Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

The Third Dimension

When we lived in partments, I truly thought the world was rather flat. I'd look at the windows or doors and think about how fascinating it all looked to me, but it didn't at all look interactive. It all looked flat. Kind of like a painting.

Living in the home the last two years, I get to go out on the deck and the back yard. Sometimes I even run out the front door, but even then, I tend to run around to the back door to get in. It's just want I am used to. It's a safe haven. The world still scares me a bit.

I spend the majority of the day alone. I wander room-to-room and soak in sun. I started blogging just to vent. Interacting with others has been entirely a bonus. And now I realize it's a big, wide, wonderful world that includes a whole cat-blogging community. It's awesome.

When you can, check out Diva Kitty helping her mom crochet. It's an awesome pic. Kind of reminds me of how I helped Cowboy in decorating the Christmas tree.

Hope your day includes a helping hand from someone you love and who loves you.

Christmas Vacation

Have been busy following Cowboy into the basement and into the garage as he hauls Christmas crap to and fro. Lots of places to explore and sniff, and there's boxes and all kinds of stuff to play with throughout the living room. It's kind of fun. However, I noticed that Sunday night Cowboy watched television in his room and was mumbling something along the line of "I can't deal with that mess anymore."

Last night, the tree looked like it was nearing completion. It's still missing a star, though. I sat under it for a long time and basked in the glow. Cowboy left it on all night, so I left the bed and went to the living room to check on it a few times. Looking good!

It is official, the Griswolds really do live next door - and across the street too. An illuminated boy and girl on a teeter-totter, lit up things in every window, and other lights everyplace you can imagine. My oh my. Cowboy promises to post some pictures shortly.

RENT Reviews

For the most part, the reviews I've seen have indicate the movie is probably mediocre at best. Of course, Cowboy loves it, but also readily admits it's not the "best" movie he's ever seen. Certainly worth the price of admission, though.

The WDAF TV4 movie cats actually give it 4 out of 5 popcorn bags. I was surprised by that. While The New York Times cat gave it like 1.5 stars out of 5, but Cowboy tells me that review actually missed "the message." I think The Kansas City Star gave it 2.5 out of 4. I can't find that review. However, on The Star's site I found an article about the movie authored by a Philadelphia Inquirer writer. It provides context and other background.

Ebert and Roeper review it today. No matter the outcome, I bet Cowboy will see it with you. Ask him!

Hiding Out

Have been hiding out in the basement since yesterday. There's some Yorkie dog here named Bear. A little hyper creature. He runs out the back door and through the yard chasing nothing when his human shouts, "Squirrel, Bear, there's a squirrel."

Cowboy's niece and her boyfriend are visiting. He's entertained them with the Mayor's Christmas Tree lighting at Crown Center, The Plaza lights, bar hopping, the Christmas in the Park lights at Longview Lake, and a watch party for his Cowboys (they lost badly to OU - Cowboy seems glad the season finally is over). Tonight he also hooked up with The Artist, The Wife and O & M. That visit included purchasing some awesome red, Dorothy-looking shoes for O to wear to the ballet next weekend. Glad I don't have to worry about things like that.

I think Cowboy's had a good time and is glad they've visited, but I'm ready for that Bear creature to hit the road.

Have A Happy

Best wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving. I've already had a bit of my favorite turkey in gravy by Fancy Feast. Some good stuff. Mostly have slept today. I'm thankful for all.

Jump Over The Moon

He won't tell me how many times he saw it. I know this much for sure, Cowboy left the house a little before 4 and returned close to 1 a.m. He tells me one group of movie goers was very participatory, with cheers for certain scenes, a large group mooing, some tears and even applause.

Bottom line, Cowboy loved RENT. He knows it's not for everyone and some may not appreciate the story line. He appreciates the message about trying to determine how to measure the life of a man or a woman. If he starts his own blog, I've been encouraging him to call it "Cups of Coffee" and that way he could create a chronology of each cup of coffee he has, who he has it with, and what conversations were shared.

The opposite of war is creation. You measure a life in love.

Do The Do

This morning, I heard The Wife ask my Cowboy if he had any hairspray. What a riot! I took that as an introduction to walk through the room and grace them all with my presence just for a bit. Also as a reminder that I have more hair than Cowboy.

The British Are Coming!

OK, it's not the British, but fair warning is appreciated.

The Artist, Wife, O and M will be driving up from Oklahoma and spending Tuesday night. They leave Wednesday to head to Moberly to see grandparents and to eat some turkey on Thursday. I enjoy seeing them. However, when the kids start going every direction and making all the noises they make, I prefer just to find a good place to hide and stay out of anyone's view. Besides, I think kids smell funny.

Cowboy is cleaning, dusting and organizing (sorting through papers and moving them from one stack to another stack). Driving my totally looney. He still hasn't put away his Halloween crap. It's all stacked in the downstairs room.

Speaking of kids, he received a very nice note from the CJE&O Schramwich kids. I hopped up on the coffee table and saw the note. J drew a PT complete with Cowboy driving and a Pistol Pete. It is awesome. In a few years when he's up at 2 a.m. preparing for the arrival of some guests, he'll move that note from one stack of papers to another. I bet he'll smile.

Tuning In

Since I started hanging out with Cowboy, I've been pretty loyal to National Public Radio. KCUR to be exact. But Cowboy is quick to point out that Stillwater's KOSU went with online broadcasting about a year before KCUR.

In any case, an article in Sunday's The Kansas City Star arts section hightlights a new radio Click to see videostation designed to target the cat and dog audience and maybe some other four-legged listeners. It is called DogCatRadio.com, otherwise known as CatDogRadio for the intellectuals in the audience. Some good stuff here.

Speaking of entertaining pets, you must check out this cat video. The tune he dances to is fantastic. Meg shared this site with me.

We're The Lucky Ones

The movie version of "RENT" opens Wednesday. Cowboy believes its going to be a movie you're not going to want to miss. For his sake, I hope it's good.

Here's a link to a story on msn about Rosario Dawson. She plays Mimi. From what I hear, she's awesome in the role.

Taye Diggs plays Benny. It's funny, because I hardly can even picture him singing and in this role. After "Stella," "Ally McBeal," and "The Best Man," he just doesn't fit this character to me. However, he actually originated this role on Broadway in the show's original cast. I bet he does a lights out performance.

In movie theaters Wednesday.


The final amount is revealed! Employees, companies and individual donors throughout Kansas City's five-county metro region consolidated efforts to raise $38,511,109 in this year's United Way campaign. Given how hurricanes, gas prices, and other natural disasters and events have consumed many resources, this is an amazing result.

Cowboy attended the citywide luncheon with co-workers. He tells me it was a great event. A 40-year-old gentleman who happens to work at the Salvation Army, spoke of his experiences growing up in a rough Chicago neighborhood and how people working at United Way-funded agencies literally saved his life. A story on the United Way website provides more details. (Also go to The Kansas City Star and The Business Journal sites for updates.) However, I bet Cowboy was sad he didn't drive home with a new truck.

Cowboy gives credit to 4-H (receiving funds in Tulsa County from their United Way and in Jackson County from our United Way) programs for providing a turning point in his life. There were other agencies and people as as well. He likes knowing that 38.5 million includes a donation from him. It's a thank you in many ways.

And it's not just about the kids that are helped. He says it's also the seniors that get a warm meal or chance to socialize, those starting over, those struck by disasters, and those just experiencing every day life.

Congratulations Kansas City on the goal-reaching campaign!

Late Breaking News

A Super Bowl in Kansas City? If so, I might have to attend. NFL owners announced Wednesday they would consider committing the 2011 or some time thereafter Super Bowl to Kansas City. Mostly to honor Lamar Hunt, owner of KC's Chiefs. It'll be interesting to see if this really happens. According to foxsports.com, only a few "cold weather" cities have ever received the Super Bowl.

Tuesday, investigators at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting announced its former chairman likely had violated a few rules - rules that are designed to insulate programming decisions from politics. (Disclaimer: I am a huge NPR junkie and get a regular morning fix while Cowboy is doing what he calls, "getting ready for work.") The corporation's board ousted Kenneth Tomlinson two weeks ago. According to the New York Times, investigators at the corporation said they had uncovered evidence that Tomlinson had repeatedly broken federal law and the organization's own regulations in a campaign to combat what he saw as liberal bias.

The other big news ... Miss America is headed to Las Vegas. After all those years in Atlantic City, the contest will be held Jan. 21 from the Aladdin hotel-casino. Will Miss Oklahoma win?

The Face Of God

Moist food is like heaven to me. Nothing compares. That's exactly how I picture heaven - just bowls and bowls and bowls full of moist food. Fancy Feast turkey in gravy.

I won the bet. Eponine died again. And now this Eponine gets to chow down on moist food for the next week. In my opinion, winning another bet is worth it when you get to see your face reflect off the bottom of the food bowl!

Cowboy tells me there was a young guy sitting in front of him at the performance. He enthusiastically applauded and shouted "bravo" as the show broke for intermission. Cowboy just knew he had to be in his 20s (27, he asked him), full of passion, inspiration and determination, and a "Les Miz groupie." The guy said this was his fifteenth time to see the show and that he bought the single ticket from someone selling outside. The story was a deja vu moment except Cowboy says he was 25 and again at 29.

Cowboy wished him much good luck.

On My Own

Made a bet with Cowboy that Eponine dies again. Since this is the final tour of Les Miserables, he believes that maybe the producers will throw in a twist. I tell him the cat shouldn't be hopping all over those barricades and should just stay home. We made a similar bet last Christmas when he thought Scrooge would stay bad in a version of "The Christmas Carol" he saw. That's something for Late Night Theater to take on some year.

He's going to the Musical Hall to see Les Miz for the gazillionth time. He first saw it in Kansas City back in 1988. Before me! I'm sure he'll enjoy, regardless of Eponine's outcome.

In addition to TV watching on a Sunday night, normally I get to watch him fold clothes, do work, pay bill, write notes and complete other duties. I'm on my own tonight. I'll have the company of Ty and some deserving family, housewives, and the doctors of Seattle. I always wonder what the design team does with the family's pets while tearing down the house. But I love watching them move that bus! By the way, where is Zach? Plus, I'm tired of the person in the basement. Get on with the storyline, for heaven's sake. Oh, and I hope Meredith doesn't get back with McDreamy.

Horse Fell In The Mud

If you're anything like my Cowboy, there is absolutely no way you'll be able to resist clicking on the link below. It's to some great naked pictures I found online. Here's the link: Naked Pictures

In Remembrance And With Thanks

Fall leaves decorate a headstone at Arlington National Cemetery "On Nov. 11, 1918, fighting in World War I came to an end with the signing of an armistice between the Allies and Germany."

Not all soldiers died in action, but all served believing they were doing what their country was asking them to do. Not all veterans have passed away, but each veteran will someday die. Not all of us even know a soldier or a veteran, but each of us somehow have been and are being impacted by their actions.

Agree or disagree with past or current military actions, those who served and are serving are owed much honor and respect. As a kittty who very much enjoys snoozing through much of the day, roaming through my blue home and occasionally the back yard, sitting in the sun, and eating at my leisure - all this, with little regard to whom fought in the past or to whom might be fighting somewhere now, I am full of appreciation and gratitude.

Cowboy's a passivist and wishes everyone just got along and no one has to die. He says, "Bring Them Home." I think he's a wimp. However, I know he also says thanks.
Arlington National Cemetery (Washington Monument in background)

I Should Tell You

Sometimes I think when others discover I have a blog they start thinking they should have one too. Oh well.

I should tell you that I found a "RENT" blog. Go to sonypictures.com/movies/rent/blog. It's not updated daily, but it's a pretty good blog. Also includes a link to the trailers.

Pretty positive the movie originally was slated to open today. I was walking down the hallway last night while Cowboy was watching TV in his room when I heard yet another commercial. "Opens everywhere Nov. 23," the voice over said.
p.s. Ever noticed how "blog" is not in the blogger spellcheck?

Green Weenies

Heard Cowboy this morning laughing out loud. Since it was during his morning beauty routine I half assumed he saw himself naked again, but then I remembered he usually cries when that happens. I rushed into the bathroom to see what was happening.

It was an NPR story that was stirring his chuckle. The people I heard on NPR were discussing a book titled "Green Weenies and Due Diligence." The book details "insider business jargon that is raw, serious and sometimes funny" and is written by Ron Sturgeon and illustrated by Gahan Wilson. As hard as Cowboy was laughing, I bet he's already ordered this book as a Christmas gift. Be warned, I tell him, I only want diamonds and moist food.

According to their website, the book contains more than 1,200 terms commonly (and sometimes not so commonly) used in today’s ever-changing business climate. From the solemn to the silly ....

Cowboys says his favorite is the "Three Finger Booger." You know, I don't think I'll ever quite understand him or the human race as a whole.

Big Eyes And A Sunny Room

A couple new pics. These likely were taken in July or August. Cowboy finally got another disposable developed.

My legs and feet look awfully small!No telling what Cowboy was thinking when he decided to take this close-up. It's amazing that I have any sight left at all.

Although I am saying it myself, I think I have some mighty fine looking whiskers. I'm proud of how they've developed. However, I think this picture actually ages me some. As you can see in the pic below, I'm really rather young looking.

I must also point out, my head is not really that much proportionately bigger than my legs and socked-up paws.

Sun shines brighter in the Pistol Pete room.

Snoozing in the Pistol Pete room is one of my favorite daily tasks. With the one orange wall, the sun always seems a bit brighter in there. I also love to claw up that OSU rug. I do my best to leave claw leftovers for Cowboy to find.

Happily Ever After

This morning I meowed quite a bit until Cowboy opened the door for me to go sit out on the deck. The weather has been so nice, it's fun to hang out there for a minute or two each morning while Cowboy works on his beauty routine.

I was walking down the stairs when out of nowhere there appeared a boy cat. Our eyes met, we stared, he crept closer to the stairs, I stopped in my tracks on one of the higher steps, he crept closer, I hunched my back, he slowly started to come up the stairs, I stared and hissed a bit, he walked up two more stairs, I hissed more, he slowly raised a paw to crawl up one more step, I promptly ran up the stairs and into the house. Thank goodness the door closes behind me.

No way, Jose, was I even going close to that creature! Boy cats scare me. What am I talking about? I don't even like girl cats. This boy actually kind of looked like me with less white and not half as pretty. He was bigger and fuller too.

Cowboy visited Norman, Oklahoma this past weekend for Kristi's wedding shower. She married D a few weeks ago in California. Cowboy says the couple was gushing with true love. The event was at V&R's new home. Very nice occasion.

Cowboy gave the couple OSU toothbrushes. He says the orange and black bristles are better at keeping breath fresh, making the brushes a perfect gift for newlyweds since they tend to do a bunch of kissing. I think I'll stick to just running away from boys.

No Day But Today

For more than 15 years I've been observing Cowboy. One thing I've noticed is that he gets so excited about whatever it is he currently is in to. He gets completely consumed by the hype and then creates little "mini events" as the activity/event/game/party approaches. Doesn't matter what it is. A chili cook-off, a volunteer activity, OSU's Homecoming, an audit at work .... His mind is set and he's excited and passionate. Sometimes he just can't hide his nerdness. Often I think he needs a chill pill.

He tells me that last night, while buying gift certificates for a United Way event, he saw the new soundtrack for the upcoming "RENT" movie. He started humming while walking around Borders. And then while watching tv last night he saw another premier. He thinks the movie will be phenomenal. For his sake, I hope so! Nov. 23 it opens.

The World As He Knows It

A lovely HootersSearching through coupons to see which ones have or have not expired, finding friends to go on 2 for 1 night, making up names to have announced when the order was ready, piling on the onions and pickles, playing the Tommy pinball machine and Ms. Pac Man for hours, shopping the various booths, talking about the eerie Bob murderer guy, taking out-of-town visitors for KC's best burger, enjoying McGonigles Market beef, shouting over bands playing on Sunday nights ... the list of things Cowboy loves about Westport Flea Market could go on and on. Soon, it will all be just a memory.

According to a recent gossip column in The Kansas City Star, a "lovely" Hooters is being built on the spot currently where The Flea is. And this Hooters will have a brick facade in order to blend in better with the Westport area, with less orange siding. Westport will be pleased, no doubt.

I actually have never been to a Hooter's. I'm told I could get an eyeful and could lick on some tasty wings. I actually don't like to eat them, but taking a lick or two of the hot sauce is fun. Cowboy's never been to one either. You'd think with the orange owl and t-shirts that he'd like the place. Maybe he'll finally start on that diet ... or become a regular at Hooters. He has options.

Taking A Stand

In Honor in The U.S. Capitol/pic from MSN Sometimes I get courageous and think I'm not going to eat anything until the bowl is full of some tasty moist food. Not just any moist food, either. It better be Fancy Feast. Other times I think about meowing until I deserve the love and attention I deserve. Just putting my paw down and demanding to get what I want.

I can't even imagine what Rosa Parks must have been thinking the day she decided not to give up that seat. She likely was not the first person who had thought about it and likely was not even the first who did protest. Each of those people and Rosa deserve much praise and credit for taking a stand. Not only for what they deserved but also for standing up for what they knew was right.

Smell My Feet

Happy Halloween!At first, I did not at all enjoy the door bell ringing and all these folks stopping by. Then I noticed several of them were cats! That was cool seeing these young kids with whiskers, ears and a tail.

As the evening progressed, I even gained courage and moved down the stairs and peered out the door just waiting to see the next visitor. The event in my 'hood was very international, with Hispanic, European, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, and Caucasian kids doing the treating. Most were in costume. All were very friendly and gracious.

Cowboy made tick marks counting 130 treaters, but his neighbor says there were 147. He exclaimed it was a record number. Several homes on the block were all decked out in Halloween garb. It was a fun time.

And Cowboy's Mom turned 78! She told him she received several cards, calls and greetings. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!