Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

New Record

This week will mark five years and five months of employment at my company. That's a new record for me. The previous record was five years and four months, with a company in between at five years and three months. For whatever reason, I usually get antsy as the five-year mark approaches. I always think there's more I need to be doing, which usually means I have to move.

This current gig has been a sweet ride. I remember in 2003 when I accepted the assignment my boss provided full disclosure stating we likely would be searching for new roles within 18 to 24 months. I decided I'd take the gamble for the experiences I thought might be ahead. He was right. Just over 24 months later he was leaving the company and I was moving to a new role. And I was right in taking the gamble.

I've learned tons over the last five years. I also know I've been able to contribute much to my company.

There's a great likelihood that my company will receive a "go ahead" this week to "evolve" to something new. Some co-workers even say the company is dying. The evolution makes me very sad. That said, I look forward to the challenges ahead and can't wait to learn what is next. Plus, I'll be extending the new record even further.

Random Thoughts On June 30, 2008

Can't sleep on Sunday night, but it's actually Monday morning. Thus, the June 30 date.

Glad to know I'm not the only one at there having a bit of trouble thinking of topics for blog posts. Thanks for your comments.

Mowed the lawn Sunday afternoon. As I wheeled the mower back into the garage I thought of my niece. The California Niece that just visited. The older one, not Mia. (I think I need a stylebook so that I can remember the names that I give folks in prior posts. I'm all about consistency.)

Anyway, I glanced about my garage and thought about her. While here, she mentioned to me that my garage reminded her of Monk's garage. Having a cable-free home, I know the character but haven't seen any episodes. She recapped a portion of a episode for me. Made me chuckle. And it made me smile today as I used the blower to clean out the garage a bit.

Thursday was Good Deed Thursday. While pulling into the driveway, I noticed the neighbor's dog walking along the sidewalk all alone. Mid-curb with the car, I opened the door and beckoned the critter. She came to me, so I picked her up and put her in the car with me.

About that time, the neighbor to the north was waving at me. Rolling down the window, I learned the request was for a jumpstart. It was a hot day and she was on her way to take the kids swimming. The car wasn't starting, though. The other neighbor's dog and I hopped over to the north neighbor's drive. While the cables were working their magic, the dog's daddy came walking down the sidewalk on a search for his monster.

Later, I met BET for dinner. There, a homeless-looking lady walked up to us and asked for a ride to a nearby Waffle House. After a short debate, we decided to fulfill her request. As we dropped her off, with her two shopping bags of belongings, it donned on me she likely is homeless. Hanging out in 24-hour spots to stay safe. Made me a bit sad.

The night ended with me writing up a statement for BET to utilize in professional settings. It was fun helping her out with the project.


I'm getting out of the habit of writing anything. Usually a variety of post topics will cross my mind almost every day. My mind has gone stale lately and is not just spontaneously creating new ideas. It's probably just a temporary lull. If nothing else, I still have tons of pics to post. I will work to start getting those posted.

Last Year's Birthday

Can't recall if I've ever posted this pic. Cleaning out files at work and found it. Evidently MMcB e-mailed it to me once and I saved it at work. Oh my.

As a birthday gift last year, I took her to see "La Cage aus Folles" when it played at the Unicorn Theatre. It was a spectacular production, with Ron MeGee, Christopher Barksdale and others.

Here's Christopher in his very unique costume. MMcB was picked to go on stage and dance with the cast during one number. Makes me laugh now just thinking about that night.

Today, June 18, is the birthday of The Artist. You won't catch him wearing an outfit like this, but you will catch him having a good time. He and The Wife currently are in Napa enjoying wine country. I get O and M on Thursday, with the parents arriving home about 11 p.m.

The Party's Over

Let's play Jeopardy ..... The answer ... "When the Tiffany goes on the counter and hash browns start getting made." What's the question? You're right ... "How to tell when a party girl has finished partying for the night?"

This is a pic from MMcB's birthday weekend in Omaha. Meant to post this pic long ago and never did. This celebration was before the actual day of her birthday. Her recent reports to me indicate she had more good times on her day. How cool!


For Gabby and me, our supplies mostly focus on cans of cat food, soup, and tuna, Healthy Choice frozen dinners, bags of chips or Pringles containers, coffee beans, bottles of beer, and bottles of I Can't Believe it's not Butter. We don't worry too much else. Our supplies are decent and I'm good at keeping neccesities in stock.

With The California Sis and daughters, Mom and Brother visiting not long ago, Gab and I heard things like: "You're out of toilet tissue." "There's no more milk." "Do you have another bar of soap?" "Where are your paper towels?" "Want a bottle of wine?"

Gabby and I don't really drink milk (although we can throw down some ice cream). And we use cloth towels and rarely use paper towels. As for TP, Gab takes care of her business in her choice of two boxes while I guess I just don't use that much. A 12-pack (that equals 24 according to the label) lasts a month or so.

We go through beer and margaritas, jelly beans, tortillas, We Pity the Kitties treats, and night light bulbs like they are going out of style. Gabby likes night lights. That way she doesn't have to turn on any overhead lights while on her nightly excursions.

New Hardware

Here's the stuff that I picked for the kitchen cabinets. I like them a bunch, even though they're not the ones that MMcB and a few other friends selected. It's remarkable how much of a difference they make from the white and brass ones that were there. I also loaded about an inch of Old English to make the cabinets shine!

Random Thoughts On June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day! Regardless on if you're a dad, I hope you have a great day. Sadly, many dads come short of being a "good dad." Many others have a way of raising the bar. I'm very proud that many of my friends are the latter. Without fathers none of us would be here. We must be thankful for that.

I attend the church of Sunday-morning political news shows. I watch them all, flipping from CBS, NBC, then ABC and finally PBS. That's the routine. Tim Russert will be missed.

I'm feeling lonely. Not depressed lonely. Just a withdrawal. A week ago today I had five guests in my home ... Mom, brother, sister, older niece, baby niece ... today it's just Gabby and Daphne. They all left in stages over the last week. And not one has called, sent a text or e-mail since.

The Artist and his family stopped by Friday night, with an early Saturday departure. That was a nice transition. The Artist and The Wife return tonight, as does Daphne's folks. Then Thursday I get O and Mad.

We've had some huge rainstorms the past month or so. The grass and everything is growing, growing, growing. Looks very nice.

I plan on posting a few pics of the last several weeks.

Rug Doctor

My sister and two nieces arrive to Kansas City Tuesday night. Actually, Wednesday morning for me, since the arrival time is scheduled for just after midnight. They'll likely will be on Pacific Coast time, though, so it'll be Tuesday for them.

I can't wait to see them! It's been three years since I've seen this sis and niece and first time to meet the new one.

Rented a carpet-cleaning device to try to make the home more presentable. Just picked it up and the nearby grocer, Price Chopper. It worked wonders! The place looks awesome. Smells better too.

Gabby did not at all enjoy the wet-feeling carpeting. She walked very gingerly and kept shaking her paws. I laughed hard each time I saw her. She hung out in the kitchen quite a bit. A non-carpet surface. As she took care of her duties around the house she often walked very close to the wall. It really was funny.

I think she can't wait to see the family too.

Enough for now. Got to go dust stuff and make the home totally look like I don't really live here.