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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Quick Random Thoughts on 10-10-08

Prices were at $2.78 a gallon on the drive home Thursday night.

Taco Bueno actually is new to this market. The one a few blocks from my home is not even a year old. Very handy. I grew up on the Bueno in Oklahoma.

On a whim went to the Tina Turner concert Wednesday night. More details this weekend. It irks me to no end with performers say "Hello Kansas!" Where's the "City" that is supposed to follow that. From downtown you're still about three miles from Kansas. It's all Missouri right there, baby! I did see Kansas Gov. Sebelius at the concert, though.

The economic situation is scary. Pay off as much debt as you can if you have any!

Has anyone seen the last two quarters? Alaska and Hawaii between now and year's end.

I have Monday off. I have never worked a job that had Columbus Day off. My old job had "personal days" that we could take at will. This J-O-B (intended to be read one letter at a time) has all these extra holidays instead of personal days. I learned yesterday I also get Veteran's Day in November.

Of course, no other company does so they still schedule conference calls and meetings. Thanks.

Go Cowboys! Beat MU!!

No Beans

Ran through Taco Bueno Sunday night. Normally I crave their tamales but had a hankering for a taco this time. Opted for the taco platter. On arrival home discovered one soft taco, one crunchy and what appeared to be a double order of rice. Not the three crunchy beef tacos per the menu board.

Ate it all. Lesson? Check the order before pulling away from the window.

Gas was about $2.95 most places I saw on Monday.

Got charged for three tooth brushes the other day at Target. I purchased two but I didn't see it until I got home.

Ate at The Peanut with a friend this past Friday night. The check was $21 and some change. Later that night I thought to myself how it was a good deal. Then I thought some more and determined I don't think I was charged for my two beers, salad or extra bacon on the tasty BLT. Something didn't make it on the ticket. I'm sure of it.

I had decided I would vote for the candidate that I could prove was telling the truth. Or at least lying the least. I am a little shocked how much they lie ... or vastly stretch the truth. One thing for sure, I think scare tactics are usually 90 percent lies. They really are just trying to scare you.

This post really should have been a "Random Thoughts" one. I think "No Beans" is fun. It's the fifth grader in me.

Attended a work event on Monday. It was one of the first times in my career that I totally felt like I did not fit in. I felt I didn't belong. Made me a bit sad on the drive home. This too shall pass.

I think my Cowboys are going to whoop up on Missouri this weekend. Folks like to remind me that MU is ranked No. 2 or No. 3 in current polls. The Pokes are No. 17. I remind them that USC was No. 1 until they lost to unranked Oregon State -- another OSU that wears orange and black.

Game Day

Went to Stillwater last weekend for the OSU game. It was fantastic being on campus and seeing all the orange-wearing friends. Everytime I see the scene, a part of me is convinced that is exactly what heaven will look like. So very cool.

The Cowboys beat Troy University. The game began to get boring, but it was still fun. VMc and RMc gave me their club level seats, which meant much eating throughout the game too. I invited a co-worker's son (new first-year OSU student) and his father to join me since V and R weren't there. It was fun. I also saw my niece.

The pic is of Bullet. He trollops (is that what horses do?) onto the field after each Cowboys touchdown. The announcer shouts, "Here comes Bullet!" and the crowd, including this Cowboy, cheers wildly. Many - yours truly - snapping pictures. College traditions are the best.

Saw Pitt upset No. 10 South Florida this week. Nice win there! Gives me some hope that after my Cowboys take care of business at home against Texas A&M tonight, we should be able to go to Columbia next week and tame some MU Tigers tail. Their lofty ranking and all don't scare me!

Beating A&M is the focus, though. A task that hasn't been easy for OSU for several years now. Wish I was there to watch the game tonight. Go Pokes!!

Last Day

In Missouri, the last day to register to vote is Oct. 8. That's likely part of the reason the political advertisements are running high and why Mr. McCain and Mrs. Obama made recent trips to Kansas City.

Did you watch the debate Thursday night between the vice presidential candidates? Pretty interesting. If Sarah winks at me one more time I'm going to shoot her. If Joe talks about W one more time I'm going to shoot him. I just wish they would clearly answer the question posed.

Elections guides still indicate that Missouri is leaning red. But, after the pull out in Michigan by McCain's camp, I'd guess that some still think the state could swing. Interesting.

The election guides I frequently check -- New York Times, NPR and CNN -- originally had 11 or 12 states as tossups. Most now have five or six: Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire.


Did you know that kick off is a verb and kickoff is a noun?

- It's time to kick off the campaign.
- The kickoff for the campaign always is exciting.

The English language is fun that way. And a little confusing too, I know. Did you know that follow-up is an adjective and noun, but follow up always is a verb?

The other thing I can't stand is the Microsoft likes to spell check anything ending in "wide." But, if you look up words in the dictionary, they're all one word. Such as citywide, nationwide and others. It's correct to write campuswide, countywide, companywide, etc... You won't see it that way, though. Everyone wants to add a dash. Generally, I've given up the battle on that one.

United Ways in my area are kicking off. I've been invited to attend many of the kickoffs. I think the events always are exciting. A very neat gathering of folks and companies that are sincerely interested in uniting to do something good for our communities. Very cool. Plus, I love the whole setting of lofty goals and then working across our companies and in turn our communities/region to reach the goal. Just one of the many things that get me motivated.

The kickoff to kick off stuff in my workplace building is Tuesday, Oct. 7.