Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Good Kids

Just a quick post. Wanting to share some pics of SAK's and Anan's three kids. Mom and I stopped by to see them the weekend of the Big 12 Tournament. Mom and I were headed to see the OSU women's team play, so we were decked out in OSU garb. The E-Girl posed wearing my OSU hat. SAK convinced her to do a Pistol Pete gun symbol. That made me smile. I interrupted the Z-Man and H-Man from their work on a some big project.

Something's Gotta Give

For those of you following the NCAA Tournament, on Sunday the University of Kansas Jayhawks finished the final piece of the puzzle. They beat Davidson by two points to win the Midwest Regional.

That means four No. 1 seeds are in the Final Four for the first time in modern tournament history. Davidson was a No. 10 seed, which a No. 10-seeded team has never made the Final Four. Several have come close. For a moment, it looked like it might occur. However, the 'Hawks pulled it out in the end.

It was exciting to watch. Considering all the other games in the regionals semis and finals have been a bore, I didn't even tune in until almost halftime.

With CBS shortening the school's name to David on the score tickler at the bottom of the screen, it totally felt like "Goliath v. David." And Davidson had a chance to knock out KU, but their 3-point shot didn't hit as the final buzzer sounded.

In my prognostication effort, I only got two of the four teams right. My overall effort was very lame.

Stand Alone

Can't totally remember it, but I think the little saying in my high school graduation announcements was along the line of "We make this last stand together before we stand alone." Or make it said walk alone. I can't remember.

There's been lots of going away parties for folks at work. Although I love the socializing and hanging out in a very casual environment with co-workers, especially some that I am very close to, it does get a little sad to have to see them go. Even when they are going on to something bigger and better for their lives and current situations.

And because my workplace is going through some transition, I am on a team assigned with a task to prepare a final party. Thank goodness the team is a group that knows how to fun. We especially know how to have fun during our team meetings. That's very key to organizing a great event for everyone else. We had a meeting Wednesday that was one of the best meetings I've attended in recent memory. Got much accomplished, was inspired to volunteer for tasks, and had tons of fun.

All that said, it still is a little sad to have to plan the party. It'll be kind of a graduation/funeral rolled into one.

Cool Cats In Oklahoma

Meeko and Kiara, and their human lady, over at Lone Star Purrs sent me note the other day. It very much surprised me.

They sent a kind message and, get this, TWO Oklahoma quarters! Seriously. Not one, but two. They had them all nicely taped in so that they wouldn't roll around in the envelope. The presentation was awesome and the note totally made my day. I am pretty darn lucky to have friends that are such cool cats. Thank you!

A Little More Basketball

As others get excited for the Sweet Sixteen games in the NCAA Tournament, I thought it important to brag that the Oklahoma State women's team is in the Sweet Sixteen. First time they've made it there since 1991. To get there, they beat Florida State 73-72 in overtime.

The team next takes on the LSU Tigers in New Orleans. I doubt it will be a friendly crowd, but I bet there will be quite a few OSU fans. I almost wish I could go!

By the way Meezers, the Pitt Panthers women's team also is in the Sweet Sixteen. From what I understand, it is the first time ever in Pittsburgh school history!

Bonus Pics Of The Peas

Two Peas In A Pod

Check out Gabby and Daphne enjoying some sunnin' action a few weeks ago. You'd think they were twins. At least twins with different mothers. Actually I don't think that would work, but you get the gist.

They do enjoy each other's company and have much in common. Especially when it comes to begging for treats. They also sure love spending most of the day napping, hanging out with me, and sharing the sun.

Hmmmm? Twins. Interesting concept, huh? How two things can be so similar, even identical but also very different. Anyone with twins likely really are doubly blessed.

Happy Easter!

Called Mom a bit ago and she was enjoying an Easter Dinner with family and friends. Ham, mashed potatoes and the works. I might have a Cowboyritto. That's what I call anything I roll up in a tortilla. Lunch meat, fat-free hot dog, a slice of fat-free cheese, scrambled eggs ... the list can goes on. Just like Bubba Gump.

Or maybe I'll run to Price Chopper and get some meat loaf. I'll decide soon since it's already almost 6:30.

Gabby is wandering around the house talking. She just goes room to room meowing loudly. Sometimes I think she's talking to Eponine or at least trying to find her since she likely senses her. What do you think? She cracks me up.

I have a big presentation I have to do Monday morning. I'm confident I'll do well and all will go smoothly, but I am nervous nonetheless. I have to put some polishing touches on the presentation still, but I am procrastinating fearing that working on it will make me more nervous.

Hope you had a great visit by the bunny.

Upset At Upsets

I expected upsets in the NCAA Tournament. Even picked No. 5-seeded Drake to be the upset-minded team to advance to the Final Four. My pick was totally wrong as Drake went down in the first round. Shows you I know nothing.

I am proud to point out that my three other choices to make it to the Final Four are still alive in the Tournament. That should show you that I know at least a little. Maybe.

Although I love college basketball and am enjoying seeing/listening to as many games as possible, it's still not quite as much fun as when your own school is competing. I have some great memories going to and watching OSU in several NCAA tournament games. It is fun reminiscing during this time of year.

Oklahoma State's women won their first-round game. They next take on No. 7-seed Florida State Monday night. The game is in Des Moines. Winner goes to the regional semis in New Orleans.

NCAA Brackets

My picks from earlier in the season are doomed. As luck would have it, Kansas, Georgetown and Wisconsin are in the same regional. That means only one of them potentially will advance to the Final Four. My money is on KU right now.

Michigan State was my other very eary pick. Although a No. 5 seed, I don't think they have a chance of making it past the second round. Especially since the team potentially will meet Pitt or Tulsa's Oral Roberts in the second round.

My new picks, Texas, Drake, Kansas and North Carolina. Just my two cents. Action starts Thursday!

Here's a link to a viewable bracket.

By the way, my OSU women are a No. 3 seed in the New Orleans regional. Highest seed ever in school history. I think they are going to the Final Four. Of course I'm horribly loyal. Here's a link to view a bracket for the women's tournament.

Good luck to your picks!


Attended some of the Big 12 Basketball Tournament this past weekend. Historically, the Big 8 Conference Tournament and the first six Big 12 tournaments were in Kansas City. Goin' to Kansas City was a huge basketball tradition. Then, host cities started to vary including stops in Dallas and Oklahoma City.

I liked the Dallas stop. The "basketball atmosphere" sucked, but it was easier to get tickets and OSU won. Oklahoma State also won the Big 12 in Kansas City once, so I can't complain too much. OKC was fun, but just not the same.

Mom was in town and went to games with me. So was Uncle Bill and Aunt Sandra and Beverly and the HillBillies. Our basketball attending also included some good eats. Stops were Classic Cookie, The Diner, Streetcar Named Desire, Seven, Stroud's, Arthur Bryant's and others. Good stuff. If only OSU could have won just one more game. We lost to Texas on Friday.

The women's team did well. My gang and I attended the women's championship game Saturday night. We lost by just a few points, with a chance to tie or win within the last 30 seconds. It was a great time.

Congrats to the Pitt Panthers for winning the Big East Tournament. I'm sure the Meezer's were ecstatic on the performance of "their cats."

My OSU Cowboys lost Tuesday night in the first round of the NIT. A fitting end to a dismal season. Oh well. At least my Big 12 Tournament weekend was full of fun times with friends and family.

Please Tell Me No

In Oklahoma City for a special event. Arrived here after stopping by the Tulsa area to grab the Mom. We went to dinner this evening with friends at Cattlemen's Steakhouse. Very, very good. No pics, though.

While traveling from dinner to the hotel, called Shelly L. for an American Idol update. She tells me my favorite David Hernandez was eliminated. No way! I really thought he would advance further. Oh well.

The David Cook fever is mounting in the Kansas City area. T-shirts, yard signs, watch parties. All the excitement for him will be competing this weekend with the Big 12 Basketball Tournament. The men's action starts Thursday. Oklahoma State, as a matter of fact, against Texas Tech in the opening game. The Oklahoma State women won today. The women have had a good season and ranked, while our men have been mediocre to icky at best. I'm hoping they win Thursday so that I can see them play Friday.

The Schramwich Wife called Wednesday night with free tickets to Thursday's OSU-TT game, also asking me to the Schramwich boys. I'm sad I won't be there to take them. But, I am in OKC for a truly special occasion. I'm attending an event where my 80-year-old mom is winning an award! I'm so excited and proud of her. You'd think she had just won American Idol.

Trash Day

Trash in my 'hood is picked up by the city one day each week. I don't like taking it out the night before. That means that on the morning of trash day it usually is a mad dash in a robe/boxers or some other nice attire to beat the trash truck passing my home. Just one of those crazy rituals I have.

My question .... should one take the trash out if the garbage can is not full? What if you don't have a full bag of trash to present curbside to these hard-working folks? Take it out anyway or just wait until next week? Just something to ponder.

On a different thought ... I finished ... finally ... painting the dining room. It only took two years. It looks awesome. Also carefully placed some new sconces on the wall. I want to invite everyone to see. I'll be sure to post a pic soon.

And The Waving Wheat

Three months into the year and it finally landed in my sweaty palm. That's right! I received my first Oklahoma quarter.

Had to help out a friend Monday so over lunch I ran out to provide assistance. It was a late lunch -- 1:15 to 2:15 p.m. On the way back to the workplace, ran through a Wendy's drive through to get five of those tasty chicken nuggets and some mustard sauce. OK. I'll admit to you and no one else that I actually opted on two orders. Considering I hadn't eaten anything all day ---- ooops, I guess Dan had brought in some cheese cake with graham cracker crust. I did have one (very thin) slice for breakfast ---- I thought 10 chicken nuggets would be a nice and hearty lunch. I even licked the mustard sauce out of one of the little plastic tubs. :)

Back to my point .... the total was $2.13. Always wanting dimes in return change, I provided three pennies. Like magic, my 90-cents had two Oklahoma quarters! Rock on! That means I also received my second Oklahoma quarter too. The other quarter was a 1979 run-of-the-mill.

Here's a link to a former post if you have forgotten about my obsession with these quarters. Here's a link to the design of the Oklahoma quarter.


Three Dog Bakery treats for DaphneGrowing up, Mom made it clear that I could oogle and google at all the chocolate and other good stuff in the candy aisle in the grocery store. There was not a limit to how much I could eye and think about eating it. Three Musketeers and Almond Joys were always on the top of my request list. Rarely did I actually get one, though. But occasionally Mom said, "It's OK. You can have one."

Daph and Gab believe all treats in the world were made for them. I got a "Kong" toy for Daphne that at least now makes her work a little for the good stuff. It's a hoot watching her toil away for the prize.

I also like to sometimes splurge on a "Three Dog Bakery" goodie. Usually just the small ones that are priced two-for-a-for-certain-price. They usually look good enough that I swear one of these days I am going to take a bite out of one. Daph loves them!

We Pity The Kitties Treats for GabrielleFor quite some time we've been treatless for Gabby. We couldn't find any gluten-free ones. Even the smallest nibble of a Pounce would lead to a vomit. Considering Eponine was addicted to Pounce, this was a huge adjustment. I think it also led to me rewarding more often with a teaspoon of moist food.

Not too long ago we discovered the "We Pity The Kitties" treats at Three Dog. It's 100 percent dehydrated salmon. I'm told it's virtually calorie free, so it shouldn't lead to obese felines. Essentially it's astronaut food. It is some smelly stuff. And the Gabster is hooked. The real challenge now is determining exactly when it is a "Three Musketeers" type of day.