Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

I'm So Glad

Crazy Horse sculpture - work in progressA co-worker recently joined up with several other dudes and biked it to the annual rally/events in Sturgis, South Dakota. He reported seeing it all while there. All kinds of craziness and revelry. Also saw ZZ Top in concert. He says the multi-hour bike ride from KC and then back home wasn't too bad.

He made it by to see Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse sculpture. The latter is a work in progress. I've never visited this part of the woods. Would love to someday. I bet it is fantastic.
Mount Rushmore in South DakotaI have managed to tool around to many other places. Just last week the odometer hit 100,000 miles on the PT. Can't believe it. Two years ago I moved into a job role in an office that added about 22 miles each way to the commute. That alone is an extra 10,000 or more miles a year. That extended commute, of course, happened just as Hurricane Katrina made its arrival and gas prices shot to over $2 on a steady basis.

Life is a highway! But, obviously, I drive much more than just to and from the place of employment. I think the odometer represents many exciting adventures, fun times, movies watched, dinners shared, and moments with family and friends. Maybe a bit of trouble-making along the way too.

And speaking of hitting the road, can't resist taking a quick sec to say so long to Karl Rove and in due time Alberto Gonzalez. I'm so glad we had this time with these two. I pray I live long enough to read what the history books will say about them.

So Cute, So Gross

Snoozing on the sofaMMcB and The Boyz didn't make it by this past weekend. Something about the meltdown being over, apologies, life discussions and more apologies made things all amicable and rosy. I'm glad for that. That meant my Little Monster didn't have to worry about having to hang out with George and Stanley.

Did learn that Stanley is featured on another Hallmark card. It's part of the "Best Friends" line and it's a get-well-soon card. On the inside verse he provides a warning to watch out if anyone mentions the V-E-T.

Two throw-up incidents today. One this morning and another greeting my arrival from work. We had gone more than two weeks without. They were gross. It's amazing that such a monsterly cute creature can produce something so yucky. I'll experiment with her portions. Maybe it is just a one-day trend. Or maybe it's just something with which we'll have to get used to.

Besides that, she does tons of snoozing. She's looking fantastic. Her company is very enjoyable. I told MMcB I can tell that I'm falling in love.
Is this a Tuesday Tummy?

Land Of Enchantment

The side of a church in downtown AlbuquerqueReading about Miss Teen South Carolina reminded me of an NPR story. Lynn Neary reported that many Americans, people from the U.S., don't know that New Mexico is a state.

New Mexico is a state. The 47th, right after Oklahoma and just before Arizona.

Now I feel inspired to post more pics from my summer trip to New Mexico. Mouse over a pic for details. Click on it for a larger view.
Building in downtown AlbuquerqueHistoric KiMo Theater along Route 66Old hotel sign in Albuquerque along historic Route 66

Historical Route 66 sign in downtown AlbuquerqueMom in front of the State Capitol in Santa FeLegislative chambers inside New Mexico State Capitol in Santa FeFlying from the Albuquerque airport

Blown Away

Because occasionally I can be high maintenance, I very much appreciate good customer service. And then do all I can to acknowledge the effort and show my appreciation.

Is it that much to ask to have the salsa bowl at Margarita's refilled as soon as it's empty? A server did quickly offer to change my order after I inadvertently ordered the wrong item. My mistake. Ate it anyway. It was the offer that mattered. The location on the Boulevard consistently had good service but everyone's new and learning right now. It'll get good again soon.

The tree attempts to move to the neighbor's yardIn June a storm knocked down the Bradford Pear in the back yard. I saw the dark clouds headed my direction and ran out to get stuff left in the yard earlier that Saturday afternoon. While out there I heard the cracking sound from the tree. My first thought was to try to hold it up.

Wasn't inside even two minutes before I saw the tree attempt to jump right over the fence. It's likely a good thing I wasn't under it.

Got a tree trimmer's number from my neighbor. Great guy. Showed up with two helpers. They were heavy smokers, but they got right to work and, while smoking, chopped up everything. Had it all loaded, raked and cleaned within two hours. All that even at a decent price. I gave them a little extra.

A girl at Supercuts specializes in making me handsome. I always say it's going to take more than the charge posted on the sign. Super nice, doesn't take too much off the top so that I don't feel too balding, cleans up the sides, compliments my glasses ... off I go, feeling handsome. Every guy in there gets the same do, I'm sure, but I'm certain she makes me more handsome than the rest.

A salesperson at Sears freaked when I said I didn't want a bag for one bundle of socks. "It's OK," I said. "Our policy is that every purchase must be in a bag," she declared. I asked if she would rather have the sale or make sure I had a bag. She replied she would have to lose the sale if I didn't want a bag.

Convinced a friend to meet at a Plaza spot. We sat at the bar, had drinks, ordered appetizers. Later decided to share an entree. It arrived in short time and split on separate plates. Very tasty. Ordered one more round after dinner. Magically, that last round wasn't on the check. Very nice.

My shoe dude in Westport is the best. It might be just a new heal or sole, but each time it appears like a brand new pair of shoes. He's also personable and, I think, reasonable in price. Gets things done quick too. The seamstress lady that takes out my pants each time I get fatter, she's really good too. She also doesn't suggest any diets.

People like to tell you how busy they are. So much to do, so many e-mails, work from crack of dawn until late night, and can't help with .... fill in the blank. I get angry wondering if they're implying that they think I'm not busy. Makes me want to stomp on them with my nice-looking shoes, while wearing loose-fitting pants and not messing up my good-looking do.

Not much of a complainer, though. Occasionally I'll find someone I think might let me vent. When that happens, you can bet I'll vent. Bottom line, I like motivated people who go the extra mile, remembering the special little touches, to get things done. Not just the glamour projects. Regardless of how busy.

Ice Cold Milk And A Cookie Sensation

The other day saw on the local news that a group of boys from an area suburb, Liberty, Mo., is one of ten finalists in an Oreo jingle contest. Then, in another example of how small the world is, a co-worker announced to the office that her nephew is in the group. She encouraged us to vote. Winner of the jingle contest receives $10,000, plus other things.

Their group is called Kychn Synk. The video on the news was super, while the video I saw on the Nabisco site was pretty good. You can tell they're having fun and that they are creative and talented young men. Here's a link to the news story on KMBC 9's website.

Go to Nabisco's site to pick your favorite. Voting reportedly ends Sept. 4. Here's a link to their site. I found it horribly confusing and not at all user friendly. Plus, you have to register to vote. It's fun checking out the videos, if you can find them.

Always Low Prices

QT in Raytown consistently is the trendsetter of gas prices along 350 Highway. They lower prices in the morning and push them up in the evening. Or anytime they feel like it on the latter.

Usually, though, when word is that prices likely will tend upward, I can drive home after work and every station will be at the price I saw that morning. QT will be three or five-cents higher. If prices are trending lower, the opposite is true in the morning. QT will be lower while everyone else on the route is a penny or more higher.

Monday morning, QT was at $2.57 a galloon. My prediction is that it will be even lower by Friday.

Dinner Time

Wasn't attempting to be mean, but probably could have prepared dinner more at her pace utilizing two hands instead of working the camera with one. If I was focused on dinner she would have been happier.

The attempt was to provide you a demonstration of her interactive personality. When she started to lose patience I moved in closer. That inspired some playing-with-the-camera-string action. Be sure to check out that sweet little tongue. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

The new routine is that she sits patiently in my room until I emerge towling off from the shower. Then she strolls into the bathroom and just chats away. No telling what point she is making.

Things are going super smoothly. It's awesome. No accidents, no vomit. Just a full belly and lots of purring and snoring (she's a loud sleeper). She also enjoys being combed. The change in food really has done the trick. Natural and gluten free is the way to go. The food even has bits of papaya and bananas in it. I'm tempted to add milk and snag a bite just to check it out.

She is a sweetie. Calm and enjoying her home and her life. Still no official name, but we are seriously testing Gabrielle/Gabby. MMcB is bringing The Boyz over tonight. That will be a big test!

The Bird

Got stuck in traffic Thursday night when I was headed home for the office. I made it through Raytown and onto 435 North just in time to join red-clad fanatics headed to the Chiefs game against New Orleans.

The highway lanes to exit to the stadium require a funnel. There's also always those people that stay in the left lanes as long as they possibly can. Then they stop all other traffic as they work at nudging over to the right lanes, hoping someone will give and let them in. Often, people move up in an effort to squeeze them out.

As a result, I saw three drivers of cars shooting the bird to folks in those cars making their way from left lanes. Two of the drivers waved back in kind. I blared my horn at each of them as I finally passed their nonesense. For heaven's sake, they were delaying me effort to meet Sexy Lady and Joy for dinner.

Chiefs lost the exhibition game, 30-3. I think was the final score.

Social Networking

Epster blogging (click to see larger photo)Saw a story Wednesday on ABC's Nightline about furry ones and their social networking on Facebook. Checking out abc.com, it appears the story reported by Dan Harris first aired on ABC's World News, their nightly news program.

On Catbook and Dogbook these little monsters are posting profiles, sharing pictures, listing hobbies, gaining friends and getting to know each other. The story said more than 600,000 monsters have profiles. That includes Ruby and Zoe, the two cats that let Dan Harris live with them in New York City.

"Well la-de-da" was my thought. "I've known cats (and dogs) that have been networking on the blogosphere for two or more years. Why does Facebook suddenly make national news?" I asked. Rest assured, no one answered.

Including a pic of my Eponine typing up a storm back in 2005. Here's a link to Dan's story on abc.com.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

In the Aug. 19 Democratic presidential debate Hillary Clinton mentioned that Karl Rove is obsessed with her. She might have some good evidence to prove her point. But a true case of obsession would be that of Roy Pearson and his ongoing battle with the owners of Custom Cleaners located in the D.C. area.

This man, a D.C. administrative law judge (do not confuse that title with a real judge), sued the husband and wife owners of the cleaners because they lost some pants to one of his high-dollar suits. They did what they could to replace the pants or to pay him, but he slapped them with around a $60-million lawsuit. He said their "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign in the window was at issue. He also had a few other claims.

He lost the case. The owners of the cleaners, meanwhile, have struggled financially and psychologically through the whole ordeal. Now, after the dry cleaners asked that he pay their legal fees since he lost the case, he is appealing.

Enough already. My hope is that his local law bar reviews his mental stability (formerly I had "ethics").

And while his appeal makes me sick, I'm proud to report that we have gone many days now without a single throw-up incident. Adding the second box also is proving a good move. The change in menu certainly has been helpful too. No appealing these results!

I Am Loved

I'm trying to think of someone that I love. I have to love them enough that I can think of three compelling reasons about why I love them. It's a contest on the Kansas City Chiefs' website. Winners are selected for each Chiefs home game, with the prize being two seats to the game, a parking pass and field passes. I'm sure the expectation is that the winners will take the person they love. But maybe not.

Some background, from the Chiefs' site, in 1967, the "I Am Loved"® little button was conceived by Barnett Helzberg as a way to tell the world that he was loved by his fiancé. Barnett Helzberg, a Kansas Citian and still an active businessman and philanthropist in town, is part of the family that founded jewelry stores. To this day, if you go into a Helzberg Diamonds store (now owned by Warren Buffet), you'll see a bowl full of those little buttons.

I had a room-mate many years ago that worked there. He always gave everyone fridge magnets in the shape of a heart declaring "I Am Loved." I moved out after I came home and found him chasing Eponine with a broom. He said she was clawing his new sofa and he was afraid she'd claw him. I also caught him once giving her a bath. He tragically passed away in 2002, so don't say anything bad about him.

Helzberg Diamonds is the sponsor of the promotion with the Chiefs. To enter the contest, entrants are to send an e-mail to iamloved@kcchiefs.com, with "I Am Loved Entry" in the subject line, and include the following: 1) Name (first and last), 2) Address, 3) Phone, 4) e-mail address; then describe who you love with 5) the name of the person loved, 6) then provide the top three reasons why you love this person.

If you enter, good luck!

College Bound

For many of those starting or returning to college, the cost of college often is a concern. I often stressed about it and would celebrate the day when grant dollars, scholarship money, student aid money from Oklahoma or the student loan check arrived. It also was a happy day when I sent that last check to Sallie Mae paying off all student loans. Got a big BS degree in return for all the stressing over dollars. I'm proud of it.

Not too long ago saw the information listed below in The Kansas City Star about 2006-2007 estimated school year expenses for near-to-Kansas City colleges. The estimates cover in-state tuition, fees, books, on-campus room and board plus other expenses. The Star's source was the National Center for Education Statistics.
- Kansas State University (Manhattan), $15,717
- University of Kansas (Lawrence), $16,262
- University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg), $14,247
- University of Missouri-Kansas City, $22,132
- University of Missouri (Columbia), $18,030

As an fyi, Oklahoma State University (Stillwater) came in at $15,892.

The Vet's File Folder

Officially, it still says "No Name, Feline, Female."

I identified with the Eponine character. Tougher life, unrequited love, interesting and entertaining parents, hero to a degree, kept the lovers together while wishing it was her, dies while still young, and several other things. Cosette was always a little too spoiled for me. Everyone looking out, pampering and taking care of her.

What I like about Cosette's character now is that Jean Valjean saved her. Created her escape. Gave her new life. Assured her and God he would take care of her. Just the other night MMcB said, "I wonder if this kitty knows she got the winning kitty lottery ticket?"

Teresa in OKC suggested Gabrielle or Gabby. That is feeling really good. I've mentioned that my Eponine was such an observer. Always watching how I was doing things and making sure it meant her approval. This monster is all about participation. Talking, getting involved, checking it out, massaging (pawing) me when I'm not paying attention, and talking some more. The more I talk to her the more she reacts and responds. It makes me smile.

We also like Miel (honey in French) and Sophie. I may write them out on sheets of paper, put them on the floor and let her pick. I mostly had waited to see if anything would materialize with the microchip (if a boy, the name would be Chip!).

Reality is ... she's home. I've been picked!

For The Obsessed College Fan

In just two weeks, we'll have winners and losers. The college football season will be in full swing. There are many good games the very first weekend.

Oklahoma State opens the season traveling to Athens, Georgia taking on the University of Georgia Bulldogs. It will be a tough matchup for sure. Some pollsters have UGA ranked around the No. 16-or-so-range. Many pollsters don't have my Cowboys ranked at all, more next tier of teams, while a few others do have the team ranked. However, most early predictions are that OSU could possibly win this season-opener. It's Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I can't wait.

Another way-too-early prediction on cbssportsline.com is that my Cowboys will end the season in El Paso in the Sun Bowl game played on New Year's Eve. The prediction is the opponent will be Oregon, but Cal (where my niece attends), Arizona State and UCLA also are listed as possible foes. Of course, a prediction leaves a fanatical fan like me all hopeful and excited.


Jumped all the way up to 4.9 pounds! That's more than a 32 percent increase. I wonder if I would be at my driver's license weight if I lost 32 percent of my mass. Hmmmm? The vet was very pleased. Not with the fact that my license is a lie, but that the Little Monster was beefing up. The vet thought her max weight likely is around 6.5 to 7 pounds

What else did we learn? She was remarkably calm but hugged on to me intently. The vet's comment, "She sure is attached to you!"

It appears she has a yeast infection in ears. As a result, she keeps scratching her ears which has caused the sore behind her ear. The ears were all swabbed and cleaned. Drops were provided.

Her eye is looking OK, but will not change (the pupil being dilated).

A food aid was provided which should help with dietary issues and fully non-wheat/corn foods were recommended. The monster may even have some allergies, possibly causing the yeast infection in her ears and the need to poop multiple times throughout the day.

Acquiring a second poop box was suggested.

Her bottom is a little inflamed, probably because of all the pooping.

Vomiting has been nonexistent the last two days. A good sign.

The clawless paws look fine. No issues or problems.

She's microchipped. I knew I felt something in there between her shoulders! A number popped right up. I got a tear in my eye when the machine beeped. I couldn't wait to maybe learn her story. Called the number as soon as we got home and was told that no information has ever been registered with the chip number.

I'm off to purchase some new food, a second box and some other essentials.

Stock Tip

There's nothing too exciting to report. Still have no name. I've received the following suggestions:
  • Francesca - Frankie or Frannie
  • Clara
  • Dew Drop
  • Lucky
  • Destiny
  • Ash
  • Lucy
  • Sophie or Sophia

  • That list may not be fully inclusive. Those are the ones I am remembering right now. None necessarilly grab us, but none disgust us either.

    Throw-up instances are rarer, but there's still pretty much a daily poop incident. I'm anxious for our vet appointment on Thursday. From our initial visit, I feel I got confirmations about blood work, age, spaying, her vision, and diseases. But other things I wasn't told. For instance, I discovered on my own about the declawing.

    I wonder if she's chipped. She also seems to have a little sore behind her ear and it appears she makes it worse when she scratches with her back legs (her claws). Plus other things.

    Meanwhile, Spot Shot and other carpet-cleaning products are good stock bets right now. Considering how much I am spending on these products, their business reports are sure to have a marked increase this quarter.

    Oh, and I saw gas at $2.64 a gallon Tuesday night.

    Springfield, U.S.A.

    Years ago I watched The Simpsons. Haven't been much into them lately. I do think it would be fun to see the movie. I hear it is good for several laughs. If I recall, it did get "two thumbs up."

    Came across an article in the Kansas City Business Journal that a KC-area company is the host site for the simpsonizeme website. Also saw a Simpsonized version of MMcB. Visit the site and upload a pic of yourself. Then you can do a little tweaking and end up a character fit for Springfield. I'll have to upload a pic of the little monster or Daphne. I wonder what would result.

    The main website for the movie has a place where you also can create a Simpson's-like character. It's silly stuff, but fun too.

    Under The Knife

    In recuperation modeSpeaking of the "Aggressive Weiner," otherwise known as Daphne, she recently put us through a scare. That concern, along with several days of fret by me and Sexy Lady, finally led to surgery, a few days of recuperation, to today. The new and improved Daphne!

    On the day of her surgery, later that night I went over to visit. It was then that I told Sexy Lady and a friend, Joy, that I would never get another monster. That there was no way I could ever handle or would desire going through those heavy emotions again. It tore me up just worrying about the D-dog.

    Boom!!! The monster walked on up and got in just a week later. Crazy. Life really is crazy. It changes in an instant.

    As for the details, Daph came to stay with me beginning July 3. By that weekend, I knew something was wrong. The rejection of a McDonald's hamburger certainly was a hint. However, Charlie also was visiting so I just wasn't certain. She still was full of excitement if a walk or car ride was involved, which made it a little confusing. But all else was unusual. Her appetite and demeanor were so very not Daphne.

    Post-surgery stitchesAfter a few visits to the vet, it was determind that her girl parts likely were infected. We weren't 100 percent sure, but felt it was the right diagnosis. Decided to operate and yank out anything bad. While under and sleeping soundly, it also was discovered that she had a bad molar.

    One could tell that she was pretty groggy post-surgery and just not certain what was happening or had happened to her. But then within a day or so it was magical. She was dandy! Now, she's even eating dog food and likes it. Not just surviving on treats. And in an instant, her quality of life improved.

    The Name Game

    Rub the Buddha!She's talking up a storm, but no name has she told me yet. Prior to her walking into my home, I had dreamed that a little monster named Henriette (pronouned Onre-ette) would walk into my life. It doesn't seem that's her name, though. Maybe she's just playing hard to get. By the way, the niece is named Mia.

    Jungle CatThere are a few other names that come to mind. We're discussing them and debating the merits. In this pic you'd think her name should be "Jungle Cat." She was outside with me watering the garden.

    I've told her about your comments. I think she likes knowing others think she's pretty. Just two weeks ago she had flaky skin and nothing but bones as a body. She really is beautiful and is the sweetest creature. I'm very much enjoying her presence.

    We went more than 24 hours without a throw-up. Not certain that is a noun. I know throw up is a verb. Maybe vomit is the noun? It's gross, regardless, and we had one when I came home from work Thursday night. A Pounce treat was very evident in the midst of other yucky stuff. I am thinking this problem is totally related to eating too much too fast. With Daphne feeling the need to serve as the food bowl guard canine the last couple days, maybe the little monster was eating a little less. Then she likely splurged Thursday as the two get used to each other. That's my guess.

    Enjoying sleepy timeBox usage is fairly good. An occasional off target or almost-got-there accident. Not solid still. Also very yucky. Almost solid yesterday, but not quite. Not close today. I don't want you to think I have it under a magnifying glass. But when you're scooping or cleaning up a mess, it's not too hard to see!

    It very well probably is just a matter of getting used to food. Who knows what she had been eating and for how long. Without claws, she likely couldn't even catch a cricket.

    As for some other details ... the vet estimated that she is around five years old. He shaved her belly and found an incision mark, indicating she likely has been spayed. I wish so much I knew her story. I'm convinced, though, she knew to look for me.You made me love you ....

    Ease On Down

    Seriously, on my way home Thursday gasoline at the QT was $2.69 a gallon. I still dream of the buck-eighty-seven days (or less), but the current trend is not something to reject either.

    I'm evaluating my need for Oklahoma State football tickets. I don't really "vacation" like normal folks often do. My vacations are going to football and basketball games and taking an occasional long weekend. However, when each round-trip adventure runs about $100 in gas alone, those weekends start to really get expensive. Not to mention wear and tear on the auto. We'll see. We start the season Sept. 1 against the University of Georgia.

    Pet Me Now!

    My Eponine was mostly an observer. Paying attention and noticing all. She kept a watchful eye on all happenings. She also was mostly timid and scared with all. If the doorbell ding donged, she ran to hide. As a matter of fact, running to hide was her response in most situations.

    This little monster is all about interaction. She is a talker! And loves to rub her head against everything. I speculate that is how she hurt her eye. Oh, just realized I have not mentioned that she has an eye issue. A pupil that won't constrict. The vet believes she still has vision. She's just sensitive to light, he says, because the pupil is dilated. The other eye is just fine.

    I find it very loving when she puts her head down in preparation for a sweet little head bump. I view it like someone that leans into you when you're giving them a side-arm hug. It's super sweet. She's really a sweetheart.
    Daphne is staying with us this week. With the exception of an occasional burst of jealousy from Daphne when the little sweetheart nears me, the two are getting along splendidly. Daph doesn't know what to think of the situation, though, when the little monster gives her a head bump and tries to get Daphne to pet her. Daphne is more content just invading her privacy.

    Thanks for all the food advice. We had only one throw-up incident Tuesday and no outside-of-the-box incidents. The evidence in the box even appeared mediocrely better. I started limiting portions, but also picked up some baby food this evening. She is getting daily brushings and is discovering many places to snooze. I even think she is much less bony. She is full of purrs and love.

    The New Human

    Received this pic via cell phone of the new niece. I am hoping I'll get a call today with an update regarding the name.

    Because I know new humans "nurse" when they first arrive, it made me wonder if I should try a different food for the monster in my home. Do any of you have any suggestions or have you heard of any foods that might very well be less rich or easier on a cat's tummy? I purchased IAMS because that's what I always used to buy. But maybe that's part of the issue. Any input is greatly appreciated!

    And speaking of food ... had a termite inspection today. Seems some little nasty critters have been enjoying a small section of my home. Stresses me out. With home ownership it truly is always something.

    Right Call

    Just received the phone call ... the niece has arrived! The new arrival plus her mom, father, big sis and brother all are doing well. She's tiny, a little more than six pounds (just slightly bigger than the sweetheart hanging with me), and currently without a name. That also sounds familiar. Just had to share the good news!

    Waving Hello To All

    Hello Maddah, Hello FaddahHere's my niece's first pic. It's great how she utilized the photo op as an opportunity to say howdy. These sonograms are really something else! I wonder if she thought it was paparazzi.

    Her mom is the 40-something sister. The niece's sister, Van, called this evening with news that The Sis has gone into labor. It's a little early too. A c-section was scheduled to occur in a week or so. A new bundle of joy could be arriving any moment. How exciting!

    Bodily Functions

    The little monster seems to be doing OK. For a moment I thought she might have ringworm. But it appears to be just a simple little sore right behind her ear. The intent was to stop by the vet's this morning to put her on the scale, but I didn't get there. I do think she is gaining weight. I am hoping she'll be topping that four-pound mark.

    She really is a sweetheart. Last night I fell asleep next to her on the floor. I had been petting her. She likes to roll around on her back. Discovered the other morning that she is front declawed. Haven't spent much time around cats in this condition. She kept pawing and pawing me as I scratched her kneck. I kept wondering why I never felt a little stab. Then it donned on me. I checked out those little toes and there was nothing in there.

    That broke my heart a little. Partly because it is further evidence that she had humans once. Also because I just wonder how tough it has been wandering how ever long she has without any defenses. Lastly because I am not at all a proponent of the process. (Nothing against those who make this decision. It's just not one for me.) I really wish I knew her story.

    We've had some runny-poop accidents and digestive issues. A handful of throw-up issues too. I am hoping it is just a getting-used-to-a box issue and, even more important, a getting-used-to-food issue and not an indication of a stomach ailment. I really am praying she is able to hang with me for a bit and let's me be her's.

    Happy Trails

    You kitties out there and the humans that hang with you sure have a nose for news! I am shocked at how quickly you got the scoop about my developing tale that includes a tail. Even met a few new little creatures. Your comments made me excited about all the possibilities. If I was a monster I'd shake my tail!

    Although all the comments are greatly appreciated, I very much liked what Kelly Cat said. Oh, and the secret William shared is great. Let me tell you, Oprah and her secret can't even compete with William.

    An excerpt: "I couldn't believe my tiny eyes ... Do you want to know a cat secret? Each of us is guided by another to find our homes. I am pretty sure Eponine sent this cat because she not only knew it was time but that you were the one."

    You're not going to believe the story when I finally tell you. As everything gets situated, I promise to share the exact details. She really is a sweetheart. My hesitation in too much information now is that I want to make sure the monster is in good health and that she really wants to stay with me. She very well might not want to. Plus, she and I haven't even come close to discussing her level of interest to blog. I don't even know her name!

    Our vet visit went well. All tests came back negative for the various bad kitty diseases. The doctor says everything that is ailing the little monster is related to malnutrition and dehydration. We go back Aug. 16.

    I am seeing improvements. She's not eating everything in sight and already knows the shaking sound of the Pounce bottle, which now has a flip-top lid. That's an advancement from my last Pounce purchase in December 2005. She also is showing interest to play with toys that Edsel had sent Eponine a long time ago and some others that I meant to send to Derby and never got around to it. However, her frail body leaves me worrisome.

    I knew you all were out there and still keeping an eye on me from time to time. I must give you much credit for being so patient with me! Your excitement for my potential companion sure surprised me, though. I often visit your sites and lurk and get jealous of your humans. Know I'm keeping an eye on you too!