Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Boycott Jack Miller

Cowboy says he's going to try to be a tough guy and start a revolution against Jack Miller on Vivion. I try to meow and hop on his lap to comfort him. However, I prefer to run to the other room when he's yelling at some mechanic on the phone.

His car is still not fixed. "Check engine" came on again. Transmission still acting up. Jack Miller says "We can't recreate it." Cowboy replied, "you can't recreate the world either, but you can bet it exists."

He's headed to a different mechanic Monday and starting a boycott in the meantime.

It's A Small, Small ...

While reading (I have many talents) the online New York Times the other day, I came across a story about blogs that mentioned the space shuttle takeoff. Some cat from Kansas City actually had his blog "quoted" in The Times article. I visited his blog just to check it out. Reading some comments on his blog, I followed a link to another site. What did I discover here, you ask????


She doesn't have a blog, but she is on a picture in a slide show. Very good picture too. I hope to get permission to link to her pic at some point. She's calico. An orange, black and white calico is a fave of the Cowboy - after domestic, short-haired gray tabbies, that is. I have lots of fun, but I read they do interpretative dance and animal imitations.

Even on the Web, the world is smaller than we think. That space shuttle crew may be looking down here right now wishing they had a cat with them.

Establishing A Routine

The car is fixed! That's great news. Of course, no one has ever said what truly was "wrong" with it. Codes, clear the codes, road tests, $42 for this, $8 for disposable fees, labor. A few hundred dollars later and Cowboy walked over to the mechanic tonight to get it. Seems to be riding as smooth as ever.

He did lock the key in the loaner car this morning. Loser. A locksmith was called, a fine-looking lady in a Cadillac showed up and soon the keys were in his hand and he was back on the road.

He needs a routine. This new job he started just about a month ago seems to have turned his life all off kilter. He needs to determine a new time to wake up every day, arrive to work on time, park in the same place, go to lunch at the same time, come home at a normal hour and pay attention to me all evening.

I credit much of my success to my routine. I take great pride in trying to make every day as close as possible to the day before. I may stare out a window or the deck door, but I do that about the same time each day. There's toys all over the place too. I move them about the house just to keep Cowboy thinking. We go outside often, but even then I smell the air first, sit for a spell, walk toward the stairs take a few steps down the stairs, a few more, get to the bottom, sniff around more, then I walk out into the yard. Nothing different. It's the routine, I tell you! And you don't see me spending $60 for a locksmith.

Circus Act

I wonder if this is for real. Sure hope that poor feller didn't get hurt. I am not at all even remotely that daring. Prefer to observe. I'm more of an intellectual.

Hot and Cold

For the last week, I couldn't even stay out on the deck too long because the wood was so hot. It burned my little feet. I'd find the one bit of shade and hang out for a bit. But I couldn't handle it too long. Had to get back into the AC and carpeting. It's been at or close to 100 degrees the last several days, with the heat index even higher. Now, don't get me wrong. I enjoy summer and being able to explore in the yard and enjoy the season. But day after day of heat gets tiresome.

Today, relief arrived! It rained hard. And tonight it will cool to around 60 or lower. This evening I sat on the deck for a bit, listened to birds chirp and just enjoyed the nice, cool July night in Kansas City.

Got to love the seasons that can only be experienced when you live in the middle of the country!


More news from Fox 4. This story aired Tuesday night.
Check it out: Rats Invade Brookside. I think an easy solution would be for the neighborhood to adopt more cats. What do you think?

That was some party!

Came across this picture and couldn't resist sharing it.
Click to see the picture larger
Reminded me of my youth.

From Monday's News

Very sad story from Fox 4 News.
2 Charged In Beating Deaths

Car Trouble Sucks

"Check Engine" -- I imagine that has to be one of the worst lights that can come on in your car. I bet it would just suck. Especially when it's the third time in three weeks that you have had to take the car to the mechanic. And it all started just because you wanted to rotate the tires and get an oil change. Next thing I knew, I overheard talk of a bad PCM, replacing belts, then the battery, and maybe a transmission flush. ... Just waiting on a loaner car can take almost two hours.

Actually, I haven't ridden in a car in almost a year. Last time, I was all calm and ready for it. We were going to pick up the Sailor. I ended up taking a poop in the PT before we even got to Brush Creek. I truly am a domestic being. That road trip was enough to last me the rest of my life.

I enjoy having the Cowboy around, but all day long he becomes a little pestering. Always bugging me and moving from room to room. He was around "working from home" most of the day while dealing with the car issues. Does he understand that a lady has to get her rest. Especially if a ray of sunhine is beaming through the deck door.

I enjoy being treated when he leaves and I like shaking my tail and rushing to to the top of the stairs when I hear the garage door opening. Hope that car gets fixed soon!

Godspeed LLYNNT

LLYNNT took out for Houston. She first started coming around back in 1994, but the Cowboy first met her in '92. She's been a good and fun friend. I think I only was mean to her once or twice. Sometimes she'd try to be a little too loving. Long ago she used to talk about making a baby with Cowboy if they both were still single as they got older. I think it's funny the stories people tell. Especially when they are young. It's with mixed emotions as I see her go. I wish her well and know it's going to be a good thing for her, but she'll be missed too. I've heard lots about the the fun times, heartbreaks, drunken escapades, dirty dancing, meals shared, City Market visits, naked guests, cards sent, RollerBlading accidents (thank goodness Sharon and Karen were there to protect), celebrations, plays and musicals, and a trip to New York City to see The Gates, the new MoMa and a musical. This is just the short list.

Godspeed to you as you tackle Houston!

First Blog

Here's my first shot at blogging. I have so many stories to tell, but have never really had an outlet. We'll see how successful I'll be at keeping this updated and if this site truly will be an outlet for me to get all these stories out there and thoughts expressed.


Two pictures, Fall 2005
Here's a link to pictures, Summer 2005

Pictures below are from Christmas 2004 and other times.

Enjoying the Christmas Tree glow

Good scratchin' posts are hard to find!

I'm a very good cat

Pictures - Summer 2005

I love sitting on the deck

Smelling the air is fascinating!

Cowboy grows mostly orange marigolds (background)

Getting warmed up to blog.

Blogging Queen, Young and Free...

Click to see pictures from Christmas 2004 and two other pictures.

Movies, Books, & Other Things

Movies - and some thoughts
  • ShortBus - I thought it might offend. I did squirm in my seat, though, on a couple of occasions. Strange that a movie with so much graphic sex can be about so many other things other than sex. It reminded me that "normal" is very relative. We each likely are on our very own short bus.
  • Nelly Don, A Stitch In Time - Very interesting and fascinating story about a Kansas Citian and her magical touch as well as about her life
  • An Inconvenient Truth - Scary thoughts of a potential future. Interesting and strong facts in this Al Gore documentary that should encourage us to change our behavior
  • Transamerica - A great story essentially about being a family and loving family members. That Dolly Parton theme song was really good. Felicity Huffman likley deserved an Oscar award
  • Brokeback Mountain - I actually don't think Heath Ledger's character was "gay." He fell in love with a person, who happened to be a male. As a cowboy found the show very interesting. Saw with Sexy Lady
  • RENT - Watched it more than once. Very much enjoyed. We really can't be defined by what we own because at some point it will belong to someone else. We just rent, and a new lease you are, my love.
  • Walk The Line - Truly a love story. Reese looks fantastic throughout. Good show.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Incredible special effects. Very dark. Way too long. Saw with SAK, Alan & Potter fans.
  • March of the Penguins - very interesting documentary, fascinating creatures, fantastic filming
  • Wedding Crashers - not near as funny as expected, too much love story, not enough wedding crashing
  • Four Brothers - violent, interesting thoughts on loyalty, Detroit Chamber of Commerce has to hate it
  • Madagascar - funny penguins, set up for a sequel; outing with SAK & Z Man
  • Hotel Rwanda - very sad, amazing that life had to go on and that the world ignored the situation; saw with Sexy Lady
  • Vera Drake - wow, simple lady who actually knew much; saw with MoMc
  • Constantine - same storyline as "Beauty and The Beast", can't believe Vern and Cowboy saw this
  • Bad Education - very interesting
  • Phantom of the Opera - very enjoyable, scenes made the stage show come to life in a different way; 10 years after seeing it on stage with SAK
  • Ray - truly talented but haunted and in darkness, not an inspiring movie
  • Sideways - craziness, funny
  • Kinsey - love can't be measured, we're each so much alike but yet so vastly different

    Movies at home - and some thoughts

  • Failure to Launch - Saw while sitting on the runway during an extra long layover in Richmond, Virginia while waiting out a storm preventing planes to land in D.C. It was a stupid movie, but made me laugh out loud several times during this stressful layover
  • Eight Below - Saw on plane flying to DC. The love story part was silly, but the story line about the dogs was amazing. Made me teary eyed
  • High School Musical - O loaned it to me. She has several favorite songs. Cute movie. People say it is similar to "Grease," but I disagree. A good and fun kid, sing-along musical
  • In The Bedroom - very sad story about grieving parents. I like Marisa Tomei and Sissy Spacek. Good movie
  • Drumline - learn to hear the band over the sound of your own drum
  • Friday Night Lights - Intense, what do you do when all you know is football?, sometimes it all comes down to a coin toss, give it all you can from your heart, the excitement of "the season," the movie deals with stereotypes, race, and is an interesting study of Odessa; Cowboy's dad lived only a few blocks from Permian High. In the summer Cowboy would walk up there and watch the band and football team practicing.
  • Shall We Dance? - having a witness to your life, don't be afraid to say you want a little more no matter how blessed you are
  • Finding Nemo - don't be scared, have to let go and believe; loaned from O and Mad
  • The Incredibles - if we were all superhuman, no one would be super human, so just put your hair back and celebrate being you