Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best throughout 2006.

Here's a toast to friends and family - furry and those not furry - and lots of great bloggin' fun times!

Don't Know About This

Received a call today from BET telling me about a lawyer friend who has a client that is moving and must find a new home for their cat. At first I freaked at the notion. However, I left it at "I won't say no and I won't say yes."

The cat is a bengal. Scary, huh? I read they have glitter hair, like to climb and take showers. The total opposite of my Ep. But maybe this creature is just what I need. Maybe I'm what this creature needs. My little monster always thought she was a tiger or mountain lion. I guess a "leopard" would not be all bad. I wonder if his name is Oscar. Hmmm. We'll see.

All Creatures Great And Small

Saint FrancisMy little monster was buried this week. After much personal debate on what to do, I finally opted for a pet memorial gardens. It is a beautiful and peaceful place. It is north of the river, about 8 miles from me. Near Parkville.

I did not at all want to say goodbye. Wishing for just one more year, a few months, a month, a week ... filled my thoughts. My Eponine never would have chosen to leave me, and I never would have sent her away. Those facts made it a little harder to accept that sometimes it's just time to go.

Even though I was a teary-eyed, borderline hyperventilating, boogery mess, all the folks working there were compassionate, patient, understanding and kind. They let me carry her from the building out to the gardens. I even lowered her into the earth. I cried and cried. It was a cold day, but sunny and beautiful as I had a short memorial service.

There was a reading, a prayer, and I brought a CD player to play a song I often would sing to her. I placed her in her favorite little, red velvet cat bed. It was a gift a few years back and was covered in her hair. It stayed in the back of the closet under some hanging clothes. She loved to nap there, especially on cold days. It had "Good Cat" stitched in the center of it. The staff offered me the opportunity to move the first shovel of earth. It helped me to further accept that my monster was gone.

I feel I made the right decision for my Eponine and me. I had been feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted, but now am starting to feel a calmness. I am constantly being reminded that I have been and am very blessed.

My heart is soothing, but I still miss her so very much. It's a challenge to create new routines after her companionship of the last 15-plus years. My home feels very alone, but the joy she brought is everywhere and surrounds me.
My monster's funeral
Eventually I'll purchase a permanent marker

Surrounded By Friends

Bear was my traveling partner from Tulsa to KC this past Monday, the day after Christmas. All 8-pounds of this Yorkie were a welcomed treat on the roadtrip. He was staying with his great granny (my mother) while my niece was away to North Carolina visiting her mother (my sister) and family. Ton, the niece, found a fare about $250 cheaper roundtrip from KC to NC. Plus she got to see the Uncle (moi).

I decided Bear should greet her plane and then make the 4-hour return drive with her back to Tulsa. He likes to travel and loves sticking his head out the window, but the 75-mile-per-hour (or more) gushes were a bit much for him. He quickly retreated. He preferred the AC vent and did like checking out the toll-booth guy.

Friday night, Dec. 23, Sexy Lady came by with Daphne and Christmas treats in tow. And later The Sailor stopped by. They shared stories about Tucker and Buster. Two great companions that were greatly loved and are missed. Sailor said when he lost Buster, he thought the whole world hated him. Grief is a strange thing.

Once arriving in Norman on Christmas Eve, I was greeted by the 5-pound Muffy at JMc's and Gene's. If put in a chair, Muffy doesn't have the courage to jump. She ends up staying in the chair all day. She doesn't have accidents either. She'll run around outside and then'll come inside to purposefully (according to JMc) take care of business. She did hump my leg once too.

JMc, Muffy and I talked, walked around the yard, and visited Vincent's grave. He was an incredible Brussels Griffon. Vincent shared their home for many years. His grave is marked by a huge Saint Francis. JMc stresses some because they are building a new home.

Molly, Charlene and Cookie provided entertainment at the home of The Artist, The Wife, O & M. They were each all excited about fun items from Santa. Tigger hopped around with his Christmas scarf and bells at VMc and RMc's home. Generally he avoided Mace and Chap (6 and almost 2-year-old kids). Tigger is getting pretty old and last summer took on a lawn mower.

Uncle Bill and I sat outside and visited some about the poodle he and his wife had. They swore they would never have another. About 20 years later, they now have Bullet. They "borrowed" him from their niece. He's an orange poodle who thinks he's the OSU Spirit Horse. Oh, I forgot, Bullet was running around with Tigger.

Eddy, Cow, Pudgy, Baby (cat), Baby (dog), Rocky, Spot and some other canine greeted me at Mom's. Many were guests, like me, but all were welcome at Mom's for Christmas. Only once did I get teary eyed.

Obviously, I'm surrounded by animal folks. I think much can be said about me by the company I keep.

There's A Season

At church on Christmas morning I felt comfort. I said a prayer of thanksgiving for my little monster, her life that was shared with me, and for the companionship provided. I also prayed for peace and a soothing heart. I continue to miss her much. I also thanked God for my family, friends and all the pets and humans who have visited Epster's blog the last several days.

The last few weeks have been rough. When Ep first started acting peculiar, I never thought it would lead to losing her. It all seems to have happened so quickly.

Now, tough moments are cleaning the floor where the food bowl was, taking those bowls from the dishwasher, scrubbing the rug from an accident or two while she was sick, sleeping alone. This morning was garbage day and I just wasn't ready to throw away the empty litter box. Isn't that crazy? It's peach, a popular color for boxes in 1990.

Everything is marked by being "the first." It gives me anxiety. The first night alone, the first time to leave on a trip without making sure food and water bowls are full, the first time to leave my home empty, the first to come home without being greeted, the first day to leave for work without treat time. It goes on and on. I look forward to the first night that I don't lie in bed and cry. Just one day at a time as new routines are established and the sorrow subsides.

Honoring Legends

Homeless snow dude in Dupont CircleIf you get a chance, be sure to watch The Kennedy Center Honors. The show airs Dec. 27, 2005 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. This year's honorees are Tina Turner, Robert Redford, Tony Bennett, Suzanne Farrell and Julie Harris. The show includes much fanfare and tradition, and always provides fantastic chronologies of each of the honorees about their lives/careers/influences.

The ceremony was taped earlier this month from D.C.'s Kennedy Center. It was one of my favorite spots to visit when I interned in D.C. in 1985. I have fond memories of my visits to the Center, seeing shows, learning about artistic stuff, lunches on the rooftop overlooking the Potomac, and enjoying the view of Virginia sites and seeing the National Cathedral in the distance. I'm sure the show will include some great shots of D.C. sites. National Christmas Tree in front of the U.S. CapitolJust a few weeks ago I was in D.C. and snapped this photo above (and the other of the snow dude) of the Capitol and National "Tree." I think this is the "Christmas" one, while the National "Holiday Tree" was in front of the White House. The latter was surrounded by smaller trees representing each state and territory. It pleased me to see Oklahoma's decorations came from an elementary school in Norman and Missouri's decorations from a place in Lee's Summit. And I smiled when I saw the Indianola Clever Kids 4-H Club took care of Nebraska's.

Just A Holiday Wish

Just wanting to say Merry Christmas or happy whatever you might be celebrating over the next few days.

My neighborhood is diverse, with folks from Asian and Italian descents, Kurdish, some of the "King of the Hill characters", the crazy guy who just lost his cat, some single, some married, and several children. There's lots of trees in windows and lights lining homes, drives and sidewalks. None of the big blowup things, though. At least on my block!

I imagine lots of furry creatures in many of those homes too celebrating right along with these folks. Ripping open kitty crack, playing with ribbons and bows, running away from mechanical toys, hanging out in the kitchen smelling, and enjoying it all.

Yesterday I spent much time visiting the blogs of those who have commented. I still have many more to visit and look forward to it.

Check out Derby, The Sassy Cat looking at his naked human. It is a hoot!
- Eponine's Cowboy

Stories That Are Told

Besides playing with feathers, eating moist food, hanging out with other furries, and many more fun things, I imagine our furry friends in heaven telling stories about how funny the two-legged ones look when they're naked. What do you think? The thought worries me a bit.

When my little monster insisted on launching a blog, I remember telling her, "there's no such thing as a cat with a blog. Chill sister." How could I have been so very wrong? Being prolific was just a natural thing for Ep. Her standard will be tough to attain. By the way, she has fully enjoyed discovering this entire cat, dog, rodent, bunny, and all blogging culture/community.

I love all these blogs. They are so incredibly fantastic. I will be checking them regularly and hope to see lots and lots and lots of pictures. The pics are the best. I have a feeling we love these creatures so much because it's our secret hope and desire of how much maybe they'll love us in return. It's not fully unconditional, I know plenty of little creatures that run away from home. We must meet their terms and they exceed ours. And then they laugh hysterically when they see us naked.

Truly, there is no possible way I can thank you enough.

(Written by Eponine's Cowboy)

A Special Day

Years ago, I remember receiving one of those "forward this within 7 minutes to 10 people and you'll get a wish" e-mails that had a story about a man who had given his wife a scarf as a birthday gift. I might have the details wrong, but I recall some of this story.

It was a very nice, silk, fancy scarf. But she never wore it. He'd ask her why and she always replied that it was such a nice scarf, she was saving it for a special day. She soon was diagnosed with cancer and after a long battle, she passed away. As her husband sorted through the dresser drawers, he came across the scarf. He made sure she finally wore it.

The moral of the story was that we should celebrate every day. Don't hold on to something waiting for a special day, because that day is today. Not just Christmas, your birthday, Valentine's Day, or four-legged creature day. Every day can and should be special. Wear that awesome scarf!

The story made sense to me because I'm infamous for buying things while on work trips or out and about and keeping a stash to give to loved ones when the birthday arrives or for Christmas. Or just when I'm thinking of them. Giving is fun for me.

In November, I attended a wedding/reception in Norman, Okla. While also visiting nearby Oklahoma City during that weekend, I came across an awesome orange leather cat collar with the OSU school brand. The shop's clerk told me I had seven days to return it in case it was too big, too small, etc.... I wasn't certain if the monster would like this heavy, leather collar, so she immediately tried it on when I arrived home. It fit like a charm and looked fantastic. I tried to hold it hostage saying "if she was a good girl she'd get it for Christmas." But she insisted that it looked so good she should not have to wait and should be able to wear it from then on. Of course, she won the debate.

That was a special day! Sometimes we celebrate with treats, with moist food, with pics out in the snow or smelling the air, a cuddle while lying in bed, with a scratch behind the ear or with a loud and big purr. There's all kinds of ways to celebrate. But celebrate. Each day is special.

This weekend, my family will be celebrating Christmas. If it's Christmas or whatever holiday you might be celebrating, I am hoping it includes fun times with friends and family, some joyful moments, and a few head butts from a furry friend.

(Written by Eponine's Cowboy)

A Little Fall Of Rain

"Don't you fret, M'sieur Marius
I don't feel any pain
A little fall of rain
Can hardly hurt me now
You're here, that's all I need to know
And you will keep me safe
And you will keep me close
And rain will make the flowers grow."

These words are from the first verse of a song from the musical "Les Miserables." Diva Kitty recently posted the entire words on her blog. Thank you! In November, I saw the musical once again during its "farewell tour." Read my little monster's reflections about that day. That also was the first day a bunny had commented on Ep's blog. Ep mused ... "just bowls and bowls and bowls full of moist food..." it makes me smile now just imagining!

Didn't go to work Tuesday and sat by my Eponine's side. I cried a bunch. Prayed, kissed her, stepped away for a moment and got angry, then came back to her side and comforted her. I wish I could have done more. Later in the afternoon I was next to her and said her name. I saw her little mouth move, but there was no sound. I said, "I love you." Her mouth again moved with no sound. Soon after, I knew my little monster was gone. I just pet her and cried. After a bit, I didn't know what to do but to vacuum since I hadn't (she HATED the vacuum) in more than two weeks. It no longer would scare her.

Am I sad? Oh my, yes. My head hurts from feeling overwhelmed and a bit alone. Orphaned. Learning of your loved ones greeting her provides much solace. I am so very happy she found me those 15-plus years ago and has allowed me to share a home with her. My blessings are many. I am the lucky one.

(Written by Eponine's Cowboy)

One Day More

Eponine is fighting her own battle. However, it is so clearly obvious her little body is shutting down. Her weight is declining and each time I pet her I am discovering this little bony body. She still provides nice and loud purrs. I've been feeding her baby food. Never thought baby food would ever enter our home! Beef was her favorite. Now, it's only a few licks. Watching her appetite vanish breaks my heart.

She doesn't mind me lying on the floor next to her as long as I'm petting her or scratching her head. But if I stop or fall asleep, within a few minutes she's moving away from me. I don't know why.

Your comments have been phenomenal! I often cry as I read them, but overall feel very comforted. I read them out loud to Ep. She and I enjoy seeing all the pictures. Some fantastic pictures of mice receiving Secret Paws gifts, cats discovering snow, rabbits and dogs having fun. My Cowboy -- slip of the fingers -- I laugh and smile at the pics. Don't ever stop posting those pictures! I regret I haven't posted more pics of Ep. (Interpret: Still have dial-up and no digital camera, or loser.)

Discovering your blogs is proving so beneficial and therapeutic. Eponine has spent easily 99 percent of her life in our home only. Not venturing out too far and seldom visiting with other furry creatures. Meeting all of you is a huge blessing.

(Written by Eponine's Cowboy)

Sneaking Around With You

Was shoveling snow earlier and I came across some paw prints. The creature came from around back, across the drive, through the front yard and on through the neighborhood. I hope the cat is warm and loved.

When we bought this home, Eponine was the first to walk in with me. She scoped the place out, found her favorite spots, looked out the windows and made it home. That night I told her, "You're finally legal." See, we always rented and never fessed up that Ep was sharing the place. Through six homes and about 14 years of renting, we never got caught. And we got every deposit returned in full.

Now, before I write more, let me be clear that I don't want Eponine's blog to be a downer. The holidays are a wonderful and dyanmic time. She and I love the whole season tremendously. I reject the notion of being sad when it's a time to celebrate.

I also recognize it's OK to occasionally be sad. Being sad actually is not something I do well, which makes it a little overwhelming. The "Secret Paws" family, Edsel, Diva Kitty and others have been a God send. If I had known Epper would get sick, I would have discouraged her from signing up for "Secret Paws." However, I can't imagine this time without the blogosphere. I don't think she and I could be making it without you "covering us."

Ep essentially is my partner, almost a spouse. I guess W and others would have a field day with that. Thinking about her role in my life reminded me of the words of the song below. It's about discovering that special relationship. Saying "I'm here for the long haul. Through thick and through thin."

Years ago, Ep and I invited each other to share a home. Over those years, she has never hesitated to spare a thousand sweet kisses. I just pray I have done the same for her.

My Eponine is dying. I have to admit it. She knows I've been holding on, but today I told my little monster she can go if she's ready. I never thought I could. She's near me now and still purrs much when I pet her. I'm assured she's not in pain or suffering. Her little body slowly is shutting down.

Thank you for reading, commenting, caring, helping us. She sends you sweet kisses.

Written by Eponine's Cowboy

I'll Cover You

Live in my house. I'll be your shelter. Just pay me back with one thousand kisses. Be my lover - I'll cover you.
Open your door. I'll be your tenant. Don't got much baggage to lay at your feet. But sweet kisses I've got to spare. I'll be there - I'll cover you.

I think they meant it, when they said you can't buy love. Now I know you can rent it, a new lease you are, my love, on life - be my life.

Just slip me on. I'll be your tenant.
Wherever - whatever - I'll be your coat.
You'll be my king, and I'll be your castle.
No you'll be my queen, and I'll be your moat.

I think they meant it, when they said you can't buy love. Now I know you can rent it, a new lease you are, my love, on life.

All my life I've longed to discover something as true as this is.
So with a thousand sweet kisses,
I'll cover you if you're cold and you're lonely.
With a thousandsweet kisses,
I'll cover you (if) you've got one nickel only.
With a thousand sweet kisses,
I'll cover you when you're wornout and tired.
With a thousand sweet kisses,
I'll cover you when your heart has expired.

Oh, lover, I'll cover you. Oh, lover, I'll cover you.

(Words from the musical and movie versions of "RENT," sang between Angel and Collins.)


Not even for sure what an abdominocentesis is, but I heard Cowboy on the phone telling someone it cost $45. He wasn't complaining, though. I heard him say he was going to do "whatever it takes."

I heard the vet, Dr. Hodgson, say he was surprised to withdraw 300 ccs of fluid from my belly. He even did x-rays. A first for me! Except I did not at all like it when they held me on my back for one x-ray. Unlike me, I was was very calm. But I feel so tired anyway. The only time I got jumpy and growled some is when those three big dogs walked through. They just jump around with their tongues hanging out and all excited. Take a chill pill, I say. There was a pretty girl, Melissa, I think, that kept petting my head, and another pretty girl petting my feet. My Cowboy seemed a little jealous.

You know, he asked the doctor if sleeping on the floor next to me was recommended. And the doctor said "Sure!" I wondered how much Cowboy was paying this quack. It's like I can't even get out of his sight for a minute. Geez.

I was very proud of Cowboy because he wasn't a blubbering idiot. I don't quite understand why sometimes he just breaks downs and boo-hoos like a ridiculous doof. Without a doubt I always can tell when his voice gets a little shaky and he's holding back. I try to remind him he's an educated, adult male. "Snap out of it!" I think to myself. If I had the energy I'd kitty paw him. I didn't see one tear, but I also know there were times he was in the patient room alone. I hope he was OK. He gets nervous when he's not with me all the time.

They gave me shots and other fluids. Said it would make me more "comfortable." It's weird, because I don't really know what's wrong with me. But I can tell something is. I overheard the doctor say something about disease, liver, tests, tumor, cancer. They all sound like scary words to me. We have to go back to the vet Saturday morning.

Well, I feel like hiding out in the closet for a bit. It's warm in there. Thanks everyone for everything. The blogosphere exudes your love.

Merry Secret Paws

Picture from Dec. 11Eponine received her "Secret Paws" gift Thursday. It was a nice feeling to come home and find a box sitting on the front porch addressed to my little monster. Because of her health right now she is not fully able to enjoy it all, but it did make her day!

Thank you Edsel/The Pooch. You are the best Secret Paws ever! We hung the ornament with your picture on our Christmas tree. On Ep's behalf, I sent out her gift to her Secret Paws Thursday. I hope they enjoy.

Reading about your excitement on the Secret Paws blog as you send and receive your gifts, discovering each of your blogs, feeling your support ... these have been the best gifts above and beyond all others.

Written by Eponine's Cowboy

What The Doctor Ordered

Lots of sleeping, lots of water, some vitamins and steady eating. I'm doing my best to follow my doctor's orders. I did actually poop a little this morning. That's a good sign. We may go to the doctor to have them remove some of the fluid in my belly. They say it might make me more comfortable. I haven't regained my energy. I sit up and look around. I hear my Cowboy's voice and it makes me feel good, but it's tough to shake my tail. It still feels very good when he pets me, though. Makes me purr.

I am just not my normal self. I used to get so excited for treats, where now I can't muster any desire for them. I am getting excited about moist food. But I can tell my Cowboy is watering it down to make sure I get enough water. It makes it kind of taste like stew.

I know Cowboy still is quite worried, but I am doing my best to recover. I pray my body cooperates.

Your messages are very much appreciated. I can't thank you enough. I know they are helping my Cowboy too.

Long Needles And Fluids

My Cowboy is making me take it easy and is not letting me blog. While he's away at work, I thought I'd shoot out this post.

Your messages have made me purr. Thank you. I am trying to stay alert, happy, eating and on the road to recovery. I just wish I could figure out how this all of sudden happened. I know I'm getting older, but it just suddenly attacked me.

The vet yesterday shaved my neck and belly. I look funny and smell like rubbing alcohol. He took much blood. I heard him say although my kidney count was slightly elevated, all was still OK. My liver, heart, lungs are all OK too. He even poked around on my teeth and eyes, which I didn't like. But they were OK too, he says. My Cowboy was there the whole time though and held on to me. That made me feel better. The vet asked him to leave for a bit, but my Cowboy said he wanted to stay.

That's when the vet put a long needle into my belly and withdrew all this liquid/serum stuff. We just can't quite figure out what's causing this buildup. It leaves me all uncomfortable and I can't curl up like I normally do to sleep. I even waddle when I walk.

My Cowboy slept on the floor next to me last night. I saw him praying once and even think I saw him crying. I like the attention but sometimes he gives me too much.

Dr. Kovac is supposed to let us know more today. Thank you again for everything!


Blahzay, blahzay ... that kind of describes how I feel today. Don't really know what's wrong. A little sore, not very hungry, not very energetic. I didn't even feel like eating a treat this morning. Can't seem to poop either. I'm just going to try to take it easy, I guess.

Cowboy tells me the vet is coming by this afternoon. He's working from home today to pamper me. My Cowboy that is, not the vet. The vet has a nifty Winnebago-looking thing that I get to go in. I get pretty scared and hate it when he pokes things up places that he shouldn't and when he draws blood, but I like it when he helps me to feel better. I'll try to report back later.

Red Noses

I might have a cold. Or some kind of little bug. I ate a tasty treat, but don't have much more of an appetite today. Just wanting to lie around and sleep. But still thought I should take a quick moment to get this post done.

Recently noticed this year is the 41st anniversary of the original showing of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer." Although the original story was written in 1939, the television show was created and first aired aired on December 6, 1964.

Just a few days after that airing, a little red-nosed baby boy arrived in El Paso, Texas and was greeted by Mary and Bob. That's right, it was my Cowboy! And all these years later, I say he's much like Rudolph in that he's still a little awkward and doesn't always fit in with the rest of the crew, but he's still going strong and continues to get decent ratings.

Razzleberries And Blackberries

The other day, Cowboy brought home from the office luncheon almost three pieces of some type of berry pie. Raspberries, blueberries and others mixed. I don't really enjoy pie, but don't mind licking it a little. Cowboy says it was out-of-sight good and ate it all.

On a totally unrelated topic, he still seems a little blue that his holly berry shirt (as well as others) is a little snug. He can't quite put his finger on why different shirts are getting snug. It must be an evil ploy by the dry cleaners. Or maybe the dryer thermostat is mixed up. What do you think?

He also tells me about blackberries. He's curious to know if a lawyer is in a meeting with one client and during that meeting takes several opportunities to check e-mail and click around on a blackberry, does that lawyer bill both clients for the time? I guess the other option is letting it sit there and vibrate the whole time. Cowboy says if it was a razzleberry pie sitting there vibrating he wouldn't be able to concentrate at all!

Fancy Feast

Today is JAG's birthday, Saturday is the day the Schramwich's will be celebrating and then Sunday my Cowboy will. Just parties and fun times galore, I'm sure!

Just moments ago I got to chow down on some deelish moist food. When Cowboy walked in the door I could sense in his voice a treat was on the way. I was purring, purring, purring. I hate it when he's away, but that moist food sure is good once he gets home!

Hope you're always greeted with a treat when you have a loved one come home, or that you're treating someone after being away.

Still Snowing!

weather.com radar at 10:30 p.m. CT on Dec. 7About 6 a.m. this morning it started to snow. It's still going! I heard the weather cats saying tonight something about Gulf moisture, Jet Stream, cold temperatures, and some other things all combining to create this winter blast. It's kind of exciting. (Check out center states Doppler)

I just looked outside and the luminaries Cowboy put out there are almost covered. It's just a little glow of red or white under the snow. I have to mention that earlier tonight before Cowboy came home from work I did see a cat walking around the house looking in windows. I hope he found a safe place and is warm. My Cowboy tells me he discovered the little paw tracks.

Look at the weather.com map. Looks like snow in Tahoe and Kansas City. And maybe a few of the other center states.


KCTV5's Doppler Radar-green means snowIt's snowing in Kansas City. I hopped on the window sill to take a gander at all. It looks all fluffy and powdery. Very pretty, but for sure nothing I want to be hopping around in. About 4 to 6 inches are expected when all is said and done.

My Cowboy wore his world-famous holly berry shirt and socks to the office holiday luncheon today. I saw him trying on the shirt last night. It was a little snug, but he says he's glad oversized was the "in thing" 10 years ago when he bought it at Hall's. I think now he's too old to worry about what's the in thing and that he should realize he looks like a dork in that shirt.

Speaking of older, his friend, VMc, is celebrating a birthday today. Here's a shout out to him.

It seems Cowboy may have left the thermostat on a little higher this morning because it is so nice and toasty in here. I think it's a swell time for a little snooze.

Christmas Present, Christmas Past

Hanging out basking in the glow of the Christmas treeAbout 2 to 4 inches of snow is predicted, Cowboy is baking cookies for a holiday luncheon at his work, the trees are all decorated, Christmas tunes are playing, and my Christmas stocking is hanging in its rightful place. I'd say it for sure is looking alot like Christmas! And I have been such a good little monster this year. I know Santa will be rewarding me handsomely.

Attaching a pic from Christmas last year. I actually have lost weight (unlike my Cowboy), so my pictures for this year should look really good.

Hope your holiday season is moving along nicely. Don't stress, and don't forget to stop once a while to pet your kitty, dog or whatever the little monster is sharing your home.

Think Out Of The Box

Click to check out City KittyAre you struggling to find that perfect gift? Do you have someone in your life that absolutely has everything they need? Running up against a brick wall? I suggest thinking out of the box and getting something completely off the wall.

Check out citikitty.com and learn how you can toilet train your cat! Personally, I only like going near the toilet when my Cowboy is sitting there reading the paper. Sometimes I think he might be praying. Regardless, a nice scratch on the noggin' always is guaranteed when he's reading or praying. Me getting up there and taking a squat is pretty far fetched. But, I guess you never know!

Click here to check out a post on dailycandy.com regarding this device. It just might be the gift you're looking for. Beats a Chia Pet.

Time Zones And Late Nights

Megmacb is in Prague this week. Sightseeing, challenging unfriendly Czechs to take U.S. dollars, shopping, touring old places, and enjoying time away from the day-to-day stuff back in KC. She's likely eating breakfast right about now.

My Cowboy is not in Prague or eating breakfast. He's in the living room working on holiday decorations. Christmas is three weeks away and he's staying up all hours of the night trying to get a million nativities scenes in the right place, Santas on the right shelves, and the beaded garland draped the right way. Earlier tonight I looked out the window and saw him placing luminaries along the drive. It's all a little insane, I think. But I suppose Santa Claus will find it all very welcoming come Dec. 25.

By the way, LMc, the girls and Ern already have sent Cowboy a birthday and Christmas gift. I saw it sitting on the porch the other day. Those folks are on top of things. I've barely even started shopping. I can't wait to learn the name of my "Secret Paw."

White Elephants For Little Monsters

Click for Secret Paws blogI guess white elephants too, if they want to join the fun! Maybe even a hippo will get involved.

It's a fun holiday gift exchange for cats, dogs, bunnies, mice, you name it. Even a human or two. It's called "Secret Paws." Diva Kitty (aka Sophia) is organizing the effort and has a blog with details: http://secretpaws.blogspot.com/. Click here to read the post with specific details.

Act now! Check out the "Secret Paws" blog and then before Monday, Dec. 5, send Diva Kitty an e-mail to get with the holiday fun!

A Courageous Stand

Mugshot of Rosa ParksDec. 1, 1955. The U.S. was a lot different.

It was 50 years ago that Rosa Parks stayed seated on a public bus in order to make a courageous stand. Much like the effort in her memory the day of her funeral, news reports indicate bus systems across the country will leave a seat empty today in honor of the 50-year anniversary of her stand.

The Kansas City Star reports on kansascity.com about Kansas City's "Rosa Parks Bus" unveiled today. The bus includes images of Kansas City's first African-American bus drivers. I have a feeling Cowboy will seek out the route just so he can say he rode on this bus.
photo by Tammy Ljungblad-The Kansas City Star