Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

When One Becomes Two

MegMcB got her eyebrows done Sunday morning. She couldn't resist shooting me over a pic of the craftmanship. I guess they look pretty good. My little monster always was pretty proud of her whiskers, but I suppose a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Speaking of eyebrows, do you remember how Hobbes' stripes always would become one big eyebrow? That always would give me a smile. Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes When I was younger, I used to practice some of Hobbes' gestures. My brow became furrowed this past weekend when I discovered that "Doc" no longer was on Wayside's website. I knew I should've made my decision sooner.

This morning I learned that the friend of a friend, the one that originally found "Doc" and took him to the shelter since her 19-year-old Samantha wasn't keen on having a little brother, went back to get him. (How's that for a sentence?) He's done picked! Likely picked a month ago, but Samantha's mom needed some convincing.

This Cowboy also takes it a little personally since I've discovered Doc's now mother is another transplanted Okie living in the Kansas City area. That's an important fact to know because she changed his name to "Sooner." Now he will never know the orange way of the Cowboy.

What Can We Expect?

Dog. That's what I read. The year of the dog starts today. It's the first Dogday of the Chinese New Year. Not certain what a year focused on canines could possibly bring, but I guess we must hope for the best. I wonder if Stanley went out to party again in celebration of this dog year.

To learn more about China, here's a link to a site I found.

By the way, SAK, husband and sons are well into the process of adopting a baby girl from China. She is expected to arrive this year. Can't wait! Oh, and just Friday I received in the mail from SAK a book titled, "The Tenth Good Thing About Barney." She even included a pic of my Eponine in the book. It's a very sweet story. One thing for sure, I have some amazing friends.

In Remembrance

Taking flightWhere were you when you heard the news about the demise of the Challenger space shuttle and its crew? The disaster happened 20 years ago today. Most of you cats weren't even born! How about your moms and dads? Do your folks remember a kitty before that may have been with them on Jan. 28th two decades ago?

I was in college and remember running into a friend on campus while walking to class that morning. She told me the news. It was shocking. My monster talked about it some in an August post on the day the Discovery came home. From student government involvement, I had an opportunity to raise money and pass legislation naming a kiosk area next to the Student Union and near the Chi-O clock the "Challenger Kiosk." Next visit to Stillwater I'll have to check to see if it's still there.
See other pics

You know, today likely also is a good day to remember the Columbia crew too and to say a quick prayer for all the families of these folks.

Run For Your Life

Robin Loznak/Great Falls Tribune Work has been super stressful. A "workforce reduction" is anticipated. Those are never good words to hear for the rank and file. Just a couple days ago a few executive departures were announced. Lots of changes expected. Sometimes wonder when to start sending out resumes as opposed to waiting until the ship sinks. The other option is to just hope that you stay under the radar.

Did you hear about Molly, the cow? She was in Great Falls, Montana and did all she could do to avoid the slaughterhouse. Molly even reportedly swam across the Missouri River. I say "good for you, Molly!" Now, I enjoy a good steak from time-to-time and have a leather briefcase and shoes. The coat is wool, though. But sometimes one's gotta do all they can to avoid getting cut!

Meanwhile, we all like power and want to make sure our computers fire up, the microwave works and the AC comes on when we turn the thermostat. But if my Eponine was around, she'd strongly suggest that you don't build a power plant, if there's a chance you might have to tear it down.

Promise to write more this weekend.

With Care

Hung with care
Working on projects, reading blogs, gathering/entering tax information, and taking care of other matters while watching American Idol wannabees, other shows and the news. That consumed my entire evening. I call it multi-tasking. Others tell me it is called "getting much accomplished, while getting nothing done."

In any case, came across this picture of the mantel with our stockings from this past Christmas. We've had these stockings since 1993. Can you believe we only have 11 months until Christmas?

With care

Will also attach a pic of a plaque at Rolling Acres. I think it is very nice. I hope to post additional photos at some point. Promise also to post something as soon as a monster dons the doorway.

Homeward Bound

Although I haven't made a decision regarding who's headed to Cowboy's place, I think it is important to tell you that the three monsters mentioned in an earlier post (Yves, Ally, and Tex) have all been adopted and are no longer at the shelter. They likely are working with some humans to launch a blog as you read this. You never know!

Lots Of Love

Mae WestHung out with Doc on Sunday. We had a good time and felt a little of a love connection. Also felt very drawn to a 10-year-old monster currently named Carry.
Mae West
She's front-paws declawed, very loving, petite, soft ... leaves me wondering how she ended up homeless. She so very obviously belonged to someone. Sometimes think I just need to make her queen and celebrate each year we will share. Then there also was Mae West. She was just in from post-op "alteration" and was such a sweetheart.

And these are just the highlights. MegMacB went with me. She loved the monsters climbing the walls and hopping all over the place. Oh my! Cowboy & Doc

DocMax and Casper actually ended up staying Saturday night with me, leaving Sunday. It was a pretty good visit, but just not quite "there." Max tried very hard to help me fold towels and undershirts, and I caught him "pawing" the little tiger on the blog once. It was fun. Interestingly, the boys on their own found the "Secret Paws" gift from Edsel to Eponine and had little fashion mice out of the package in record time. Their foster parents are incredible and such good folks, making the decision process all the more harder. Their angel wings were very visible.

I'll keep you posted.Carry

You're Doing Fine

Jennifer Berry crowned Miss America We all have our guilty pleasures or things we might be a little crazy about. OK, so I have many things in my life that likely fit into this category. Is that a crime? Friends likely find it in endearing. (All are forbidden to post opposing thoughts.)

Eponine first mentioned this topic in a posting from August 2005, and again in a November posting. She would have enjoyed sharing the evening with me, or at least would have darted from the room with my outbursts.

Oklahoma's Jennifer Berry was crowned Miss America. Earlier in the week, I predicted to a friend that Jennifer would make Top 5. There's just something about her that gave me that feeling. She's a native of Jenks, just outside of Tulsa (and not to far from Collinsville), and is a student at the other Oklahoma state school. It's been 10 years since the last Oklahoma winner. Although I still think Casey should have won two years ago. I guess Erika was really smart. Oklahoma is among only a few with 5 winners.

I watched the show with Sexy Lady on Army Boy's huge big-screen tv which made me feel like I was sitting on the front row. I had no idea Jennifer's eyes were so big. Oh, and the periodic text messages from a Schramwich added fun to the evening.

Test Drive

Sorry that I haven't updated. Have been super busy. Trying now to get home chores done before tackling the road. Haven't made it out to Wayside Waifs yet. Still hoping to get out there today.

Two boys are hanging out with me right now. Casper and Max. They are orange and white, about 10 months old. A co-worker of MegMacB has been fostering the duo. I e-mailed the foster parents and this morning it was decided to have the boys stop by for a visit and to hang out a few hours.

Click for story about Mr. PeeblesMax is very inquisitive and very captivated with the human toilet. Almost interrupted me midstream (sorry for the details). Something Epster never gave a second thought about. He's a lap cat and requires attention. Casper is more of a spook (thus, the name), and has spent the last hour mostly hiding in the laundry room. However, I did see him wandering around a bit ago. They are both long and bigger than my monster. They are wrestlers too. Both are awfully cute.

Not certain I could handle two. A moment ago Max was hopping on the coffee table and I slipped and called him Eponine. I wonder if these guys would even have a desire to blog? I made the foster mom and dad promise they'd come back by early afternoon to pick them up. Still want to check out Doc and a few others before making any decision.

Check out Mr. Peebles. According to the University of Missouri Vet School magazine, it was thought that this 3.1-pound creature was "the runt of the litter." Then it was determined he's actually two years old and fully grown. MU's article says that in the summer of 2005, Guinness officially presented the "Smallest Living Domestic Cat" World Record to Mr. Peebles, replacing the previous record holder, Itse Bits, who weighs about 3.3 lbs., depending on whether he had just eaten.

These two might hold world records, but I bet neither of these cats have blogs.

What's Up?

This is the famous Doc. I hope to get a chance to go check him out soon. I feel like that right sock (left in this pic) is just reaching out there waiting to be held. We'll see.

To Infinity And Beyond

Isn't it strange to believe that a guy can be sitting at Chili's at the Chicago O'Hare Airport and be posting to his blog. Correction, his cat's blog. And if his little monster were still here, she'd be posting all these crazy stories about things she was doing while the dude was away. It's crazy. We're connected.

Sometimes, I'm scared I'm going to be called out as a fraud. Someone in the cat blogosphere who doesn't have a cat. But, maybe not. I promise to again someday re-join this community. I will be legitimate.

You have been a source for me. A source for inspiration, laughter, tears, someone to cry with, encouragement, opportunities to remember, support and much more. Thank you. We all have our day-to-day lives, but escaping, having an alter ego, watching our cats shoot the bull with each other, and just being connected is really something special.

I've read several people mention how through these blogs, our pets somehow belong to all of us. You're right.

"Your flight is now boarding. Cowboy, please report to K3."


DaphneDaphne has been staying with me this weekend. Sexy Lady and Army Boy took off to Oklahoma for a concert. Knowing that I've been a little on the lonely side lately, they decided to have this beast hang out at Cowboy's.

We've had a really good time. She's full of love and is an attention seeker and treat lover. She likes to cuddle and demands to sleep under the blanket. When she goes out to take care of business she likes to run around the yard barking. Like she's letting everyone know who's in charge. She doesn't have a fenced yard at her place, so I think it's been a new sense of "freedom." Speaking of which, we did have one incident of me running down the street hollering and chasing to catch her when I forgot that the garage door was open.

We've gone for walks and running around the back yard. On Sunday, it was gorgeous in Kansas City. We even went to Rolling Acres to visit Eponine's grave. We took a long stroll. Daphne couldn't resist jumping in the pond and checking out the ducks. She's one of those dogs that stretches a leash to its end. The human holding the leash is only delaying and hindering her expedition.

Daphne wondering why the grass looks greener on the other side of the fenceI think her visit is just what the doctor would have ordered. She heads home Monday.

Love Connection

YvesHave been super busy lately with work projects. Was in Jefferson City (Missouri's capital city) Friday working with "power brokers" trying to get things done. Headed to D.C. Monday. The day I came home from my last D.C. trip was the first time I thought Ep seemed under the weather.

Did take a moment Thursday night to stop by Wayside Waifs to visit creatures potentially wanting to pick me. Was hoping to see "Doc," a tuxedo boy that a friend of a friend found recently but couldn't keep for a variety of reasons including an older female cat not welcoming of a little brother. As luck would have it, though, Doc was taken to the vet that day for "alteration" and had not made it back to the shelter. I'll go by to visit him this weekend, I hope.

AllyThe number of cars in the parking lot was impressive. The volume of older cats waiting for adoption was sad. There were only 7 kittens. To say the scene did not mess with my emotions would be a lie. Only once did I see my tears splash on the concrete. But I toughened and then hugged, petted, heard purrs, received head butts, and got some awesome sand paper kisses. The zippers on my coat consistently proved popular.

TexThere was a three-legged boy (Yves) that hugged me tightly, a little girl that kept staring intently (Ally), and a little boy (Tex) that required me to play nonstop. Also a little girl (Keena) that had tears in her eyes that seemed to soothe my own. But nothing seemed like a for sure "connection." It might take a while, but it's a start!

As for comments on the Jan. 11 post, you're all right. I need to be owned, I feel lonely, my heart wants that companion, and there's no sure fire solution/path/time frame. I'm confident Ep will help me to know when I am picked by the perfect monster.

Here Kitty, Kitty

Those were the first words I said to my little monster when she found me back in 1990. I even said them nonchalantly, knowing I very well did not really want a cat at the time. If she had ran away, like many cats often do when found outside in a parking lot, the last 15-and-a-half years of my life would have been so very different. I'm so glad she picked me!

Have been checking the Wayside Waifs site and talking to friends and friends of friends. I just want to be picked. Meanwhile, I do get some anxiety blogging and seeing the posts by Eponine disappear from the front page. But also see it as Ep encouraging me to face the tomorrow and move forward. I know eventually my eyes will dry.

The Jan. 9 Top Ten List on David Letterman was about how to tell if you're at a bad Applebee's. No. 4 was "All you hear from the kitchen is, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty."' Don't know what I think about that. From what I hear, there was an Applebee's that accidentally filled a baby's sippy cup with Long Island Tea. Thus, the Letterman attention.

In response to Tommy's amazing feat, Letterman's list on Jan. 6 provided the top 10 ways to tell your kitty is a genius. Check them out.

There's A Place

Gnome comes to Cowboy CountryBroke my streak of never having used a single sick day (with the exception of that poison ivy outbreak and the broken ribs incident) over the last 10 years. But last Wednesday, just couldn't do it. I truly was feeling a little ill. But also still just a little blue.

Funny thing, now I think I might be ill. May even have a fever. It's likely just a head cold. Our weather in Missouri (Kansas City) has been warm, near 60, one day, and then cool the next. Giraffes at Noah's ArkSnow or sleet is predicted for Tuesday this week, with colder temperatures the next few days. My allergies are knocking me out as well as maybe some of the cleaners I've used on the carpet where Eponine had a few accidents during those last few days.

BET stopped by before Christmas. I wasn't home, but a Travelocity gnome appeared on my doorstep. I'm hoping he's going to take me away to someplace fun!

A pic of that gnome on my doorstep showed up in my inbox Monday. Oh, and BET last week also stopped by the Noah's Ark Hotel in St. Charles, Missouri, near St. Louis. She snapped a few pics because she knows I like Noah's Ark and have a Noah's Ark guest room. Plus, it appears the place is not going to stay afloat. Oh well. Noah's Ark

Smelly Babies

Shall we dance?Have been donning a new watch and a few new shirts at work. Even hung some new drapes and assembled a new floor lamp at home. All were Christmas gifts, albeit some were from myself. I deserved it, I say. I feel like I've been buying a bunch lately.

The Mom tells me stories of how thrilling it was as a kid (1930s) to make, with her mother (Grandma Guadalupe), baby dolls from wild onions. Mom says she would make the girls have long hair and the boys have short. The girls always would have flowing "dresses" and she'd have them dance and dance and dance, twirling them around. She would be on cloud nine playing with those dolls. She didn't tell me this, but she likely did not know how little she actually had. As a child, she thought she had it all! Time with her mom and her baby dolls, what more do you need or could possibly want?

My Eponine, like most cats, was more thrilled with the box than anything inside it. Or a free pom pom, given to a rabid Cowboy, that might have been left lying around after a big game always provided days of fun. Ribbons strategically tied to chairs were her favorite. There also was a toy mouse or two. I keep finding them in various places. She likely felt she had it all!

I haven't taken down our stockings yet. Will do so this weekend. Seeing them last night while assembling that new lamp reminded me that even smelly little, wild onion baby dolls can be the best. But let me tell you, those new drapes are pretty awesome too.

Who Needs Thumbs?

Watched some of the Rose Bowl parade Monday morning and couldn't believe the rain. First time to rain on the parade in more than 50 years. But that's nothing compared to the danger many are facing. With the ongoing rain, floods and related matters, it's a scary situation.

The wild fires in Oklahoma and neighboring states are worrisome. I've talked to Mom and a few others. All I know report being fine. But the flames are raging on. Kat, I trust it is not threatening northeastern Oklahoma. Very scary.

A few years ago I fell in the tub and broke four ribs. I heard the cracking. There I was lying half in the shower, half out, soap still on me, naked and in pain. I didn't have on my glasses but within a few seconds my blurry sight could make out my Eponine's form rushing through the bathroom door. She likely heard the thud and my choice words upon impact. She was checking on me. She even licked my hand as I pulled myself out to the floor. She comforted me.

It was after this that I decided she needed to learn to dial 911. We tried it some, but she never mastered it. She had a hard time leaving me to go to the phone.

Tommy figured it out. Thanks, Kat, for sending me this link. I hope it inspires many little monsters to learn a new trick!

Party Animal

I'm too sexy for this pictureIsn't this pic a riot?! It's of Stanley. He hangs out with my friend MegMcB. I stole the pic. But I know Stan (he's even licked himself in front of me), so I thought it might be OK to steal his photo.

Meg treated me to Mi Cocina Thursday for a belated birthday dinner. The food and conversation were great. Not to mention the three limousine, sangria tasty drinks. Can you say "brain freeze?"

Afterward, we stopped next door into Three Dog Bakery to get her boys some treats. I purchased a sale-priced hotdog, reindeer thing, complete with a red nose, for Stanley and his brother George. While paying for this hotdog toy, I tested myself to see if I could calmly tell the sales clerk I had just recently lost my kitty. Failed. I'll try again in a week or two.

No update yet on the bengal cat. Right now, it's fun just pondering the idea. We'll see. Everything works out for the best. I'll keep you posted.