Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

In The Closet

Friday morning I witnessed Cowboy frantically running around the domicile gathering clothes and other items. I generally know that means he's planning an excursion. Especially when his activities include filling extra bowls with that yummy-good IAMS food and giving me a few extra bowls of water to play in.

He also opened the closet door in the Pistol Pete room, which is full of orange shirts and other orange crap. That closet door isn't open very often so of course I had to run in to check out what was happening in there. I was still having fun when I heard the garage door open and then close. That's when I realized I was surrounded by pitch black.

When he got home he hollered and hollered for me and I meowed and meowed. Yes, I had been in that orange closet all Homecoming Weekend long! I was so hungry I ate too fast and ended up throwing up a little.

Oh, Cowboy's Cowboys lost again. Serves him right.

Maggie's Shoes

Don't forget about the Walk/Run for Maggie's Shoes. The race is Sunday, Oct. 30 and starts at 8:00 a.m. It begins at 75th and Wornall. The event was created in honor and memory of SAS's 23-month-old next-door-neighbor Magnolia. She suddenly and unexpectedly died last year. The event benefits the "Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood" organization under the SIDS umbrella. SAS will be walking and/or working the volunteer booth. See related post on this site.

Participate and donate if you can. Go to www.maggiesshoes.org for more details.

Caught Red Handed

Elmo Shakes It!Brace yourself, this story is shocking.

The AP reports that Elmo, that's right, Elmo of all people (creatures, furry things, or whatever) was arrested recently. OK, it wasn't really Elmo, but an Elmo impersonator along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. "Elmo" was one of three impersonators arrested for allegedly harassing tourists for tips after posing for photos with the them.

According to the AP, "Elmo" and friends were taken into custody at gunpoint, handcuffed and paraded on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before stunned tourists and other impersonators. They were charged with misdemeanor "aggressive begging." "Elmo" says he makes up to $400 in tips every day. Evidently, the cops were doing a sting operation to curb this type of behavior. I just hope they don't ever come after other furry creatures who aggressively beg for a pat on the head and a good scratch behind the ears.

I Know You Can Rent It

While watching "The Apprentice" tonight I saw the movie trailer for the movie "Rent". Now, I don't get out to many movies. As a matter of fact, I've never gone to one. However, this one looked good. The soundtrack is one I've heard around the home for quite some time. It opens November 23. I'll remind you to see it as the date approaches.

Major MoJo

The doorbell fascinates me. It doesn't ring that often, but when it does, I know that means I need to check out what's going on just outside the front door.

I was lounging on the bed this morning while Cowboy was getting ready for work when I heard that familiar ding dong. I lunged off the bed and raced down the hallway to get to the top of the stairs. From there, I can see through the little window next to the door. Out on the porch there was a cat wearing a yellow shirt emblazoned with the letters DHL.

You guessed right. Cowboy's cell phone arrived today. That good guy in Chicago came through! Here's hoping for the good karma he deserves.

Otherwise Known As Grandma

Hurricane WilmaAnother hurricane. And there still could be more! I've heard that the hurricane season actually ends around December 1. It truly is scary. Please be sure to say a prayer for the folks and pets in Florida along the path of Hurricane Wilma.

While waiting on the shuttle at this hotel in D.C., Cowboy tells me he said "Bless you" to a small boy after he sneezed. Maybe 8 or 9, he was joined by his younger sister and parents. "Thank you," he quickly replied. Appearing not even remotely shy, a moment later he asked Cowboy if he was going to the airport. With his suitcase in hand, Cowboy told him that he was headed home to Missouri and asked what was home for them. The boy replied, "Florida, where Hurricane Wilma is going. Otherwise known as my grandma." His parents laughed and explained that his grandma really is named Wilma.

The four waved bye to Cowboy as his shuttle pulled away.

And Then There Was Light

Did you know that on Oct. 21, 1879, Thomas Edison invented a workable electric light at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey? With that invention, so much about everyday life was changed. Cowboy actually leaves nightlights about our home so I can find my way while I stroll around throughout the evening. He's so kind.

Options & A Good Samaritan

Cozumel on one hand, going to Ames, Iowa on the other hand. What would you do?

Sexy Lady had a trip booked for Cozumel leaving today. Her plans likely were to relax on a beach, chill with a drink, meet new people and escape. Mother Nature had other plans and created something named Wilma. When will this hurricane season ever end?

Cowboy had invited Sexy Lady to join him on a roadtrip to Ames to watch his Cowboys take on those Cyclones. With the Cozumel trip looking grim, she thought that maybe Ames wasn't too bad after all. However, Cowboy's D.C. trip snapped all his motivation for a roadtrip.

Speaking of options. A good samaritan from Chicago wandered across the path Cowboy traveled at Reagan National. Cowboy's trail was marked with his cell phone. The kind soul chose to call the last person called, who happened to be Sexy Lady. Just like that, the phone is headed to KC. Thank goodness Cowboy's head is in fact attached.


The other morning while I was helping Cowboy get ready and out the door for work, I heard a report on NPR about narcolepsy. It's said that those with narcolepsy may abruptly fall asleep at almost any time, including while talking, eating, or even walking. The NPR reporter said new drugs are being tested to help those suffering from the disorder.

Personally, I enjoy my narcolepsy. I can be strolling across the dining room, get hit by a beam of sunlight shining through the deck door and then boom, I'm out cold. Actually, that sun kind of bakes me. It's the best.

Cowboy tells me he often feels narcoleptic when sitting in a hotel conference room and hearing about the third or fourth presenter. He says he tries so hard to keep his eyes open. Takes more notes, taps his OSU fight song, let's his mind wander. By the sixth presenter he's snoring and slobbering on the table. Nice.

Soup, Appetizer, Main Course

Some people feel they have to have it all. Especially when it comes to good Thai food at some neighborhood restaurant in a unique part of a city. Cowboy's eyes are bigger than his stomach and has to have a little of all - or sometimes a bunch of all. Also have to point out his stomach is really getting pretty darn big.

He tells me he shared dinner with Sargeant tonight. The discussion turned to one of her friends who adopted a little boy at 4 months. When the child was about 6, the friend became a single parent. The child is now 11 and Sargeant's friend is in a new relationship. All seems to be going well, but the X totally has vanished from the picture, sight unseen for several years now. Cowboy says he doesn't understand how someone can do that.

Sargeant asked Cowboy why he wants a child. He told me some of his reasons too. I'll list them below, with my response after the dash:
To carry on my name - I'll change my last name. Eponine Cowboy is not all that bad.
To leave a legacy - I'll talk about you for years to come.
To will things to - Believe me honey, I want all your money and will auction all that holiday garb.
To make sure someone visits my grave - I'd walk all over it, take a nap if the sun is shining.
To have a companion - What am I, chopped liver? (That actually sounds pretty good right now.)
To take to OSU sports events - I actually like the Jayhawks.
To hug and love - Even I can only take you in doses. At some point I have to take my shaggy tail to the other room. Do you understand "suffocation?"

Daily I do all I can to wake him earlier than he wants to get up. I told him any and every day he wants I also can be loud and mouth back, break rules and poop out of the box, do the opposite of everything he asks me to do, always beg for more money and treats, and drive him absolutely batty. Just don't ask me to play soccer or to take dance.

My recommendation to him: Just stick to the soup and appetizer and maybe share a main course. And for heaven's sake, stay away from the curry! It makes you gassy.

Cider House Boys

The Cider House BoysBecoming a "Schramwich" was a distinct possibility for Cowboy today. He somehow slipped through the power of the twins to remain just on the side. As always, though, he says fun times were had by all.

With their wives and the seven kids in tow, he spent essentially an entire day with them. Starting with Honey Combs and cider donuts and ending with hugs and an autographed Barry Sanders football, the day was picture perfect. In between, there were a few child squabbles and battles, lots of smiles and laughter, good conversation, time spent searching for the perfect pumpkin, Mexican food at some spot in Louisburg, work outs carrying little girls, and moments of exploration hiking around Shady Lake on the S&M Ranch. Cowboy tells me the kids were thrilled with Halloween bracelets, fish pens and an eye-popping skull. He loves it when he's popular with the single-digit aged crowd.

Check out pumpkin patch pictures
While I sniffed on the little pumpkins and the football on the floor, I glanced over at Cowboy sitting on the sofa. He looked as though he felt incredibly blessed -- and relieved he escaped the grasp of the Schramwich.

January 1, 1996

While I was at home scurrying about from room to room each time I heard large booms and fireworks popping outside, Cowboy was celebrating the start of 1996 in New York City's Times Square. The Artist, SLC, BET, Jay, The Purple Queen and her husband Thom were there too. Another one of those crazy few days that could only happen to Cowboy.

He had walked to a local corner hangout near our old downtown place to relax after working a long day (part-time at Holidays are Hell) just three days before Christmas. He also called SLC and asked for company. While there, a radio station had a local remote going on and a drawing for prizes. Cowboy got all chummy with the radio DJs and dropped his name in the hat. He encouraged SLC to do so but he had no interest. Cowboy filled out the card and entered SLC's name for him.

He won. A trip and hotel to NYC for New Year's. SLC felt Cowboy should go too.

Order C&H on Amazon.comThe Artist already had a ticket to come to KC so Cowboy got a roundtrip to NYC tacked on for him for cheap after begging the Delta ticket person. The Christmas card from PQ and husband said they had a layover in NYC. BET already was there for the holidays visiting Jay. No way! It was perfect. He even bumped into Jon Secada on the street and got a Polaroid to prove it.

Six kids, a divorce, two marriages, a marriage next summer, lots of moves, job changes, and life experiences have all happened since then. He doesn't talk to SLC anymore and hears about Jay from BET.

And Calvin & Hobbes took off on their sled to explore. Cowboy couldn't wait to get the January 1 New York Times to see how C&H would end their journey. They started another!

According to an article in The Kansas City Star, "fans of all stripes can now enjoy The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, a monster of a compendium that traces 3,160 strips from Nov. 18, 1985, through Dec. 31, 1995. The slip-cased set, printed exquisitely on thick stock, contains three volumes, 1,440 pages and the heft of a steroid-laced bowling ball (23 pounds)."

I'm shaking my tail just thinking about it!

Boo! Did I Scare You?

Halloween decorations started to attack the homestead tonight. It's like this blanket of orange items, Frankensteins and witches overtake every inch of the home. I admit, I had a hard time keeping up with Cowboy as he kept pulling something else out of a box and then running upstairs to put it on a window sill, a ledge, or someplace. The most excitement comes from when he leaves the basement door open or, better yet, the door to the garage. I can explore to my heart's content.

Our neighbors put out some decorations. They have a slight "decorating" competition. It's a little scary. And the decorations are too! Likely just enough to challenge Cowboy. He'll be out there this weekend, you can bet on it, sticking his chest out and taking them on.


The package arrived today. I saw the FedEx Ground dude. The ding of the door bell woke me from my gazzillionth nap today. I ran to the top of the stairs and could see the uniformed cat out on the porch. He left the box there. You should have seen it - this huge box, with lots of packaging and a little box inside it. That little box had tons of those little peanuts and the $60 cords that power up the computer.

It arrived quick! I can't believe it. And to think I was angry at Cowboy for selecting "Standard Ground" delivery. I guess he's not half bad. I just may keep him around a little longer.


My frustration level with Cowboy is a little high right now. When I blog, I vent and relax. However, Cowboy has misplaced the cords to my laptop. The "Save Work" message is flashing now. "Computer in Hibernation Mode" is around the corner. There will be little to no posting until the new cords and battery pack arrive. Must conserve energy (thanks, W).

Meanwhile, visit this collection of "Haters" found on mycathatesyou.com

Proud And Immortal

Cowboy's Cowboys lost another game Saturday. However, he seemed thrilled just to have the chance to see Bullet run the field considering the prior week's 34 to 0 drubbing. He drove to Stillwater Saturday morning and tailgated with KJ and Kathy, Beverly and the HillBILLies, Carolyn and others. After the game, he shared dinner with KJ and Kathy at Eskimo Joes and learned a little about her movie star days. He promises to tell me more about that subject at a future date. After dinner he clawed his way back up I-35 to crawl into bed with this cat.

The nights are getting cooler. I love snuggling up to the warmness he creates. Just as long as he doesn't try to grab me and put me other the blankets.

Super Models In Space

Picture a Darth Vader-like character played by a woman, RuPaul and a few other similar "super models," a Derek Zoolander guy, and a hunchback named 3D -- Cowboys tells me these folks made up the cast of the latest production at Kansas City's Late Night Theater.

Sexy Lady's Oklahoma boy was out of town so she joined Cowboy for the escapade. They sat on the front row and even recognized one of the actors/actresses, uh, "super models" as a server from a local restaurant. He says with their view he felt they were violating the privacy of the stars, but shortly adjusted their line of sight. He came home Friday night after seeing the show still hurting from laughing so much.

Cowboy says that Friday was just a stellar day. The fall weather was beautiful. He skipped out of work early to rush home and mow the lawn, then dashed to Arun Thai Place for happy hour appetizers and drinks starting at 6:06 (he arrived at 6:11) with Sexy Lady, Shelly L., Craig and gang before going to the show. Just good times with fun friends.

Carnival Of The Cats

If you haven't lately, you really should take a moment to visit the Carnival of the Cats. The Carnival is a weekly roundup of cat-related posts on weblogs. There's always a multitude of links to great cat stories and pictures. I haven't submitted an entry yet, but I very much enjoy reading the activities of others.

The most recent Carnival, the 80th, is hosted by Music and Cats.

A Few Regatta Pictures

Catching Up

The Artist, Cowboy, M & OThree treats Tuesday night, three Wednesday morning and three this morning. Plus a long brushing and lots of petting - Cowboy's doing some catch up on his lovin' he owes me after being gone the last few days. I hope he felt guilty since the water bowl was bone dry. Toilet bowl drinking is not my preference.

He arrived home from work last night about 9. He tells me he deleted over 100 e-mails.

In Oklahoma, he attended the CHS Homecoming Parade. Main Street was packed for blocks with the cardinal red, Columbia blue, and white faithful. All the kids in the parade throwing candy were full of hope that they would beat Wagoner. I'll be sure to post pictures of the band and homecoming royalty once he gets that disposable camera to the Walgreen's.

He also visited with lots of his former church folk and T&M treated him to dinner at some Mexican place in Owasso that once was the Pizza Hut. While touring around C'ville Monday he happened upon Ann M. out mowing her lawn. Lots of hugs, lots of catching up.

Over the weekend he visited with The Artist and family. He says while riding in the back seat with O and M to the regatta races in OKC he was asked by O why his teeth are so yellow and why he has fur in his nose. He loves five-year-olds. He also saw VMc and family and their new home. Plus catching up with CSpeer and others while tailgating in Stillwater. His team was slaughtered by Colorado, by the way.

The scary sister traveled back to KC with him Tuesday, with only a stop in Joplin for a Sonic shake and cheese sticks and to visit his Grandpa's grave. The sis flew home to North Carolina Wednesday. Now, it's back to the grindstone and I am back to my routine. We'll see how long it takes before I get only two treats.

I Can See Clearly Now

This morning's follow-up visit to the opthalmologist proved Cowboy's Mom is doing well. She has some irritation and dryness to her eye, but she should be healing up quickly. Cowboy reports he was impressed at how many of the letters she correctly identified while going through her eye charts. However, she did say "O" for the D. He took that personally and thinks she did it on purpose.

The Brother took her to her right-eye surgery and appointments. Everyone kept asking Cowboy "you aren't the same son as the last time, are you?" He tells me he was quick to tell everyone he is the "good son." I bet his mom still was able to roll at least one of those eyes.

He says Dr. Brute Wolf (not making this up) was nice enough, informative and helpful. He actually went to OU med school with Cowboy's friends JED and Toby. That's reassuring.

Empty Chairs And Empty Tables

Sometimes, I panic just a bit when the food bowl starts to get a little lean. I try to pace myself and just eat a few IAMS morsels a day, but it's still hard not to just pig out when in a panic wondering when the next scoopful will arrive. When the cupboard is bare, it's bare! I can blog but I can't feed myself. Amazing isn't it?

By the way, Cowboy's Mom got the left eye done Monday morning, Oct. 3. She's well on the path of being cataract free! Good for her. Cowboy tells me he couldn't believe how many sick people there were at the hospital. He's a smart guy, but sometimes I wonder about him. One true skill he possesses is scooping up IAMS for my food bowl.