Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Back Home

Made the trek and am back home. Had a great time over the holiday break. Of course, having a bowl game win didn't hurt. Total, I put about 1,800 miles on the rental car.

Trying to accomplish a few things today before ringing in the new year. These last few weeks of celebrations, fun with friends and family, a bowl game, and other activities have been perfect. There could not have been a better prescription.

I'll admit, I worried a bit what this holiday season might be like compared to last year. Do I think the good Lord had my Cowboys win an extra game and qualify for a bowl just I could be preoccupied, keeping me from thinking too much and being sad? Of course not. I know it's not ALL about me. All I did was decide to seize the opportunities presented.

Looking forward to many great opportunities and happenings in 2007, being able to read about yours on your blogs, and taking the time to share some of mine with you.

Happy New Year!

Football Battle

Quick update -- The OSU Cowboys won. 34-31. It was a field goal with only seconds left on the clock. I've always said I like good close games. This one came close to making my heart stop. The car flags will be waving proudly all the way home!
Pokes versus Tide. Today, Thursday, December 28. Kickoff at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN. Independence Bowl Stadium, Shreveport, Louisiana. Winner goes home with a winning record. Loser doesn't. If you watch on television, look for a Cowboy wearing orange.

Go Pokes! Ride'em Cowboys!!

The Land Is Grand

The OSU HospitalThis is news to me! Oklahoma State has a hospital in Downtown Tulsa. I guess I need to read my alumni magazine more closely. Years ago, this was the Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital. Or was it medical center? I can't remember. When I worked for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, I managed a clinic here for adult patients served by MDA.

A decade or so ago it changed to Tulsa Regional Medical Center and was a key trauma center in Tulsa. Also, a 15-year-old Cowboy, not naming any names, got his nose done here. It wasn't an optional surgery. I'm told.

Dowtown TulsaTulsa is building a new basketball arena. Should be exciting. I bet Tulsa will bid on future Big 12 Basketball Tournaments. That could be fun!Exit here for ChecotahMissed taking a pic of the sign proclaiming "Home of Carrie Underwood," but did get this one of the exit. Good ol' Checotah, Oklahoma. I had a church camp pen pal that lived in Checotah back when I was in fifth grade.

That Oklahoma Town

A parade in CollinsvilleA parade of lawn blowups greet visitors who pull into Collinsville via the east side. This picture is only a sampling of what is there to experience. As you pass these lawn ornaments, you pull onto Crimson Cadet Parkway. Back in the day, with all three of its stop lights, it was known as Main Street.Here's a pic of one of those stop lights. I'm sure they are at least 50 or 60 years old.

Some Favorite Things

Mom's awesome enchiladas!

When it comes to Mom's enchiladas or to pork chops from anywhere, this Cowboy can throw down his share plus yours. That's all the warning you're going to get. Mom says she made my favorites as a belated-birthday dinner. Mmmm Mmmmm good!! Muy Bueno!

SnowballThere also was a new critter at Mom's. Snowball. And this little monster growled and showed her teeth when she had her treat bone in her mouth. It extended twice the length of her face. It was a riot.
Grasshog ExcitementMom had a hard time containing her excitement over receiving a new Black and Decker (their items are orange usually) Grasshog weed wacker! It's always a thrill when Santa brings exactly what you want.

A Motley Crew

Mo's birthday crewSomehow, MYTMO always can gather an assortment of folks when it comes to her birthday. There truly should be a contest in Kansas City titled, "Six Degrees of MYTMO." Without a doubt, everyone in this town knows someone who knows someone who knows Mo.

We gathered for her birthday a week ago, but her parents first celebrated her arrival on Dec. 24. I think it was right about 40 years ago. This is the crew that helped to close out the evening. There were better pics, with eyes open, but I was in those. Selected this one instead.

A Time To Honor

The Kennedy Center Honors aired on CBS Tuesday night. It was a great show. Each year, the center honors five artists whose careers in music, dance, theater or movies have impacted us and our culture. I first told you about the honors show in a December 2005 post when I noted that Tina Turner, among others, was honored.

This year's honorees are Dolly Parton, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steven Spielberg, Smokey Robinson and Zubin Mehta. I saw Dolly perform once in St. Louis over the Fourth of July weekend. Her performance was phenomenal. I imagine it would be difficult to meet Dolly and not like her.

Speaking of Dolly, Jessica Simpson was scheduled to be one of the performers honoring Dolly. However, Jessica flubbed the words during the performance (in front of an audience that included George W and wife, and a slew of movies stars and elected officials). Jessica recorded her portion a second time, but then wasn't pleased and reportedly asked to have it removed from the show's airing.

I wasn't aware her part had been cut entirely, but I was aware about her flub during the original airing (the honors actually took place Dec. 3). I was shocked when watching the show and not seeing even a glimpse of Jessica.

The segment honoring Dolly did include great performance by Oklahomans Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill.

Also should mention that I extend my condolences to the families and friends of entertainer James Brown and of former U.S. President Gerald Ford.

Everyone Join In

Caroling cats and dog. Each Christmas, they find a home on top of the living room television. Yes, I don't have cable.

Simple And Sweet

My Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

If you are celebrating, I hope your Christmas is full of wonderful moments shared with family and friends.

All the best.

Snow folks in front of the house

Christmas Dishes

BET cheeses for the cameraTasty holiday pasta

BET and her husband stopped by my place on Christmas Eve. I took them on to the airport, but only after we shared a Christmas Eve meal. I cooked up some holiday pasta. Red, green, yellow pasta in the shape of trees, stars and bells. Although I may have used just a tad too much garlic, it wasn't half bad. Except, I did notice that BET's husband didn't eat all his. I wonder why. Hey. This Cowboy has never made any claims of being a chef.

There's No School Today

A plane at DFWSomeone's heading home from DFW

Until Wednesday, I didn't realize that today is a holiday at the ol' workplace. When I made the discovery, it was kind of a present in itself! I don't have to return to the cubicle until Jan. 2. For a dude who seems to work everyday, writing that seems just crazy.

Lying in bed, drinking coffee, watching Good Morning America (something I never do - I'm a total NPR junkie (on KCUR here)), checking out blogs, and relaxing. It's kind of nice. Plan to shop, get the do done, clean the home, and do laundry. Should be a great day. Plus, a little dog named Josie is coming over today. She is going to stay a few days while her human goes to visit other humans.

It always was fun waiting for the announcement that a snow storm was going to cancel school. When young, it meant crafts, hot chocolate, wearing long johns, building forts and a total day of fun. As a teen/high schooler, I'd often gather with the Wild Wife (she wasn't the Wild Wife back then) or other friends and eat, watch tv, build snow people. Growing up in a rural Oklahoma town, we knew which friends had cable tv. Those homes were often headquarters on snow days.

Downtown Dallas seen from AA's connector train at DFWWild Wife and Wild Husband live in Denver and are dependent on travel for work. Sure hope they are safe and are managing to get things done considering the snow storm bringing that city to a standstill.

I can't even imagine the stress level of those folks stranded in airports. Just last week when I walked off my plane in Chicago and saw no connecting flights that night on to KC, I wanted to sit in a corner and cry. I was tired, a little angry in the flight delay that made me miss my flight, and ready to be home. Being the studly, he-man that I am, I didn't cry, and instead got up and determined my options. Still, though, it wasn't fun.

Wherever you or your loved ones are traveling this holiday weekend, I wish you safe travels.

Including a few pics from my recent visit to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.AA planes lined up at DFW

All Is Calm

Silent NightsIf you're like me, at Christmastime everything has its place. The stockings are hung by the chimney (with care), the garland in a certain place, the tree in its corner, and the wreath on the door. My various nativities and Santas usually land in about the same place each year.

This nativity almost always is under the tree. And without fail, every year the sheep somehow mysteriously would wind up in various places in the house. Everyday I'd pick them up and put them back in their place, just to find them somewhere else the next day.

A cat's padded paws are so soft. Their steps are without sound. It's a wonder we ever hear them moving about. But we can. After I lost my Eponine, I first was overwhelmed with how quiet the place was without her. She made more noise than I ever realized. And although I never caught her in the act, I know she liked the sheep in this nativity.

A year ago on Dec. 16, I authored my first blog post. That same day, Eponine authored her last. Telling you that My Little Monster was dying and later telling you that she had passed away were two of the hardest things I've ever done. Yet, telling you was what I needed to do. She was a little cat that was so loved by this Cowboy. Having an opportunity to share her was such a huge blessing.

Without you, I never would have made it through those days. I am forever thankful.

Through Your Eyes

Seeing Christmas ...Although slightly mischievous, El Schramwich is a real sweetheart. Each time I'm with her, she steals more and more of my heart.

While at my home last weekend, she found holiday decorations sitting in the middle of the living room that I just hadn't had time to unbox. She took it upon herself to get it done. She was a real helper. We decorated two little miniature trees and put out for display several nativities. I have a small collection of nativities.

She asked me why the Baby Jesus had to sleep in the manger. I replied that it was because he was more comfortable in the manger when the Wise Men came to visit. In most of my nativities, the Baby Jesus and the manger are all one piece. In the set pictured here, El discovered it was two pieces and moved the Baby Jesus into Mary's arms. I'm sure I'll never change it.

That El. She is a precious jewel.

Be Careful Of Their Bite

Liv helps opens my birthday giftsLast weekend, Dec. 9, when the Schramwich kids came by my home with me, the younger two were very intrigued by the presents I had under the tree. Two happened to be birthday gifts sent to me from VMc, RMc and family. I decided that we could open those.

Liv, of course, couldn't resist "helping" the most. Essentially she fully led and was the entire gift-opening committee. Everyone was very pleased when the items were revealed: a Noah's Ark ornament and Oklahoma State Crocs. My first pair of Crocs!

I will be sure to wear them on Thursday night as my Cowboys smash the Pittsburgh Panthers in basketball. At least I hope. By the way, I believe talking smack is only appropriate prior to a game. Talking smack after winning is ridiculous. You've already won, what's the point? Just my thought.

Here's a pic of me wearing one of the Crocs. What do you think? Is being a shoe model in my future?
Car, Jakie and El help show off my CrocsDonning my OSU Crocs

Bells Are Ringing

Sexy Lady and Daphne with the S&P shakersVisited Sexy Lady, Daphne and their Army Boy this evening. I stopped by with the intention of watching OSU basketball, eating some barbecue food, and giving them a Christmas treat.

I found these crazy weiner dog salt and pepper shakers. The hole is in the rear. They're great. Daphne liked them. She tried to lick them once. Plus, MMcB made a super fantastic little Christmas ornament featuring Daphne. (Note: I likely should have kept it since SL and AB had two trees up, both without a single ornament.)

The girls with the boyYou might notice ... there's something on the ring finger of Sexy Lady's left hand. Army Boy proposed! He's taking her off the market. I pointed out that like a rare painting, demand only increases when everyone realizes that it's no longer available. I'll let you know when their eHarmony success story ad is available.

This evening I also saw Bodie. His human is Sexy Lady's former roomie, Joy. He's staying with Daphne and gang while Joy finishes school and is living with folks who are not overly fond of felines. Hard to believe those types of people exist, but they do.

I'm told that after a rough start, Daphne now is pretty good with Bodie. However, I witnessed that Daphne easily gets jealous. Especially when it comes to being in the kitchen. Bodie has warmed up enough to do his share of taunting. It's the joys of the dog/cat world. Meanwhile, the parents are planning to explore the challenges and joys of marriage. I wish them all the best!

12 Cats Of Christmas

Romeo, pic by Mike Ransdell Just noticed today while glancing at The Kansas City Star over lunch that the paper has been featuring a cat each day as part of a countdown to Christmas. The series is titled "The 12 Cats Of Christmas." Romeo, pictured here with antlers, is Day Eight. Click on the link to see more photos of Romeo and other little holiday monsters.

The series features pics from Star photographer Mike Ransdell. The paper also is featuring holiday pet photos on KansasCity.com. The paper asks that you send pictures to fyi@kcstar.com. Include your name and city and your pet’s name. Put “holiday pet” in the subject line.

Not to miss a merchandising opportunity, The Star is offering a poster compilation of all 12 cats of Christmas for $9.95. To order, call StarInfo at (816) 234-4636 and say “Operator.” Or go to TheKansasCityStore.com

The Other Hat

Had to wear my Uncle Cowboy hat last weekend. But this time it was for two-legged monsters as opposed to The Boyz, Daphne, or some other four-legged creatures. Michael and Sara skipped town, leaving me in charge of burning down the house and hanging out with their four kids, ages 11, 9, 6, and 4.

The tour of duty started Friday after work. I did not arrive promptly enough, which meant Jakie already had called his dad's cell phone at least five times asking when I would arrive.Sloppy pancakes by Uncle Cowboy and Car

Once I did get there, Jakie, his older brother Car, and two sisters El and Liv, all loaded up for a Red Robin outing. We were joined by Michael's identical twin brother, Matt, his wife Rachel, and their three kids, Z, P, and R. Three adults and seven children. It was smooth sailing as everyone chowed down. We even enjoyed a visit by the Robin, gathered tons of balloons, and avoided having to drop coins in the claw machine with hopes of snagging a bear.

Check out other pics from the weekend

Posing in front of the Christmas treeSaturday morning, Car and I took on the duty of pancake making. El noted the cakes didn't look quite like her dad's, but she ate them anyway. Car and I admitted we had no form. With practice, we promised to for sure sharpen our pancake-making skills.

The afternoon was full of coloring, PlayStation, spinning and practicing dance moves, playing with toys, calming some arguments, going to basketball games for Car and Jakie, and lots of other fun. I even had a friend call once so that I could pretend it was Santa checking up on them. One thing I learned, dishes and messes reproduce. I'd have that countertop shining and four minutes later there was stuff all over it. Just a mess. I wouldn't even know how it all would happen.

In the Pistol Pete roomLater, we went Christmas-light looking through Kansas City, downtown and Crown Center and stopping by my home for dinner. The kids were thrilled with the many mechanical Santas and other silly Christmas stuff I have.

Back at their home, I had Christmas gifts wrapped and waiting. If they were good, the gifts were the prize. The girls were fascinated with holding the wrapped items and fantasizing about what might be inside them. It was magical.

They promised to have on pajamas and waiting for their Mom and Dad to arrive home. The girls complied and once the folks arrived, we opened our gifts. Reindeer Poop for the boys (it was actually fudge), Groovy Girls (their first) for the girls, orange-handled tools for Michael, and an orange picnic blanket for Sara.

I'm already looking forward to donning this hat again sometime soon.

No Rooms At The Inn

"Please turn off all electronic devices and put your chairs in the upright position."

I've heard this request this week more times than I care to mention. Unfortunately, will have to hear it again two more times on Friday.

Have been traveling all week. Was first in Dallas and then returned to Kansas City for a day. Then headed out to Minneapolis, with the goal of returning home Thursday night. Strong winds and extended flight delays created alternative plans.

So here I sit in a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois near O'Hare airport. I luckily got a room. Since I had missed all connecting flights home, I was automatically booked on a flight Friday morning. I also was given a voucher for a discount rate at a hotel. That didn't work out. More in a moment.

The airport was a zoo. Lots of folks had missed flights. And there was no AC or something. It was so hot. I did see NBA basketball star Scottie Pippen, though, in the luggage area. The baggage carousel indicated he was on a flight from Los Angeles. I saw him giving autographs to children. I resisted taking a picture.

I finally got the shuttle over to the hotel. Once I arrived, there were all these folks waiting to get on the shuttle to go back to the airport. I knew that was a bad sign.

The hotel said the airline had given out too many vouchers and that they had no rooms. The hotel desk agent advised that I should wait 15 minutes for the next shuttle, go back to the airport, check with an airline agent, and get a new voucher for a different hotel. Mind you, this was at 11:10 p.m.

Forget that option! I walked to a hotel across the street. They also indicated they were sold out, but they thought the one around the corner might have rooms. With briefcase and Mall of America bag in tow, I took off walking to hotel No. 3.

Succes! And this king suite is sweet! Free wireless Internet service to boot. Even have bamboo greeting me in the bathroom. Nice to have luxuries, considering I don't have a change of clothing or deodorant. I didn't even ask them the rate, but did ask them to give me any discount that they possibly could.

Must get to sleep in my king-sized bed.

Making The Connection

Chicago skyline from an airplane windowThe flight pattern into O'Hare sometimes goes out over the lake and then back to the airport. It always provides some great views of the Chicago skyline. This pic was taken Dec. 13 as I connected in Chicago enroute to Minneapolis.

You Say It's Your Birthday

December 11

Spiritual and thoughtful, you tend to take a step back from the world. You're very sensitive to what's going on around you, yet you remain calm. Although you are brilliant (without a doubt, I know all agree), it may take you a while to find your niche. (So very true!) Your creativity is supreme, but it sometimes makes it hard for you to get things done. (MMcB and LL actually would call it piddling, lolly-gagging or goofing off. I insist it is multi-tasking. Regardless, I'm sure no one would say my lack of accomplishing would even remotely be based on my "supreme creativity.")

Your strength: Your inner peace
Your weakness: You get stuck in the clouds
Your power color: Emerald
Your power symbol: Leaf
Your power month: November

In Memory Of Readmore Books

While in college, I worked a year in the campus library. The Edmon Low Library. The main task at the central circulation desk was checking in and out books, but that led to filing the little check-out cards. We did that utilizing the Dewey Decimal System.

We had these wooden tubs full of little, yellowish, index-type cards that fit into a sleeve in each book. Student employees had to verify signatures and student ID numbers and then appropriately file each card. Out of the more than 1 million books, any could easily be found according to its number. "Oh, that's in the 800s on the third floor northeast" or whatever the case may be.

Those tubs were locked up each night. Essentially, if you lost that card or misfiled it, the book was forever lost. I'm sure it's all done electronically now.

Because of that employment, a portion of my annual donation to OSU is designated to the library.

Earlier in December, the Spencer, Iowa library lost a beloved co-worker and friend named Dewey Readmore Books. After 19 years, a stomach tumor was blamed for his failing health.

Dewey evidently had worldwide fame. You may have even heard of him. And he didn't just roam the shelves. Dewey had specific job duties. I have a feeling he likely even tried to file some of those cards or maybe even hopped up on the counter a few times.

In January of 1988, he was found in a book drop. According to the Sioux City Journal, it was a very cold morning when the "very small, very chilly yellow kitten" was found under a pile of books. The newspaper quoted the librarian that found him: "His paws were frozen. We warmed him up and fed him and he just purred and cuddled. From day one, we felt he'd be the right personality for the public. He's always loved people and meetings."

There's lots of other details in the Sioux City paper's article (link above). It is a very good read. The library's website (second link above) has all sorts of pics and other items, including tips for other library cats. To some degree, Dewey was a blogger!

No telling how he got in that book drop. My theory is that he knew these library folks needed to be picked.

Wilbur And 4-H

I mentioned my 4-H-learned skills in a recent post. Thought I should bring to your attention that a $1 donation will be made to support your state's 4-H program for every ticket purchased to see "Charlotte's Web" through www.fourhcouncil.edu. The movie opens Dec 15.

From what I'm told, the movie features the 4-H emblem tons. The themes in the movie speak directly to the work that 4-H does in developing youth – building friendships, commitment to goals and having fun. Not that I'm much to scream about, but much of who I am was developed and shaped through my 4-H involvement.

Dakota Fanning stars as Fern, and the voices of Julia Roberts, 4-H alumnus (and Oklahoman that was once interviewed by this Cowboy for a newspaper article years ago) Reba McEntire, Oprah and many other noteworthy actors. I'm sure it's going to be a fun movie. A what a neat and simple way to support 4-H.

Pledging my head, heart, hands, health to make the best better for my club, my community, my country and my world.

Show Your Smile

About Cats is inviting folks to send in pics of their felines enjoying the holidays. Any of you monsters out there reading this should work hard to encourage your human to snap some pictures.

I can already imagine the festive pics. Maybe one of Brendan and Miss Ramona smooching under mistletoe held by Harper. Or The Meezers decorating their tree. I remember good pics last year of some knocked over trees and innocent looking cats. The only rule is that there can be no photoshopped photos. Can't wait to see you all on this site!

Big 12 Football Action

Eat more chikinThe Chick-Fil-A cows spell the same as many of the cats that blog. By the way, I think those Chick-Fil-A TV commercials are hysterical.

For the Big 12 Conference Championship football game, every cup holder at Arrowhead Stadium here in Kansas City contained one of these little cows. Of course, I wanted two but kind of restrained myself. After posing on the stairs in my home for this pic, the little cow hopped on my Christmas tree. It may be a new annual ornament.

Below is a pic of some of the action. OU won, I think 24-7 or somewhere around there, over Nebraska.

Be reminded that OU is NOT my alma mater. I just went to the game because I very much love college football and couldn't miss attending a championship game in my very own backyard. Plus, when the tickets went on sale, I thought I should buy a pair just in case it is the miracle year that my Cowboys actually win the division. Maybe next year!
OU and Nebraska

Gobble Gobble

Turkey time!In the post below, I mention my turkey-carving accomplishment. I offer this pic as some proof that I really did stab right in to the challenge.

A Few Cans Of Corn

Getting the task startedMixing it all togetherThe glory of crock pot cooking

Truth is, I actually doctored up the few cans of corn that I took in to the office for our potluck luncheon. It's funny how those 4-H cooking workshops from when I was 10 or 11 can come in handy eons later.

I'm not a cook. No one in their right mind would ever call me a chef. I mean, I do cook a rockin' good Red Barron frozen pizza, fat-free hot dogs or can of soup. I also am an expert microwaver. That's the extent of my cooking resume. Thank goodness I watched tv Thanksgiving morning and was mesmerized by the "carving your turkey" tips. I never would have guessed that later that day I would have to step up to that challenge.

In any case, my co-workers gave my few cans of corn many rave reviews! I even thought the creation was pretty good. A second helping by all was enjoyed.

Merry Grinchmas!

In honor of Edsel's mom, I am wearing these socks today. We're having a little holiday potluck lunch at work. I signed up to bring a few cans of corn.

Considering I still feel full from an out-of-control, "Sweet Tomatoes" ginormous salad, soupfest, could-I-please-have-more cranberry apple cobbler feast with MegMcB last night, I can't even imagine the trough that will be strewn about cubicles today. (I think I just gagged a bit.) It should be a fun time!

Girls Gone Wild

The Wife and her friendThe Wife and her friend, Castle, were in Kansas City about a week or two prior to Thanksgiving. It was their annual shopping weekend extravaganza. They come to Kansas City for this outing because there are no stores in Oklahoma City. :)

They arrived Friday morning and, after a Starbucks run, spent the entire day at Oak Park Mall. Lunch and dinner were at the Nordstrom's restaurant. Saturday was more of the same but also included some specialty shops and a stop to Crown Center.

They tspent 18 hours shopping during those two days. And I don't think they made to all the places they hoped to hit. They say it was "Christmas shopping." I noticed a bunch of Ann Taylor Loft bags in their rental car. Nordstrom's, Talbots and lots of other women's stores too. It could make one wonder.

O and M Thanksgiving weekendI met them for dinner on Saturday. We went to Thomas, a newer restaurant along 39th Street just east of State Line Road and the KU Hospital. We had fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. They were awesome. The meal and the conversation were perfect.

Although one of us is wiser (older) and the other prettier, Castle and I were at OSU at the same time. We have common friends, but didn't really know each other. As life would have it, post college, Castle's path crossed with The Wife. The two are close friends.

Over Thanksgiving weekend O and M stopped by Kansas City with The Wife and The Artist. As I snapped their picture, I could only imagine how quickly they are growing up. I'm sure it won't slow. I also can just imagine all the Ann Taylor bags they'll collect along the way.

Going Bowling

Learned that my Cowboys are officially headed to the Independence Bowl. It is not the National Championship game, the Rose Bowl or even the Cotton Bowl, but it is still exciting. It was a mediocre season by most standards, but one of much growth from a Cowboys perspective.

In 1981, before my tour at OSU, the Pokes went to the Independence Bowl. If I recall correctly, the game was played on or around my birthday. I remember watching it on television. We lost to Texas A&M (they were in the Southwest Conference). Jimmy Johnson was our coach. He left us to go to Miami in Florida before then going to Dallas.

Going to bowl games is not a regular occurrence for my Cowboys. We've gone to 16 in our entire history. However, this is our fourth trip in the last five years. The last time we had this kind of success was the mid- to late 80s. As a matter of fact, it was when I was in school.

This bowl game is in Shreveport, Louisiana on Dec. 28. The foe is the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama, a Southeastern Conference school. Should be a good contest.

This past Saturday night, Dec. 2, I attended the Big 12 Championship game. It was here in Kansas City, pitting OU and Nebraska. The stadium was about 70 percent or more 'Huskers fans. Although it was bone-chilling cold out there and the Nebraska fans were increasingly rude each time their offense was unable to produce, I had a good time.

As a result of their win, OU is headed to the Fiesta Bowl, while Nebraska will play in the Cotton Bowl. There's going to be some very good bowl games this year. I'm sure of it!

Another Card

While on a Wal-Mart run, MegMacB discovered yet another card featuring George and Stanley. You'd think these two were sleeping with someone over at Hallmark considering all their cards.

This card is a little eerie because they are without bodies. But it's also hysterical. I highly recommend that you get it and send it to anyone you know celebrating a birthday in December.

You'd Think

Haven't posted anything since talking about an approaching snow storm. You'd think I've been holed up and snowed in. Not the case! If I had been snowed in, I would have been posting a bunch. Instead, I have been on the go nonstop. It's been crazy.

The storm was weird in that the dividing line seemed to be right over Kansas City. North of the Missouri River, like at the airport, only two or less inches of snow were reported. Further south, like in Lee's Summit, Mo. or in Olathe, Kan., there were some reports of 12 or more inches.

It's only bitterly cold now, with snow covering the ground. Each day's thawing produces much evening ice.

Hope you and yours are safe and enjoying the season.

December Pics With Schramwiches

Car whips up some pancakesThe girls have no problem throwing down pancakesEl checks out the presentsEl is fascinated with a bathroom SantaEl and Liv celebrate grovinessJakie checks out the Reindeer poopMS and the boys with orange-handled toolsSS with the orange picnic blanket