Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Random Thoughts On June 21, 2009

Longest day of the year .... the first day of Summer ..... Solstice. I spent the entire day inside my home. Never even stepped outside. Actually, I think I did stand on the porch for a minute and look around. Decided it was to hot to do any outside work.

Did get laundry done and many other tasks in the home. Never enough though. Watched three episodes of "Saving Grace" from season 2. I don't have cable (by choice), and just purchased the dvd. Also got "True Blood." On Saturday watched four episodes from season 1.

The latter is pretty intense. Anna Paquin is a favorite. She was on NPR's "Fresh Air" earlier this month, inspiring me to purchase the DVD. It was on sale at Target for $24.99. The first Target was sold out. But now that there's four in KC's northland I just ran to another.

"Saving Grace" is just crazy. Holly Hunter has come a long way since "Broadcast News." She's so skinny. I really like her. It just dawned on me .... Holly and Anna were in "The Piano" together (both winning Oscars), a movie I very much liked. Love, Passion, Obsession. And now they both have shows on cable. That second episode of "Grace" got me a little teary-eyed.

Also mowed and many other things over the weekend. Not just tv-watching

Gasoline is around $2.39. Got to as high as $2.55. I bet it will go up again around the Fourth of July.

The Home Battle

Mowed Monday night. The front lawn is looking stellar. The back .... still just a struggle. Deer poop, moles, weeds .... it's a constant battle. I also love that the neighbors are adamant I need to trim my tree limbs that are shading their lawn too much. They say the stuff in their yard can't grow. Ooops. "Sorry," I tell them. "While you're worried about that, will you get your kids to pick up their toys and will you throw away that headless flamingo."

I've found most ant trails. I've read you can kill them inside, but until you find the trails outside, usually they'll keep coming back. I think I am finding success!

The home needs painted something fierce. What I hate about home ownership is that I want to do it all myself. When I can do it, I get all excited and knock it out. When I feel like I can do it, or feel I should be able to do it, I start to get a little hesitant. When I know that I should just hire someone to get it done, I become completely frozen. Can't decide a thing.

Meanwhile, I've got some serious wood root or one side of the home. It sucks. Makes me want to buy a condo.

At least the lawn looks good!

Random Thoughts On June 4, 2009

Had three big deadlines this past Monday. Leading up to them gave me much anxiety. Met one without too much problem. Will now await the response form the feds. Struggled quite a bit with the other two. One task was completed today, but before I left the office I found an oversight. Curses. The other task I hope to have checked off the list on Friday. The lateness is not entirely my fault. But ... the bottom line is that the deadlines were missed. Darn!

After working some this past Saturday, May 30, on those above-mentioned projects, played a little on Saturday too. Hooper's, Kohl's, Macy's and a few other stops. Then that night attended the annual Bloom Party! It's just not the same without MegMcB, but I still had a fantastic time. Saw lots of old chums. The event was at the Midland Theater downtown and was well attended. Much fun.

When I'm typing, Gab attacks me. If I make eye contact she peers into my eyes and lets out an endearing and begful "MEOWWWW!" It's like, "Pet me. Now." Then she starts to massage me. Back and forth with each paw. It cracks me up. If I blow her a kiss she responds with a "mmmrrrrowwww." She also likes to cuddle.

A co-worker was killed in a car accident earlier this week. While on his way to work. I didn't know him that well, but had interacted in several meetings. Enough that I knew he was someone I liked. According to reports, a speeding vehicle caused the accident, not the co-worker. However, it is believed the co-worker did not have on the safety belt. He was thrown from his vehicle when it flipped several times. 48, married, with children. Very sad.

Gasoline is about $2.38. One station on the trip home Thursday night was at $2.49 and another $2.42, but all the others were $2.38. The higher is a station that has no employees. Credit card only.

Thursday's weather was incredible. A co-worker and I took off at lunch and walked for 45 minutes all around downtown. It was a nice walk. Then we stopped at Subway. You guess right ... "five dollar, five dollar ....."

Hey Teresa. Welcome to KC! Missouri or Kansas?