Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

It's Only A Dream

Check this out. There's much that can happen over the next four years. I'm hoping the economy strengthens, that there's never another terrorist attack, that Gabby gets plenty of moist food and cat toys filled with catnip, that I stay employed at a job I like, and that Sarah Palin never becomes president of the U.S.

Random Thoughts On Jan. 26, 2009

Can you believe a month has passed by us since Christmas? We'll be celebrating Easter before we know it.

Gasoline is hovering around $1.65-1.67 in the Kansas City area. Still not bad. I think about the $37 I was spending every three or four days about a year ago. Not only did gas prices go down, but my commute shortened. A $18 fill-up now lasts close to 10 days. Last week I drove less than 170 miles the entire week.

Might snow in Kansas City Monday night. It is super cold. Gotta love winter!

On Sunday I bought a replacement vent for the HVAC unit. I read regular replacement improves efficiency, saves us money. I replace mine about every other month.

Purchased a new vacuum cleaner Sunday. A Kenmore from Sears. Not a Dyson or some other high-dollar unit, but it should do the job. If only it would dust the shelves.

In a training class or other meetings all week at work. Should be fun.


Chief Justice Roberts sucks. Of course, if I was a cat it would be easy to say that. But I'm not.

Anyway.... President Obama has repeated the presidential oath and he is now leading our country. O ... not Justice Roberts. And I am the human owned by Gabby. That's most important.

Peaceful Transition

Then a nominee, these pics are from Mr. Obama's visit to Kansas City in October 2008. He greeted folks at Kansas City's Liberty Memorial. The pics are graciously borrowed from The Kansas City Star.

Mr. Obama will never stumble across "Wild Life," this crazy site Eponine started a few years ago. But if he did, this Cowboy would want to make sure he read the following ...

"Congratulations, Mr. President. I join millions of others who are proud of you. I have to admit I wasn't automatically a supporter. But I am believing, am inspired, am ready to roll up my sleeves, and know better can and will happen. You have a tough job ahead of you. I am here to help. Now, get to work."

Random Thoughts On Jan. 19, 2009

Survived the root canal. It didn't hurt. I didn't feel pain. I did feel like the whole process was somewhat invasive. And being the overly reflective person I am, I think I beat myself up quite a bit regarding the ordeal. In any case, it's done.

I was loaded up on pain meds most of Friday and Saturday. Also had stayed away from coffee and Diet Coke since Thursday. By Saturday afternoon, I felt rotten. By Sunday it felt flu like. Bodily functions acting up like mad, with absolutely no appetite. It wasn't until Monday afternoon that I started to feel better.

Still haven't put away all the Christmas garb. Have you? Most of it has migrated downstairs. That's progress.

Can you believe the inauguration hype? There's no way to not get excited. Gabby's excited. I'm excited. It's exciting.

I really and sincerely am glad to see W leave the Whitehouse. I never was a big fan. I thought he was a war monger and out of touch. But, who am I? I like asparagus. Eponine was more the fighter and supporter. She believed there was always a reason to pull out the claws.

I continue to pray that history will show us that he did make the right decisions for our country. I also pray that O (not be confused with the talk-show host) not only convinces us to believe in change but also brings change. Real change.

I also agree. It's not just up to government to create change. It's up to us too. I hope you are feeling inspired, encouraged, hopeful, a little nervous and cautious, and excited.

Random Thoughts On Jan. 14, 2009

At lunch ran to get my prescriptions filled. Noticed then that gasoline prices were at $1.57. On the way home they were at $1.69.

It's bitter cold in Kansas City. Predicted to dip to minus-4 degrees. Brrrrrr. That's cold!

For Christmas I treated myself to a new coffee pot. A Melitta Mill and Brew. I add coffee beans, hit a button or two, and it's grinding and brewing. It's an awesome coffee pot. Of course, right now my tooth is super, super sensitive to hot and cold, so I can't enjoy coffee. I still try, cringe in pain, and then get ready for work. It's tough being a coffee addict.

The coffee pot provides weather updates. Wednesday night the screen was flashing. I wondered what was happening. Took a look and saw a winter weather advisory. That's cool. Plus, when the screen is in sleep mode it shows a pic of a feline sleeping. Very good coffee too. I highly recommend this pot.

Was gathering some preliminary tax papers the other night and discovered something I think I did wrong the last couple years. Now pondering what I might be able to do to cover it up. Hmmm? :)

My car is running smoothly. I still love my PT. The 2009 version is the last to be made. Chrysler, even if they do stay in business, is retiring the model.

Anyone watch American Idol Wednesday night? It was the tryouts from Kansas City. I never could quite determine what hotel they were in with the views of downtown KC behind them.

They mislead us. Paula, Randy, Simon and the new judge are not actually there on the days of the long lines outside of a venue. It's all edited. The candidates go through early rounds of elimination. Those picked then they come back on a different day to perform in front of the judges.

The auditions are highly edited. There's much more that goes on. The year Carrie Underwood tried out and won, Paula wasn't at her audition. When it aired, Paula magically was there, interacted with Carrie and voted yes.

Can you believe the month is half over?


I have a toothache. A rarity for me. When I was in high school, I had some cavity problems. After all that, I decided then to be tooth obsessive ... always brushing, flossing, getting cleanings. The whole bit. Have ony had one cavity filled since. And some teeth fixed after a brawl. That was back when I was much younger and a tougher guy than I am now.

After many years of good reports, I quit going to the dentist. Haven't been in four or five years.

Got in to a dentist Tuesday morning thinking that it was an old filling needing to be replaced. I did munch quite a bit on peanut brittle given to me while I was in Oklahoma recently. As a matter of fact, ate most of it while on the five-hour ride home. It can be dangerous on teeth.

The doc tells me I need a root canal.

A root canal?1? How can someone with good teeth need a root canal? Surely that is wrong.

I thought of getting a second opinion. I did call my long-time 4-H friend and college chum who is now an endodontist in Oklahoma. I haven't talked to her in 10 or so years, but we annually exchange birthday cards. She asked questions and I gave her all my symptoms. Her conclusion ... I'm likely a root canal candidate.

Makes me sad. It's always something. Darnit. I go in Friday morning.

You better believe that label when it says Hydrocodene might cause drowsiness. Wow. At work, at home, everywhere ... I can barely keep my eyes open.

Thanks To My Dogs

Tuned in to some of the Golden Globes while doing other Sunday-evening tasks. In accepting his award for Actor in a Drama, Mickey Rourke thanked, among others, all his dogs. Those current and those that were here before. He said something along the line of that when a man is alone alot, he spends much time with his dogs. There was some audience applause for the mention.

He's a weird, wierd dude. Regardless, there was something sincere and cool about his thank you speech that made him eerily non-star like. Just my thought. I won the Golden Globe for his role in the movie "The Wrestler." Others nominated were Leonardo DiCaprio ("Revolutionary Road"), Sean Penn ("Milk"), Brad Pitt ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") and Frank Langella ("Frost/Nixon").

Random Thoughts On Jan. 9, 2009

Gasoline is right around $1.59. I think it will steadily go up over the next few weeks. I think the lowest I saw it get was around $1.37.

The economy, the economy, the economy. That's all we are hearing. It does seem pretty dire. Makes me nervous. I hate hearing the stories of layoffs. I am really hoping the uphill climb is right around the corner.

The weather was fantastic in Kansas City on Friday. Over 60 degrees. It caused me to not be very focused on work. Of course, ice and snow is in the forecast for Saturday.

I thought the University of Oklahoma might beat Florida for the BCS Championship. Reminder: OU is NOT my school. I don't root for them ... but I also never root against them. I just watch and remain indifferent. I'd never root for them, though. They are "them" and not "us." VMc and RMc went to the game. Several of my other friends went too.

The Miss America Pageant is coming up at the end of the month. Everyone talks about how that pageant has lost its lustre. That it's a relic. I can see that. In any case, while in Collinsville, OK recently I passed a home with a sign declaring that it was the home of Miss Oklahoma. I do hope the hometown girl does well.

I went to the tlc.com site to see what they had on there about the contestants. Really just wanted to see "Collinsville" listed. I found a place where you can upload a pic and wear the crown. I made Mom Miss America. The pic makes me chuckle hard.

Sexy Lady, Army Boy, Daphne and Cash Man have travelled across the country. At least the eastern part. They are in the Alexandria, Virginia area the next few months. That means Daph will not have an opportunity to hang with Gabby and me.

We took down many of our Christmas crap today. Well.... moved it to the basement at least. Next step will be storage.

Couldn't resist ..... also uploaded a picture of Gabby. There she is! Gabrielle A Little Monster. Miss America, 2009.

Random Thoughts On Jan. 5, 2009

One team always is more excited to be in the whatever bowl than the other. While one sees it as a reward for hard work that season, the other team sees it a consolation prize as they weren't able to win the big win (or two or three). This scenario sometimes results in very competitive matchups and in other case leads to strange, upset wins.

Went to Oklahoma on New Year's Day. Gas has steadily increased while on my trip. Speaking of gas, I ran out while on the Will Rogers Turnpike in northeastern Oklahoma. I was in a rental car and just thought it had a bit more grace room. Just like my vehicle. I couldn't believe it when it just shut down.

I started to walk in the early evening darkness down the turnpike. Had walked for 20 minutes when I decided to walk back to the car. Walking in darkness down a highway with vehicles passing around 75 miles per hour is a little scary. Even for this cowboy. I called roadside service. They arrived within 30 minutes with two gallons. I was only 3.5 miles from a service station.

Had a great time in Oklahoma. I had holiday celebrations with Mom, The Artist and family, JMc and GMc, and VMc and gang. Although ready to get back home and to Gab, it was tough to leave on Sunday. I made sure to get gas several times while making the five-hour ride home.

Got my car out of the shop today. It was ready on Friday, but I was gone. Even took it through the car wash tonight. I hope it knows how much I love it.

I might take down holiday decorations over the next several nights.

I think I'm getting excited with the inauguration hype. Support or not, it truly is historic. And can you believe it appears that Al Franken will be a U.S. Senator from Minnesota? I guess he's really is someone and is important. Darn it, I even kinda like him.

As The Season Ends

Posting two pics from Christmas Eve.

Mo's celebration for getting older occurs annually on Dec. 24. I usually am unable to attend but did make the shindig this year. Here she is with two of her other homies. We had a great time.

After I left the Juke Joint located in Kansas City's Jazz District along 18th and Vine, I decided to swing by Crown Center for a glance at the holiday decorations. Stopped in the middle of the road to take this pic of the Mayor's Christmas Tree.

The lighting of this nearly 100-foot tree always is one of my favorite KC holiday events. I was treated with The Artist, The Wife, O and Mad joining me the day after Thanksgiving to witness this year's lighting. It was capped with a super cool fireworks display. A very nice 2008 holiday memory.

I Resolve

A goal for 2009 is to not only clip coupons but also remember to take them to the grocery story with me. It's nice having the big stack of coupons. Having them neatly stacked at home, though, can no longer be the goal.

Like millions and millions of others, maybe shedding a few pounds would be nice too.

Visiting Oklahoma more often would be cool.

Hosting a blowout garage sale would be awesome. Especially if people bought everything. I really need to finally get rid of the skinny clothes.

Reading more, writing more, thanking more, walking more are tasks that should be accomplished.

Getting to work earlier and actually leaving at decent times and not coming home and working more would be fantastic.

That's enough for now.