Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Muy Caliente

Saw a commercial for the ALMA Awards and these words were used as a teaser to get us to watch. This awards show airs June 5.

The temperature reached 94 degrees today in Kansas City. That is a new record high for May 27. Another record breaker is predicted for Sunday. A very warm Memorial Day weekend. Despite the heat, I got the deck completely stained today. Looks awesome!

Sometimes I put off something as an effort to avoid bad news. For instance, I wouldn't do a cholesterol test for longest time. It was a shock to all when it came back a 155. It must be the genes. Lord knows it's not the Flea Market hamburgers.

Something's wrong with my home's air conditioning unit. There's no cooling going on whatsoever. Not fun and it's only compounded when one is an allergy sufferer. Sleeping with fans, windows open, scantily clad, but with a surgical mask covering my nose to try to reduce the allergy effects. Stuff like this only happens to me.

A repair dude came by but was unable to fix it. He recommended a new AC unit. We'll see what will come to an end first, my perspiration or my unwillingness to learn the cost of a new AC unit and to open my checkbook.

It's Bath Time!

Getting ready for bath time!Came across this picture that JLBR has of her nine-month-old son and her kitty. They are getting ready for bath time. Not certain who is getting bathed.

JLBR and husband Kev live in Chicago. I saw them last at their wedding in 2002. SAK and I traveled to Chicago for that event. I also bought two pairs of shoes that weekend.

Widespread Internet usage was still on the horizon in the early '90s when SAK, JLBR (back then she was just JLB) and I worked together at the publishing corporation. An internal e-mail system was introduced while we there and the three of us certainly became e-mail experts fast. Each time a message arrived our computers beeped. It annoyed others to no end. It also was then I learned to be sure to log out while away from your desk. Otherwise, there was a very good chance you'd be authoring an e-mail you didn't realize you did.

Wild West

In HawaiiReceived the pic above from the Wild Friends that were vacationing in Hawaii recently. It looks awesome. Hawaii is a spot I've never visited, but wouldn't mind. If I did travel there, maybe I would bring back some rats with me.

Haven't seen this couple since we shared New Year's Eve 1995/New Year's Day 1996 in Times Square. Actually, I'm lying. I ran in to the Wild Husband on a flight to Boston once. I think that was 1999. I haven't met the young'uns. The two boys have come along over the last 10 years. But I sure feel like I know them. I went to high school with the Wild Wife.

I've always wondered if Hawaii is the western side of the U.S. or the beginning of the eastern side. What do you think? Also, curious what big vacations do you have planned for this summer? Hope it is a wild time!

End Of An Era

Painted, actually stained but it requires the same motion as painting, almost the entire deck this weekend. It's "barn red." Got a little bit of a tan too. I'm mostly brown. In any case, it was a ton of work. Just have to do the floor and steps. I thought I'd wait until Daphne left.

Overheard the Kurdish kids next door saying some English. Jointly, they were saying, "sit, sit, sit" to Daphne. Originally their relationship with her was a little shaky when she snapped at them through the fence. Gestures like a Twix bar and a peanut butter sandwich have quickly sealed their friendship. She runs to the fence and wags the tail to them. They sit on the other side of the fence and talk to her in Kurdish. I don't think they realize her only interest truly is potential food sources.

The girl, Luna (5 years old), is speaking the most English. She couldn't quite get to calling me Cowboy, though, so I told her my name was Luna. She and her four-year old brother, Shad, just laughed at me when I said that. Shad did ask me "can Good Boy come play?" I suspect he's been around other dogs to know "good boy."

I also think I heard Luna say "yo momma yo ass." I'm serious! The two of them laughed hard. I told her she needed to stop. I decided not to talk to her anymore and just focused on staining. She just kept hollering, "Luna, Luna, Luna" trying to get my attention, since she thinks that's my name. When I looked, she'd say her crazy quote again.

Surely I heard wrong. However, I can just picture her father and a group of men sitting around the house one night saying this and making gestures (which I think I saw her do too), with laughter abounding as a result. That's all she remembered and likely was hoping for the same reaction from me.

On Sunday she called me "Mister" and gave Daphne jelly beans.

Daphne is headed home. Sexy Lady and Army Boy return Monday night at 5:30 from their European excursion. I think I'm a little sad. Thinking about not answering the phone or doorbell so that they'll think we're not there. I wonder how long we can get away with that. It won't be the same not having her spooning with me.

I discovered Daph blogged that one time and I made sure never to leave the computer on for her to blog again. Didn't want her telling more secrets and ending the mystery that is Cowboy!

Stepping Out With High Fashion

Brown socks and brown loafersThe Easter Bunny basket from MegMacB included some great brown socks with orange stripes or designs. The socks warranted getting some new brown loafers! Oh, and I'm loving this camera phone.

Don't Let Your Babies

Commencement at Oklahoma State this year had a presidential flair. George W. himself scooted into Stillwater amid helicopters and secret service agents. Regardless of political leanings/affiliations, I'm sure it was a huge deal to have the U.S. President in Stillwater. There were even protesters and students that boycotted the ceremonies. Paul Harvey spoke at my commencement. But that was back in the day.

The OSU student-run newspaper, The Daily O'Collegian (I was a writer there while in school) reports that Bush charmed the audience. According to the paper, Bush said "when some want to criticize me, they call me a cowboy." I bet that was met with huge applause. (Click here to access a video.)

Since we're talking about cowboys, the OSU baseball team wrapped up conference play with its best performance since the Big 12's inception. The Cowboys are the No. 2 seed at this week's Big 12 tournament. It's in Oklahoma City. As is often the case in this conference regardless of sport, Texas is the No. 1 seed.

And to further prove my mania, the golf team grabbed the top spot at the NCAA's Central Regional. The National Championship starts May 31 in Oregon. The women's team finished fifth in their region and start action at the National Championship on May 23. It is in Ohio.

Another Flea Update

You might recall that I mentioned in March that Hooter's was successfully ran out of town. OK, it wasn't ran "out of town," but rather just won't be coming to Kansas City's Wesport. It was big news because the plan was to build Hooter's on the site that is currently The Westport Flea Market.

This Cowboy is still enjoying his fair share of tasty Flea Market burgers. Even my favorite server is back. There are a few changes. For instance, the two-for-one coupons are now capped at $6 and pitchers are a $1 higher. Overall, though, the place is going strong. Jen Chen's May 4, 2006 "Night Ranger" column from The Pitch was about a recent outing to The Flea. Strangely, though, she doesn't report that she ate a burger.

And speaking of no changes, I'm still alone. I've visited Wayside eight times in the last 14 days. I was so positive I could make a decision and was ready. Sorry that I'm a mess. Thanks again for your support.

King James Version

Posting another perspective. This post has been sitting as a draft. Heard the comments a week ago Sunday and started to post it earlier last week, but it seems the last several days have been crazy.

Bob Schieffer on "Face the Nation" recently talked about the U.S. National Anthem being sung in Spanish. He said "the blogs went nuts about it." (Click here to read Mr. Schieffer's comments.) He favors those seeking citizenship should be required to learn English. But when it comes to translations, he offered some other thoughts.

He said the American spiritual "We Shall Overcome" was being played as the Berlin Wall was torn down and that a Statue of Liberty replica was carried into Tiananmen Square by brave Chinese students. His point: "When people take our symbols of freedom as their own, it doesn't weaken our values, it affirms they are universal. That makes us stronger, not weaker." He also admits he may have missed out on quite a bit if the Bible had not been translated over the years.

Just To Update

Still just the Daphne and me. No picking got done. Sure got close, though. I'm sorry that I turn into such a basket case as I stare into the eyes of each of these little creatures. I really had myself 100 percent convinced it was going to happen tonight. I really got closer.

Both Toby and Bronson seemed to have a good time with me. Then some other person searching for a new cat walked by, stopped and visited with me, pet both boys, and then made a comment about boy cats. "Surely that can't be true?" I thought. Anyway, then I went to look at Casey, a girl cat. And then nothing felt right again.

My heart wasn't "crushed" that Tammy was gone. I liked her, but wasn't certain. Maybe I was leaning toward one of the guys. They are both so loving. The volunteers told me an older lady came in Tuesday and spent about 30 minutes with Tammy before saying, "she's the one." Sounds very exciting for Tammy.

Please don't give up on me quite yet.

Be Like A Baby

It's 5:58 and I'm headed out of the office now. Not that I would ever blog while at work. I'm a bit nervous, but ready. I think. I also want Daphne to greet someone and help me with the transition. We'll see if I'm able to make a decision. I still just so wish a cat would just walk up to me in a parking lot and pick me just like my Eponine did. But that's OK.

Just checked and Tammy looks like she's gone. I'm shocked. It's like having Chris voted off of Idol. I felt really, really good about her, but still felt she might be just a tad too timid and scared. Bronson and Toby are still there, according to the website. New ones too.

Thanks for your ongoing comments, advice and encouragement!

Mickey's Mouse

In his May 7, 2006 Sunday column in "The Kansas City Star," C.W. Gusewelle tells the story of Mickey's first catch of a mouse. (Note: Poi Rats, you may not want to read on.) This nearly toothless, orange cat is more than eight years old.

Mr. Gusewelle says Mickey "didn’t make a fuss about his success. He just placed the corpse in plain view at the foot of the basement steps ... " He writes the mouse was a small one, that Mickey is athletic, but is "somewhat ill-equipped as a predator." Because the mouse was not chewed or mutilated, Mr. Gusewelle suspects Mickey likely played with the mouse until it died. He also writes that he learned that male house mice sing courtship songs to mates. Sounds just like cowboys!

It's a great story. I hope you take a moment to read it. Mr. Gusewelle is a weekly regular and all of his stories are fantastic. My theory is that columnists are the grandparents of bloggers.

Mr. Gusewelle was not the only one musing on a Sunday. I see the little immigrant in my home recently posted some random thoughts and observations. Daphne likely ran her mouth and told more than she should have. I still love her, though.

I am close. Tammy? Toby? Bronson? Now that I posted their names, someone likely will get them before me. That will be OK, but I really think it's different this time. One of them will be there. Don't comment "take all three," because that's just not something I can do. Anyway, Wayside is closed Wednesday. I promise to go by on Thursday.

Going Home

A friend's mom passed away recently. He doesn't visit "Wild Life Of A Little Monster" but I decided to still post something in memory of his mom. She would have been 79 this past weekend. Now, with Mother's Day this weekend, I think he is missing her more than ever before.

Also want to share my heartfelt condolences with the Meezers at Meezer Tails. They lost their Norton on May 3.

While coming to work this morning for some strange reason I switched from my regular NPR gig and wandered upon a country music station. Young country, if that's any credit. I heard for my first time a song performed by Diamond Rio. I include the words in memory.
On an icy road one night
A young man loses his life
They marked the shoulder with a cross
An' his family gathers round
On a piece of Hallowed ground
Their hearts are heavy with their loss
As the tears fall from their eyes
There's one who'll always sympathize.

God only cries for the living
'Cause it's the living that are left to carry on
An' all the angels up in Heaven
They're not grieving because they're gone
There's a smile on their faces
'Cause they're in a better place than, mmm, baby, than, oh
God only cries for the living
'Cause it's the living that are so far from home.

It still makes me sad
When I think of my Grand-dad
I miss him each and every day
But I know the time will come
When my own grandson
Wonders why I went away
Maybe we're not meant to understand
Till we meet up in the Promised Land. (At the Rainbow - Cowboy's note)

God only cries for the living
'Cause it's the living that are left to carry on
An' all the angels up in Heaven
They're not grieving because they're gone
There's a smile on their faces
'Cause they're in a better place than, mmm, baby, than, oh
God only cries for the living
'Cause it's the living that are so far from home.

Yeah, we're so far from home, Mmmm, Mmmm.

Happy Trails

Saw this computer on and thought I'd take a stab at writing something. No one knows I type, read and am computer literate. My prior life I've been able to keep relatively under wraps. All I can reveal is there really is a reason why I have been assigned, I mean, why I'm living with Army Boy. Sexy Lady is collateral.

I've been banished inside because of that mower thingie. It is so loud and I don't at all like it so close to my Uncle Cowboy. I attack it and try to eat it. Cowboy kept yelling me at me, which got me more fired up and motivated. He seemed mad. I don't get it since I was only protecting him. However, I do like running all over the lawn after that thingie has moved all over it. He'll be in soon and I'll be back to running around in the yard.

Speaking of grass (another possible reference to a past life), I am making an awesome trail in Cowboy's yard. My path goes from one gate to the other gate. It is kind of fun running back and forth, barking at anything and everything. I stick my nose out as far as I can and try to push the gates.

Last Sunday I got out. I paused for a moment and thought about going north, but the southern route looked up hill. Since I was up for the challenge I took that route. It was a good 10 minutes of running through multiple yards before my absence was discovered. I likely could have scurried about more if it wasn't for that guy in that truck honking nonstop and those little Caucasion kids cornering me. The Asian kids across the street just ignored me and kept playing basketball.

Once Cowboy got me, he seemed all frazzled as he carried me home. I played dutiful. It's the role I must do for this gig. It includes many more treats than some of my other jobs. I likely am telling too much. My mouth gets me in trouble sometimes.

He was gone earlier today. Not sure doing what, but geez he stunk like cat when he came home. I saw on the table some forms. Something like "application ... adoption ... pets in your household ...." I didn't really understand all of it. In my world, one just runs until you get your next assignment, um, home.

For being a cowboy, he sure had a hard time trying to find something to wear last night. He went to a benefit event for the Kansas City Free Health Clinic. The theme was western. He was "trying" to look all cowboy. He told me "when you're naturally a cowboy, it's harder to dress up to be a pretend cowboy." Whatever.

trying to see what's on the other side of the fenceHe reported that many of the attendees likely were not Oklahoma 4-H'ers in their youth since they had no idea how to Cotton Eyed Joe or could barely even do the bus stop. He said to not even ask about the attempt to "Electric Slide."

I'll add a pic of me I found on Cowboy's cell phone. Until we meet again ....

Got Gas?

TammyAccording to our town's wonderful local paper, "The Kansas City Star," during the month of May anyone adopting a pet from Wayside Waifs will receive a gift card for $25 worth of free gasoline. By the way, I am convinced there's a reporter at this paper that hates my company. Not me specifically as company, but the company that employs me. I digress.

According to that mentioned paper, Wayside Waifs has more than 250 pets of all breeds and sizes of puppies and kittens available for adoption. Adoption fees at Wayside Waifs include spay/neuter services, vaccinations, pet insurance, behavior training, a supply of food and more.

There's something about this little girl, Tammy, that tugs at my heart. That pink nose and orange paw. Maybe it's worth the gas to make the trip out there.

Speaking Of Immigrants

Daphne checks out the Sonic menuDaphne has moved in with me. She will be hanging out for the next three weeks. You read that right. Sexy Lady and her Army Boy are on a European adventure. Germany, Spain, The Czech Republic - I can't remember the whole trip plan.

Over the weekend, our agenda was packed. We sat in front of a Starbuck's in Westport watching the singles on a Cancer Pub Crawl benefit. Of course, many of the kids were smoking. Hey, it was for a good cause! Daphne loved the attention. Then we went to Sonic with MegMacB. That night we ran the yard in the rain, did laundry and watched television.

Sunday we joined MMB for breakfast. Outdoor dining at a dog-friendly joint. Can't ask for anything better. That cinnamon French toast sure was good too!

The MMB took some video. I don't know how to put the video in the blog, so I'll just provide links. This first one is at the Sonic. Daphne loves that popcorn chicken. The second video is at breakfast. She got a little cold outside, so I kept her in my coat. But it was driving her crazy to watch other dogs walking by. Many more fun times to come over the next several days, I'm sure!