Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Gobble Gobble Gobble

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving Day is a taking a Thanksgiving Day nap. The Gabster works very hard at practicing and preparing for that task. In this pic, a blanket fell off the back of the sofa. Of course, she saw it as a new spot to practice her nap-taking skills. She really is good at it. But I don't blame her for wanting to practice a little more.

With the Schrammies the other weekend, I went to Build-A-Bear with Liv and El. For Liv's birthday, we went to make a bear. However, we left with a moose and a turkey. The turkey was for me, but El created him. I requested that he be made as fat as possible. He's great. The girls named him "Cluck." Seriously.

The Artist and family stopped by Tuesday/Wednesday in route to their annual Thanksgiving voyage to mid-Missouri. They'll come back through over the weekend. Meanwhile, Gabs and I are working on home projects and decorating for Santa. Fun times!

Gabby and I wish you, your family and friends a great Thanksgiving.


Because I haven't posted many pics lately and because I am very behind in making this announcement, here's a quick post.

Daphne recently welcomed a new brother. Her parents, Sexy Lady and Army Boy, were involved too. Just before Halloween the three of them welcomed Cash Man to their ranks. He weighed a little less than Gabby and was longer than Daphne. He looks more like his mom and dad though.

Daphne with Cash Man
In this pic Daph is joining Cash Man for a little nap in the sun. Looks like they are well on their way to finding how much they have in common and to creating a strong and loving bond. It's a must to click on the pic to see the larger view.

The Winner Is

map from www.fivethirtyeight.comThis was the last pre-election prediction map on fivethirtyeight.com. The accuracy of pollsters was surprising to me. Do you see Missouri there in the middle?

Early on folks had Missouri leaning red, but slowly it was moved to pink. The ground forces the Obama camp had here, advertisments, visits and overall efforts to win the state made the election exciting. Trying to be objective ... the Republican forces really stuck to scare tactics and fear mongering.

Just this past week the race offically was declared in Missouri. McCain won by 3,902 votes. Out of almost 3 million votes cast. There were more than 37,000 folks that voted for third-party candidates.

A very interesting election outcome. I am anxious, hopeful and excited to see the outcomes of the next four years.

Random Thoughts On Nov. 23, 2008

Anouncements of job layoffs are almost daily in Kansas City. Not good news at all. I am hoping to provide some good news updates sometime soon. Meanwhile, I know I join many thankful to be gainfully employed.

Gas prices I saw Saturday night were at $1.45 a gallon. Seriously. I am now predicting it will bottom out around $1.19. Did anyone at all predict this?!

Couldn't beleive OU knocking out Texas Tech. I didn't watch the game, but saw the update Sunday morning. I hesitate to ever mention OU fearing someone would confuse them with my school .... Oklahoma State also known as OSU.

Attended a fund-raising event last night. It typical small-world fashion, I saw several folks who know people who I know. Even ran in to BET who was a guest of a board member (who is a fellow member with a co-worker of mine). And BET's host is a law school mate with a friend of mine.

It was a fun event. I left only owing $60 on items won in the silent auction. All evnetual Christmas gifts. There was a trivia contest. My team didn't do well. Did you know that Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora?

I am looking to buy a new fridge. It is hard to justify spending the dollars, but I really want one and could be needing one soon. Spending the dollars is made somewhat easier since its primary purpose is the collection of fine artwork, photography, magnets and collectibles. The secondary purpose of keeping items cold is useful too. Mostly milk, frozen pizza and dinners, coffee beans, lunch meat and beer.

Going Lower

Gas was at $1.58 Wednesday night. And the stock market was under 8,000. Another big drop. Thursday is the announcement of the citywide United Way campaign and everything indicates the goal will not be reached.

Weekend At Schrammies'

Noon - Cousin's pizza birthday party at Lazer Tag
1:45 - Leave Lazer Tag to take El to birthday party at Skate City
2:10 - Drop off El, take Jakie to his basketball game
3 - Jakie's game starts
3:30 - leave game early to go pick up El, arrived just in time to see the slow skate and look at the pickle jar
4:10 - leave Skate City for home
4:30 - video games, coloring and home things before getting ready for evening fun
6:40 - pick up two of Car's buddies and take the three of them to a early teen DJ party that started at 7
7:05 - arrive at OSU watch party, where Jakie, El, O and I enjoyed nachos and other yummies while watching the Pokes beat Colorado
7:15 - first text from Car asking the game's score
7:25 - second text from Car asking the game's score (it slowed presumably as his party got going)
8:45 - knock the glass of water on the floor that splattered the lady sitting next to us
9:30ish - halftime and we head home for the rest of the game (of course, the girls fell asleep during the 15-minute ride home)
10 - have girls put on pjs and brush teeth
10:20 - game over, text Car letting him know I'm on my way to get him
10:40 - now the girls are wide awake. Watch television and goof off together until late
Around midnight - all slumbering in various positions on the living floor or sofas but wake up and head to bed.

Whew! This is a daily routine for many of you. Although the Gabster and I keep pretty active lives, our activity is much different than the day described above. I admire all parents with active and happy children. And I am honored when I occasionally get to wear my "Uncle Cowboy" hat.

Pistol Pete And Schrammies

This pic was sent to me via iPhone. Taken during Oklahoma State's Homecoming weekend. The Schramwiches traveled to Stillwater for their first-ever Homcoming celebration. They couldn't believe that their crazy Uncle Cowboy wasn't there. I attended a charity event Friday. Then Saturday joined a few friends (estimated at 75,000) for an Obama rally. I had a great weekend, but I am jealous that Pete got a Schramwich.

In Honor

I think I saw gasoline around $1.78 a gallon Monday night at Quick Trip.

I can't believe it has been a week since the Presidential Election. I am hoping and praying that with the change in political landscape will come a change in the economy. This week we've heard about the bad fortunes of employees at Circuit City (where I bought both of my laptops), The Kansas City Star newspaper, Sprint, Harold's men's stores, potentially Embarq, Dillard's .... the list could be longer if I sit and think about it. Not good at all.

And as I say all that, I don't really like my job. Well ... I like my work, what I do and the tasks I have on hand. But I still wonder about the culture, dynamics, office politics and people. There was one day last week where I was sure I hated it. But two days where I felt it was perfect.

Sad that my Cowboys couldn't even play a close game against Texas Tech.

Speaking of work, we got today off. Seriously! Veteran's Day is a company holiday. I've never worked anywhere that allowed Veteran's Day off. Of course, haven't done anything productive. Or anything to honor a veteran. I am thankful though.


I voted.

The Numbers

20-plus days since my last post. Sorry. Have been busy, distracted and not focused on posting anything. For whatever reason was a little hesitant to write anything.

$1.90 for a gallon of gasoline on Sunday, Nov. 2.

2 days until election day. Can you believe it? The commercials are insane in Missouri.

3 phone calls I received Halloween night from Republicans. Two robo calls and one live person.

212 trick-or-treaters came by the house. Actually 210. I had little treat bags that I pre-filled and counted, so that's how I know how many ghouls stopped by the house. I gave two bags out Oct. 30 to Sexy Lady and Army Boy. It was a fun night.

2 lawn blow ups I had on Halloween night, including a gigantic pumpkin. I didn't have them up all month. Just on Halloween.

0 Halloween decorations made it up inside my home this year. Just never got around to it.

6 ghosts I made to put around the tree out in the front lawn. I'll take a pic to post. (Yes, I haven't taken the ghosts down yet. Maybe they are candidates for Christmas angels.)

5 magnifier I recently heard some folks at some company had in their change-in-control agreements. It's horribly offensive.

8 wins my Cowboys currently have. Just have to beat Texas Tech this weekend for the ninth win. Very exciting.

7 CT on Saturday evening is when the Pokes take on the Red Raiders in Lubbock.

7 days old is Sexy Lady and Army Boy's new baby boy. Although they officially gave him a name, I haven't decided what his name will be on this site.

5 days Daphne stayed with me until she got to go home to meet her new little brother.

1 percentage point that McCain is up in Missouri. Most prognosticators call the state too close to call. My gut is that McCain will win.

270 Electoral Votes are required to win the U.S. Presidency.

3 door-to-door folks came by my home over the weekend. Two for Obama and one for McCain.

4 commercials I saw Friday night in a row during the evening news - McCain, then Obama, then the same McCain ad again, and then a different Obama ad.

6 a.m. is when the polls open on Tuesday in Missouri.

2 days until Election Day.