Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Three To Go

Mentioned in a recent post that I helped a friend update a state quarter collection. I of course took it as an opportunity to show off my collection.

Just Nos. 48, 49 and 50 to go. I wonder if Puerto Rico and Guam feel slighted.

I meticulously place each quarter in its place. Working to make sure the it is perfectly aligned.

New Local Guy

Flipping through channels Monday night, I stopped and went back to the ABC station I had just passed. I thought I recognized a dude on that "Bachelorette" show. I flipped over to "Truman" on PBS, but kept hopping back to ABC.

I kept thinking, "I know I know that guy."

During her presentation of roses she said, "Ron ...."

Yep. I know him. Small world. Haven't seen him in about four years. I actually haven't seen him since he got a divorce. Although I have seen his ex and even went to lunch with her once. I didn't see her at a recent United Way function, but I did see her in post-event pics.

I digress. Surely he won't win. An all-around good guy, but from what I remember of him, I just don't see him falling in love on a television show. You never know, though! I wish him the best.

Random Thoughts On May 26, 2008

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. It rained hard Sunday night/Monday morning and then proceeded to steam up as the day went along.

Ran out to visit the Memorial Gardens and placed some flowers on Eponine's grave. The place really is so peaceful. A true "cat lady" approached me asking "Do you have a baby here?" We had a nice visit. She has a dog and a cat there, and 12 spots reserved. She made me promise not to tell anyone how many cats she has since she's in violation of the two-cat-per-home rule for Overland Park, Kansas.

About 15 planes flew over while I was there. I wondered where everyone was coming from or going to.

My weekend was relaxing. Very enjoyable. Worked around the home and did work stuff. The job is stressing me out entirely. There's so much happening and things that must get done. The long weekend was appreciated. Tons of meetings and deadlines ahead.

Les Trois Chats' Tammara posted a comment on a prior post that sure made me smile. Thank you.

MMcB surprised me with a ticket to "Wicked" on Saturday. I had never seen this musical, but knew the music. And of course knew Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel were in the OBC. Very much enjoyed the show. Great performances. Go to see it if you have a chance.

By the way, according to "Wicked," everything we know from Mr. Baum's story is a lie. Or at least just one small window of what was really going on in Oz. The ending surprised me.

One week from Tuesday, the California Sis is coming to visit me. The older daughter (just finished her third year at Cal) and the younger daughter (nine months old) will be here too. Their arrival will keep me motivated through the next seven days!

Told a friend I'd help him complete his "Quarter Board." I searched through all my quarters. I have tons of Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana, Utah and Montana. The fewest in my pot (# I have): North Carolina (5), Georgia (4), Delaware (3) and New Jersey (2).

Local Guy Wins!

David Cook won American Idol. I'm actually shocked. I really didn't think he would win.

I am proud of him. I remember a little more than a year ago seeing a picture of him in his mother's cubicle. She told me he was living in Tulsa. It was really fun to see her on television and to imagine how proud she must be. She'll never forget this moment. When he teared up, it gave me an ear-to-ear smile thinking about how cool it was for him.

Of course, she may not appreciate me much since I wasn't a fan of the cookbook fund-raiser she suggested at work about three years ago. Oh well. She did participate in a volunteer event I helped to plan a year ago. Her husband was there too.

Now I can say that I once worked at a volunteer event with the American Idol's mom and step-dad. Does that make me famous?A pic of David Cook's mom and step-dad that I took of them last summer.

Random Thoughts On May 21, 2008

I didn't even know what day it was to put in the title box. Sad, huh? Needless to say, I've been busy. Barely have time to squeeze in any AI or DWTS watching. Plus mowing and other yard work, work work, volunteer stuff, new job stuff, current job stuff and you get the drift.

My allergies have been killing me. Seasonal allergies. Beyond that, the weather has been fantastic in Kansas City the last several days. Around 80, no humidity, very nice cool nights. But sleeping with open windows means boogery mornings for this dude.

American Airlines announced charging $15 for the first bag checked. That's icky.

Gas hit about $3.73 here on Wednesday. It was at that level south and east of Kansas City. At my exit, the sign indicated $3.67. So, I thought I'd fill up even though I still had more than a half tank. But, as I looked at my pump it said $3.57. ???? Is it because I said yes to the $10 car wash?

I walked to other pumps and each had $3.67. Once my tank was full, the $3.57 was confirmed on the printed receipt. I glanced at the pump again and this time it said $3.67. I hopped into the car and dashed before anyone noticed.

OSU's women are golfing at the NCAA Championships this week. After the first day the team was seventh. I don't think they'll win, but are vying for a top five finish. The championship is being hosted by the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

MMcB is coming to Kansas City this weekend. I can't wait. My sister from California with the newest daughter (9 months) and the oldest daughter (21 years) are coming to see me in June. I can't wait.

DWTS Tuesday night made me smile. Just light-hearted, meaningless, fun television. While AI's show bored me. A good reason to tackle other things while the show was on. Which David will win AI? We will know soon.


Recently read in the gossip column of the local daily that my favorite on The Plaza has closed. Mi Cocina. Makes me sad. No more awesome mole sauce just like my grandma's. :( And that very good chorizo. Darn.

According to the gossip dude, a nearby Plaza bar started to take away Mi Cocina's nightclub crowd, then another started to get more of the happy hour crowd. Lastly, right after the new Power & Light District opened downtown, the crowd started to really dwindle. I did what I could to keep them open. Even had one or two too many mambo limo margaritas.

I predict in Kansas City we're messing with fire. As we keep building and building things, likely overbuilding (how many Lowe's do we need?) other places will go to the wayside. Some oldies but goodies. Others not-so-old but good.

The credit crunch also will have its impact. Running a business is about debt. Then it's about cash flow. Having constant revenue and earnings to pay that debt and keep investors/those loaning the moola engaged. As money comes in, pay the bank, bills, employees and the business owner. As dollars coming in tighten and folks see bills coming due, no one (especially rich folks who opened a "side business" as an investment) wants to lose their shirt.

So, you serve your last tamale and say adios!

Mission Accomplished 2

Found this picture in my pics saved. I am an archiver at heart, meaning, I like to save stuff. Some might say "a pack rat." News articles, pics, programs and the like. I say it is for "historical purposes." So that when I am sitting up alone, at 80 with 20 cats, I can thumb through everything and recollect. The good ol' days.

In any case ..... sometimes I look at this guy and wonder how he ever became president. He's such a doof. I'm not saying I was opposed to him during those two elections, but looking at him now makes me laugh. I can just imagine him Saturday night saying, "You're a good guy, Henry. Heh, heh. I know you'll treat my Baby Jenna good. Heh, heh. You're a Bush now. Mission accomplished! Now go out and score me some grandkids." With a big slap on the back.

Strange to think that Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000. (For the record, I'm a fan of the Electoral College.) And in 2004 not too many people voting differently in Ohio could have changed the outcome for John Kerry. No telling what kind of shape we'd be in now. Maybe worse!

Only history will tell. I often have said I hope I live long enough to see what history will say about W. My prayer is that history will report that he made the tough decisions that needed making. That the U.S. and Americans everywhere ended up safer. That the loss of thousands of lives was worth the sacrifice. That we broke away from our dependence on foreign oil. That Americans learned valuable lessons from a credit crunch and hurting economy. That the government eventually got smaller. And lots of other things.

I'm just rambling typing now. Even if history records that just one of those things occurred because of this presidency that will be fantastic.

Jenna and Henry's wedding is now part of presidential history. Someday our children, grandchildren or others may see her gown, Henry's suit or wedding pics in the Smithsonian. For sure in the "W" Presidential Library.

I had a coffee mug with pictures of all the U.S. Presidents on it. I purchased it while at a D.C. gift shop. I kept it in my D.C.-themed bathroom. The mug had Presidential dollar coins in it.

Notice I said "had." For whatever reason, Sunday night I decided to put it in the dishwasher. Nowhere did it indicate not dishwasher safe. About two-thirds of the U.S. Presidents appeared to have melted away. :( The drying cycle killed it. Looks like that mug is now history!

Mission Accomplished

David Letterman said that George W was lending his big banner to Henry for use later Saturday night or on Sunday morning. By the way, in case you're not aware, W's daughter, Jenna, on Saturday married a dude named Henry.

Noticed on Friday night on my way home, the name of that car wash is "Squeaky Clean." Thus, the mouse (see prior post).

Gas is around three-and-a-half junior bacon cheeseburgers in my 'hood. Well, and maybe half of a nugget out of five. Right around there. At least the 99-cent menu at Wendy's is still 99-cents. For now.

Hear there's tornadoes Saturday night in Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas. Very scary weather. Hope you and your loved ones are safe.


Things in Kansas City and its suburb, Blue Springs, are hopping for David Cook. He's in the top three of American Idol. Festivities include concerts, radio and tv spots, a parade, and a visit to the Kansas City Royals baseball game Friday night.

Coverage will air Tuesday on American Idol. Check it out and you just might see some of of my regular haunts. Lots of Kansas City settings. I'm excited about that.

You won't see me, though. For whatever reason, although I like this guy and think he's good, I'm not overwhelmed enough to make the effort to go see him. Besides, I have to work. :) I think it's going to be crazy, though, with thousands of folks there to see him. I'm for sure in the minority.

Live streaming coverage and other news at our local Fox station's site.


There's an orange PT Cruiser at Mitch Crawford's Chrysler located in Raytown, Missouri. It is dreamy. Absolutely orange fantastic. I bet I'd get all kinds of whistles from hot women if they saw me tooling down the highway in that gorgeous PT. I want that car so badly. I get shortness of breath just looking at it.

But .... I have no business spending any dollars right now. With my company's transition and home issues upcoming, a new wonderfully orange PT will just stay in my dreams.

Makes me think of a Selena song .... "I'll be dreaming, of you tonight."

I waved at that mouse on 350 highway (see previous post) on my way home Thursday night. He smiled and waved back. Made me smile. At least three minutes. Until that bleepity-bleep person going super slow wouldn't move over from the left lane. Eventually I'm going to get a car wash.

Guide To Cats

With already over 1.7 million views, you've likely already seen this. It's new for me. Saw it for the first time this week. Over six minutes long, which tries my patience when I have stuff to do, but it kept me engaged. I actually laughed hard enough it brought tears to my eyes. Mostly because I was at work and working hard to hold in my laughter. It is worth a view.

Before And After

Here are two pics of my mighty-tasty meal at Marks Bistro. It was the weekend I went to Omaha to help MMcB celebrate the birthday. It's located in the Dundee neighborhood. An older, trendy, somewhat historic area of Omaha. Warren Buffett lives not too far from Marks.

This place is fantastic. Everything I love about a place to dine. Unique. Nice, but not stuffy. A twist on every dish. Excellent service. Good drinks. Oozing of ambience. Not too expensive. It was fantastic.

There was a group of prom kids there having dinner as we arrived for a pre-dinner drinks. All dressed alike, swooped-up hair, tuxes, shiny and clean. But so very young looking. I wanted to take a pic of them but refrained. Didn't want to be the creepy old guy.


There's a new car wash/oil change place in Raytown, Missouri. I pass it on my daily trudge to the J-O-B. The last couple days there's been this mouse-looking creature in front of it. Not a real mouse. A human in a mouse-like costume.

This mouse holds a sign and just waves, waves, waves at all the passers-by. Just working like the dickens to tempt folks to put on the right signal and pull on in to this new place. It makes me smile looking at it.

Across the street, it's actually a highway, 350 highway. With stoplights. Max speed 45 mph. Lots of merging on and merging off. I hate it. And I digress ..... across the street from the car wash is a high school. There's construction of a new gymn or other addition to the high school.

The other morning, I saw seven or eight union folks "striking" in front of the construction site. "Shame on Raytown Schools" their sign proclaimed. The strikers were in their lawn chairs. Lounging. A couple with umbrellas to protect them from the sun.

Glancing to my left, across the street, there was that mouse. Smiling, waving, working to entice.

The Beast Within

Daphne is keeping Gabby company (with the exception of Thursday last week when she spent the day in the office at work). She's been here since last week. I think leaving this weekend. I can't ever remember unless I put it on my calendar.

She and Gab get along wonderfully. They keep me smiling. They enjoy sleeping near each other at the foot of my bed. They also both like meal time.

I ran out of Daph's food. I've been feeding her Ep's old IAMS. It's more than two years old and likely has no nutrient value anymore, but Daphne chows down with no problem. OK, I'll admit that I occasionally mix in some gluten-free moist cat food. :) Do you think Daphne will start meowing?

We have been going for nightly walks. She is the happiest dog when walking. I find it super cool that passing cars slow as they near us. It's either to take a glance at her or to be extra careful just in case she jumped loose from her leash. Or hot girls checking me out. The point is that folks are courteous.

Interestingly, when we are walking on the left side, with cars approaching, she tries to attack them. Jumps toward the curb and yelps like she wants to get'em. She seems to be listening to my commands and is calming down, but sometimes it's still a little scary. She sure thinks she can tear her up some car.

The simple answer would be to walk on the right side. Problem there is that when there's approaching dogs, we have to move to the other side. Otherwise, she'll try to eat the dog. She's scared of no one. All 12-or-so pounds of her is ready to take them all on.

Random Thoughts On May 5, 2008

Confessed this before, but will confess it again ... I'm an NPR junkie. And when I really need to focus on a task at work, it's great to put the head phones on, listen to NPR and knock out the work tasks. I learn a bunch too. Important stuff.

For instance, the other day I learned that researchers are working to create a methane-free cow. Seriously. A cow that doesn't break wind. In his report, Josh Kurz interviewed a dude in Australia that noticed that kangaroos don't .... um ..... fart. Even though they also eat grass just like cows. The dude wants to take the thing in the kangaroo stomach that helps them to not break wind and put that thing in cows.

Methane-free cows should help to combat global warming too!

In the report, I also learned that Brits say "meee-thane," while folks in the States pronounce the e differently. Mey. No, that's like hey. Hmmm? I don't know how to write it out phonetically. Listen to the radio story on NPR and you'll hear it.

When I catch "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday nights it makes me smile. It's really silly. The clothes the guys wear are a riot.

The first few days after mowing my lawn, I really like pulling into my driveway. Each time I come home I just pull in to the abode taking a long look at the lawn. It's the simple things.

There was severe weather in my 'hood last week. The tornado sirens were sounding. I ran outside with my camera to get a pic for you. Saw nothing. Next time. Some folks just a few miles north of me weren't as lucky. That's too bad.

I can't believe that horse broke its ankles and was euthanized at the Kentucky Derby. Made me sad.

Oklahoma State's men's and women's golf teams won the Big 12 Championships. They actually dominated the recent competition.

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Hope you celebrated with a taco and a tasty margarita.

I got an MRI done this past Friday. In the films it appears that I do in fact have a brain in there. That is good news. I'll be taking them to my regular doctor in the next week or so to get further updates.

It would be cool if someone could create some methane-free humans. What do you think?

People With Whom You Work

Generally, I'm friends with co-workers, but don't necessarily like running around and hanging out quite a bit with them. Not certain why, but that's my preference. Probably mostly because I know that folks get on my nerves. And I get on theirs! If I don't spend too much time with them out of the office, the likelihood of getting along at work generally should be higher.

Having a public blog could make things a little worse. I have some friends with whom I work that I have shared this site with or others that discovered it accidentally and have told me. However, I reason to suspect that a few others visit, lurk and have never said a word to me.

Strangely, I feel like they're snooping. That they're going places that they're not invited. That they should mind their own business and get the hell out of mine. I say all that knowing "Wild Life" is publicly available on the Web. It's just my "friends" talk to me about it or comment.

Just a quick rant.