, take a sip of a margarita and relax on the deck tonight.

Judging A Book

Shelly L says that her 20-something daughter doesn't really listen and that she may as well be talking to her cat, Buddy. I can't speak for Buddy, but I listen, read, and do all kinds of things better than many 20-year-olds. Suprised? I do have a blog, you know.

Recently read some finicky eaters are that way because scientists believe they don't have sensors on their tongues to taste sweet. Whatever. Give me some ice cream any day and I'll be licking my chops for the next several hours. Those little pieces of fat-free cheese I get sometimes also are sweet. Deelish. Rowr.

Today I read that five little, newborn kittens were accidentally shipped in a box from South Carolina to Vermont. Two days in transit and they were still going strong. Who would have imagined those little creatures to be such survivors?

Also read about some cats in Japan relieving themselves on a fax machine and caused a house fire. What do you want to bet they weren't getting moist food?

I promise you, Buddy is listening better than you think he is!

No. 100

My blog is just a little more than a week strong and already there have been 100 clicks to my site, according to the counter I've installed. I estimate 78 were me, 19 were the Cowboy, and three were guests!

Searching For The Perfect Pumpkin

The Other Eponine & Her Friend

Take a sec to visit this blog entry about a lady and her cats. The pictures here are all of a cat named Phae, who is a friend of another Eponine. Click any of these pics to go to the slide show. Some fantastic pictures. My favorite is of Eponine under the sheet, especially since I can't stand being under anything. marymuses recently visited my site and took a moment to comment. Thank you.

Car's Delivered

The car's at the next mechanic. Results should be discovered Monday and I hope the PT is fixed and running at 100 percent soon thereafter. Cowboy has been a mess because of his car. Along that line, I pity the soul who he plans to visit with at Jack Miller. He may need his lawyer afterward. Tune back in for updates. He was gone most of the day taking care of issues. Moist food was my treat for being alone the entire Sunday. I'm still purring while I type. Good stuff!