Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Bird's Eye View

Click here for KMBC story, more images Here's a pic I found of the American Royal Cowboy from the recent parade. Not near as hot as my Cowboy. However, he is working at getting as big.

By the way, his sister from North Carolina arrived last night. I tried to scratch her twice. She's a little scary. She said I am fat. That IAMS diets is worthless.

Sunny Side Up

JMc made it through surgery without a hitch! Cowboy talked to both VMc and the Artist to get updated. The guys and their families were full of anxiety as the day approached. I'm told the surgery took around 9 hours. Everyone sounded relieved, in good spirits, and full of confidence JMc would be OK. VMc told Cowboy both "God and Pistol Pete were watching over her."

The story is she was cutting jokes with doctors and having a great time even while in post-op. Without a doubt, that's our JMc! Stomach tissue was used for the reconstruction. I'm positive I overheard Cowboy say he'd consider breasts if it meant ridding of some of his spare tires. Hmmmm. That's interesting. From his companion who "gets" to see him naked regularly, I'd say he's already working on some boobies. The good news: JMc will be home soon.

Proud Mary Keeps On Rollin'

When Cowboy leaves the house I'm always thrilled. I get a treat before his departrue and once I hear that garage door closing my adventure begins! I wander room to room making sure the sun is shining through the windows. About 3:30ish or so, I move to the front of the house just to make sure the sun is shining with no problem through the west side windows. Occasionally, I play with some wild cricket or a toy. Sometimes I hop on the window sill and stare at birds and squirrels. I nap under the Noah's Ark bed, on his bed, in the hallway, in the living room, and in the dinig room. When I hear the garage door opening, I scurry to the stairs and await my good, huge scratch behind the head. Then Cowboy bothers me all evening as he requires that I follow him around to check out everything he is doing.

He has separation anxiety.

Someone called someone, who called someone, who called Sailor, who called Cowboy to say Curley passed away yesterday. I never met him, but I've always heard good things about him. Cowboy says he was an acquaintance, a cheerful person, a happy-go-lucky individual, a talent, an inspiration, a partner, an aspiring nudist (he claimed), a warm soul, a friend.

In the old days, Cowboy tells me as examples it was the last day of 4-H Camp, church camp ending, his sisters leaving to go back home, heading to the airport from his dad's house, or moving out as the last straw. He says it's easier now. Saying so-long is still tough, but somehow he gets it done and keeps on going.

Beat Of The Drum

American Royal logo This is a great time for activities and events in Kansas City. Cowboy's downtown at the American Royal parade right now. He swears every high school band and every horse in western Missouri are present at this event. He left the tv on and I'm watching the parade as I blog. He's right, there are an awful lot of horses. Strange creatures, I think. The parade is just the start of various American Royal events that take place from now through November.

Last night, Cowboy partied and viewed art at The Plaza Art Fair. The Sailor went with him. Of course, there's also RenFest, Oktoberfest on the Wasserfront and all kinds of other events.

My daily quest is to get one good snooze in each room of the house. Events and "fests" just don't have much allure to me. But at least these things get Cowboy out of my hair for a bit.

Weathering The Storm

One of Webster's definitions of "weathering" is "to bear up against and come safely through; to undergo or endure the action of the elements."

JMc went through surgery today in OKC. It was expected to last 7 to 8 hours. She has been cancer free since the late 80s, but a small tumor recently was found. After reconstruction she's hoping to look like Dolly. Maybe she's not really hoping, but that probably won't be a bad side effect.

Cowboy received a wonderful e-mail from JMc last night. He truly is loved. I guess I am too!

Go Away Little Girl

Hurricane RitaSure hope this storm does not stay around for too long. Cowboy told me a story about a bus with elderly, nursing home patients catching on fire on the highway while evacuating from the Houston area. That is horrible. He hasn't heard from LLYNNT or Stacey. Hope they're both safe.

Explanation Of "Cat"egories

Came across this blog post that clearly explains each of the five categories. It is a must to check out. It is titled, "What is a Cat-5 Anyway?"

Same Song

Hurricane Rita
Will this hurricane season ever end? It appears some lessons are at least being learned. Cowboy tells me that the Houston Chronicle reports that Galveston has 80 buses set up to evacuate people. And people can take their pets! As long as they are in cage. I have never been in a cage, but would do it if it meant I got to escape a hurricane!

No More Clouds On The Right

Cat aract surgery success!Cowboy's mom breezed through her cataract surgery. About 2:30 p.m., Monday, she was home, resting and waiting for Oprah. She told him she has a bandage over her right eye and returns to the doctor's office Tuesday morning for a checkup and a patch. The surgery was out-patient, in a hospital room overlooking Utica Square and only took a little more than an hour, she says. She proudly reports the doctor said she did a very good job staying still and calm. Lord knows Cowboy would be a wiggle worm!

In her honor, I've decided to wear a patch the next few days.
The next surgery (left eye) is Oct. 3.

Over The Rainbow

Sorry that pet rescues from hurricane-stricken areas have consumed me. Through this disaster, I've learned about Noah's Wish.

From their website: "Noah's Wish came into existence in March 2002, not to duplicate existing efforts to help animals during earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes, but rather to expand on what's already in place. Too often, efforts to help animals during these life threatening situations have been gravely inadequate."

Check this organization out when you have a moment. The Hurricane Katrina situation has received lots of headlines, but obviously there are less widespread times when help is needed. Because there are groups like these that are prepared to take of matters anytime there is a crisis, I will have an easier time going to sleep when I curl up tonight. Cowboy would say because he gives to the United Way, there are organizations that will take care of him too if he's ever in a crisis.

Raindrops Keep Falling

NOAA satellite image of OpheliaIt doesn't look like the huge punch in the stomach that Katrina dealt us, but Ophelia doesn't look like anything I want to go sing in while dancing down the street. Cowboy's sister and family live in the Fayetteville area. That's far enough inland that all will be OK. But lots of rain is in the forecast. This hurricane season is just something else. My appreciation of Kansas City thunderstorms and weather has grown.

Go Ahead

Make my day!
Isn't this image hysterical? I'm not a big gun proponent, but I have a feeling if someone came along and broke into my home or tried to block me from my poop box, I likely could manage a fairly accurate aim.

Getting The Hook Up

During his morning naked dance (Cowboy calls it "getting ready") I get to listen to NPR and learn the ongoings of the world. This morning I heard news about "Operation Pet Lift" and I knew I had to learn more about it.

According to a CNN.com article, 80 dogs got the first-class treatment, taking a flight from Baton Rouge to temporary homes in California. Some of the dogs rode in cages in the cargo area while others got to shake their tales while riding along in the passenger cabin. The article notes the $50,000 paid for the charter flight came from "Texas oil tycoon" Boone Pickens - as in T. Boone Pickens Stadium, the home of the OSU Cowboys. Cowboy was quick to tell me he's an OSU alum. picture from MSN.com

Also want to mention, it appears Snowball has been located and reunited. That's certainly good news!

Be Strong Little Guy

I was going to try to stay away from writing about Katrina for a bit,
but I have to mention something about the animals. Folks truly thought they would be able to ride out the storm and then return home. How could anyone have imagined what was to happen?

James Lalande is a source in a Knight Ridder article. According to an article I saw, he refused to leave New Orleans without Charlie, his dog, and his two cats, Miranda and Babettes. photo by Travis Heying/Wichita Eagle

"I've never cried in my life, but the saddest thing in the world is when all night long you hear dogs crying; big dogs, little dogs, medium dogs," said Lalande, 62. "People left thinking they'd be gone two or three days, but now they can't come back and their pets are starving."

In his caption of his photo here, Travis Heying of the Wichita Eagle says this guy had been swimming and found a church window ledge to rest on for a bit. I admit, I am a loner. I don't enjoy having other cats around and for the most part find dogs fairly brainless. But I'd open my home in a minute for any of these guys. I'd kick Cowboy out of his bed (as I often do) to share with them.

Stories of the losses, heroes, silver linings and impact of this tragedy will be told for a long time.

Ready For My Closeup

A few new pictures have been posted. Please take a moment to check out my cute, bad self. Here's a link to a few other pictures previously posted.

Over The River

Click for kansascitychannel.com storyThe Paseo Bridge is open! Cowboy's entirely excited about it since that bridge is his route of choice. He tells me the "new bridge" appears blue and the trek over the Missouri River is extra smooth.

I'm thankful his route is safe and that daily I can anticipate his departure and arrival. There are still so many that do not know where their loved ones are and many that are uncertain where they're going to live. I pray a bridge will open soon that will provide them the way to happier times.

When You Care Enough

The stories of destruction are unbelievable. Hearing of having to sit nearby as others die is just heart aching. Reports of corpses floating in the flooded streets of New Orleans are unreal. Surely, this is not happening. Cowboy gets captivated and overwhelmed by all the news stories.

Last night the planes flew over our neighborhood while navigating to the Wheeler Downtown Airport. Children's Mercy Hospital officials in Kansas City arranged with politicians and the Missouri National Guard to transport 27 young patients from a New Orleans children's hospital to Kansas City. The ambulances were lined up awaiting their arrival. Their families arrived too. It's not the effort of all happening at Houston's Astrodome, but it is an effort. These children may end up long-time KC residents.

I often hide under the bed when I hear the roar of planes overheard. However, I'm glad these kids are safe.