Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

And Just Like That

Gasoline prices were $1.91 on my drive home Thursday night. $1.91 at Quik Trip. Up 17 to 18-cents in one day.

Another Win

The Oklahoma State men's golf team garnered a win at the Big 12 Golf Championships. With the women's victory this past Sunday, the feeling is pretty sweet.

After round two the Pokes were tied with Colorado. The team pulled a little ahead after round three and then ran away with it during the fourth round. Won the individual medalist too.

Regional competition is next for both teams.

Visited the Schrammies tonight. Had a fantastic dinner and then all four kids, Mom Schrammie and Dad Schrammie joined me in the living room to watch American Idol. It was fun. The kids liked that Jamie Foxx song. It's not played on NPR so I wasn't familiar with it. But doesn't he same something about "Blame it on alcohol?" Hmmmmm?

I saw gasoline at $1.74 on Wednesday.

Random Thoughts On April 27, 2009

Was glancing through some prior posts from a year ago. Saw a post with an update on gasoline prices. I also noted in that year-ago rant that my daily commute to/from work was costing me around $7.

Currently, prices around town are sitting about $1.79. Saw one place at $1.77, but also still saw one Monday at $1.89. In this range, my daily commute is about 85 to 90 cents. Pretty darn sweet. Prices are lower and my commute is 21 miles shorter. Very sweet!

I'm scared I'm losing in my jihad against dandelions. As well as the battle against all weeds, ants, wood rot and other ailments. Ick.

Daphne is still hanging out with the Gabster and me. She's been eating quite a bit of cat food. I am sure she is going to start meowing. I know she's enjoying her stay. We're having fun.

I'm on the board for a local charity group. In our most recent board meeting a gentleman provided an update on pet therapy programs. He said one thing they do is have a young child with reading and confidence challenges to sit alone and read to the dog. The canine sits there looking at the child while she/he reads "Clifford" or whatever. I think that's classic. I can just imagine how fun that might be for a child. I also can clearly imagine a dog's reaction while a child reads away.

The gentleman also said his main therapy dog just passed away April 19. The minute taker in the meeting starting crying. It all made me a little teary eyed.

A big shout out to the Oklahoma State women's golf team for the winning the Big 12 Championship. The team led all three rounds, with the final round ending April 26. The men's championship started April 27. The OSU men are leading the pack after day one. Go Pokes!

The Pianist

This video was e-mailed to me. I am certain if my Gabby had a piano she'd be pounding like there was no tomorrow.

No. 51

Two of my friends celebrate birthdays on April 15. MegMcB and Judy Mc. Neither are 51. One is older than the other and one is younger. Hope they both had great days.

Got my taxes all done and filed. Even filed an amended return or two. Really. Long story. Got the task done and am proud of it. Fewer and fewer folks are mailing returns. I remember back in the day going to the Post Office on tax night just to be part of the madness. This year at 8:53 p.m. the line of cars was only eight deep in front of me. Electronic is the way to go.

I owed more than $51 and received a refund of more than $51. From the feds as well as Missouri.

Have had a "roadshow presentation" the last month or so. I think I've done easily a dozen or so. Another knocked out on Wednesday. I enjoy the outreach throughout the company and educating. Been kind of fun.

Today's program was at a downtown office building. It afforded me the opportunity to run to a Post Office within a different downtown building to purchase stamps. With those in hand, I was crazy slapping those babies on the envelopes containing my tax returns. Quick shout out to the LouLou for providing those envelopes from her handy-dandy office supply stash.

Twenty years from now, there will be no one around that remember licking stamps.

In my change from the kind postal clerk? A Puerto Rico quarter.

Opening Day

Borrowed this pic from The Kansas City Star. It was my favorite of the more than 100 pics the paper had on their website. I love had the photographer got the youngster and Sluggerrr (look in the background) in almost the same pose. Sluggerrr is one of my favorite all-time mascots. He's a cat, by the way. OK ... a lion.

Kansas City's Royals opened the season in a newly shined up stadium. I am looking forward to going to a game this season to check it out. I didn't make it to a single game last season. One of the first times for that to happen for me. Usually I make at least one. Can't wait to see Sluggerrr.

Random Thoughts On April 13, 2009

Haven't had any random thoughts lately. Sorry. Long enough that it took three attempts to log in. Couldn't remember the password. That's sad.

Gas is sitting right at $1.85. Some a penny or two higher/lower. "Spring" is sitting on the cooler side. I'm scared we will go straight to AC-weather. Nice spring days are desired. Did you have a good Easter?

Met a HUGE deadline on Monday at work. It required me to put about 20 hours in on Friday through Sunday. Sad part is that Friday was a work holiday. Until now, I had never worked anywhere that had Good Friday as a holiday. In any case ... I had to work.

Daphne is here. She arrived today. After her about four months in the D.C. area, I think she's glad to be back in the middle of the country. Her folks are preparing for their next move to the Fort Riley area.

Have you done your taxes?

Enjoyed all of March Madness. I would have loved to have seen Missouri make it to the Final Four. It certainly was fun to see them beat a very good Memphis team. I had told you to pick MU in your bracket. Hope you did.

My capped tooth is doing well. Work is going OK, although most days it sure is challenging. Hope all is going fine with you.