Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Chillin' At Home

Gabby loves chillin' ..... usually watching me type on the computer. She's a riot. And in case you're wondering, hasn't slowed down one bit when it comes to carrying a conversation. Geez. She does understand the word "No!" She's an incredible little monster.


Went to Rolling Acres Sunday as I often do over a Memorial Day weekend. It's really such a peaceful, comforting and beautiful place. And if I had arrived earlier, the employees there were hosting a big cookout. All the tables and other things were still out as evidence on what I missed.

Came across a patch of little memorials that all had matching flowers. (See the pic above.) I liked how it looked. Made me smile. While looking at the little markers, I came across a "Cowboy." Can you believe it? A little monster named Cowboy. I love that idea!

Saturday morning I ran by Petco. I was there to purchase Gabby's food, but they were having a pet adoption day. So I did check out the monsters. Overheard a couple agreeing to adopt a little dog. The foster parenting people said they needed a name for the adoption papers. The duo agreed on "Goldie," but later I overheard the Mr. say to the Mrs. "you know I'm going to change it later."

I can't imagine having to select a name just like that. It took over a month for me to name Gabby. Although it likely was very clear since she kept shouting it at me.

I had a high school friend that named all her cats Herman. I've known others that like to name every pet the same name. My mom and sister each have a dog named "Cow." Seriously. And can you guess why the creatures are named that?

Besides what looks to be duck/geese poop that I swear wasn't there when I took this pic, the humans remembering "Casey" did it with a pinwheel and a tennis ball. It made me think about the hours of fun Casey had with tennis balls. The people too.

Anyone who has followed "Wild Life" knows that I am horribly reminiscent. I miss fiercely. Struggle daily not to think stuff. So ... a day or a weekend like Memorial Day is one I like because it is OK to remember. I love seeing all the different ways memories are cherished. I also love seeing people remembering. I actually visited three places on Sunday and all three were packed. In addition to missing, I hoped everyone I saw were also remembering all the fun and happy times shared.

Random Thoughts On May 6, 2009

Women's NCAA Central Regional golf tournament starts May 7. It is in Columbus, Ohio. Hope the fourth-ranked Oklahoma State women's team does well.

Gas prices had dropped to about $1.84. But Wednesday on the way home I saw a $1.99 everywhere. I am always amazed how slowly they creep down but can shoot up 15-cents in a flash.

Met my friend VVW for lunch on Wednesday. We walked around downtown, then to the City Market to get cookies, then back to 10th and Grand. Finally, I walked about eight more blocks back to my office. It was a fun walk on a beautiful day. Mowed when I got home. Pooped now.

There was a friendly beagle-looking pup wandering the neighborhood. The area kids came running while I was mowing .... "Mr. Cowboy, Mr. Cowboy .... please get the dog in our yard. We need your help." They are used to Daphne being over and probably thought I could help. They genuinely were scared.

I grabbed him. He was really a friendly guy and liked the kids. Played with them. I went back to mowing. One of the parents said they would make sure he was OK. I hope someone claimed him. No collar.

Took off Gab's collar and bandana tonight to clean it. I left it off for now. But she looks naked.

I think she misses Daph. But I don't think she misses having to eat dinner from a chair. Nor do I think she misses Daph staring at her while she's going No. 2 and then sniffing the box when she's done.